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Looking for Investor!

Started by Anonymous, March 25, 2004, 05:35:08 PM

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The purpose of this project is to mediate the business related information
and advertisement through one unitary Internet portal.

The is unique from its concept - fast, secure, user-friendly and world-wide.
Our purpose of creating this portal, is to offer better possibilities to grow and develop
for the former Eastern-European countries and new members of European Union.

Company will provide jobs for minimum of 240 workers.
The financial analysis has been made by using 0,25% of all registered companies in EU.
?One time payment to start the project - (min.) 7,240,000 EUR.
?Revenue - approximately 2,000,000 EUR/month (in the first half-year, increasing.
Other details I will not publicise. (information by e-mail)

E-organizator project consists 7 different websites. - main portal (transportation and travel), the following list of portals are related to it. - Investments & business contacts exchange center. - SMS payment system (All-Europe) - European BlackList (cooperating with police, business-registers etc). - Online shop. Product selling fee 1 EUR - 1 week. - Unique and different date portal. - European labour exchange.

I am interested to sell 75% of shares of this project and to remain business partner with 25%.
NB! will remain unavailable until the investment contracts are signed by both partners!

Toomas Allikas
+372 55 504 694