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Re: Gyaran chikin birnin kano............
« Reply #60 on: March 20, 2010, 11:02:19 AM »
Wannan fashe fashen titunan ma went a  great way in slowing down efforts to put out the fire!! Amma kuma wai in an fada sai ace wai Freedom radio sun ci mutuncin gwamnati! Wai ita in gwamnatin arziki ce, ta kyale ai criticizing din ta mana!! We are not living under a dictatorship and in any case u cant please everybody so its simply being naive and stupid not to expect ciriticism...

I want to start with this just to drive home a point-  that in as much as we want to comment on  issues like this, our emotions invariably ensures that our views come out no different from the ordinary man on the streets. Your statement just rhymes with wani dan achaba da na hau daga Hadejia Road zuwa Bata. When we passed through a bad patch, just close to Wellcare Pharmacy/Superstore, he started complaning that instead of the govt repairing this very road, they were wasting time and money doing the Club Road. I instantly told him that even if the govt refused to do Club Road and turn its attention to Hadejia road, they would still complain that why is the govt repairing Hadejia raod instaed of Club Road? He kept quite! You see, the problem is whatever the govt (or rather this govt) does, people would still find fault with it. This govt has shown tolerance towards criticism more than any other I have never seen. I have not seen a govt that is on the line of fire daily, taking flaks constantly, like this. I make bold to say that it principally due to Shekarau's tolerance and accomodation of criticisms that stations like FR have the audacity to make it a point of duty to embark on a fault-finding mission daily. Ai muna zuwa wasu jihohin, kuma muna ganin yadda ba wanda ya isa yayi musu irin wanna cin kashin da ake yi wa Shekarau.  Just cast your mind back to the time of Kwamkwaso. You don't dare do this. We all knew what happened between Ray Power RAdio and Kano state govt then,, when they aired a program criticising Kwankwaso's govt.

It is in our nature to shape our analysis of public affairs according to our political inclinations. Bottom line, sentiments drives what we say, how we say it, and how we interpret issues. I'm really not expecting to read something like from you, but then on the onther hand, I'm not!!!! Because what you are basically saying is that the govt should not repair/rebuild the roads, in anticipation of fire incidents right? Like, "okay guys there's going to be fire outbreaks in the town anytime, anywhere, so no bad roads should be repaired in the metropolis".

As for Freedom Radio, well it is boring, however, as I am not much in cahoots with the incumbent govt, I am not going to diss FR. I think they are absolutely right when they criticized the govt.  It is rather contradictory to say that the fire service was very active when all the water and equipments were supplied by the private sector (NEMA helicopter, Dantata and Sawoe Standard Plastics  all sent their water tankers and fire fighting equipments). So why did all these companies have to come to the aid of the fire service if it were adequately equipped by the state govt? Wai ba za a fadi gaskiya bane? Suma yan fire service din, in da za a ji ta bakinsu da sai sun kyamaci gwamnatin nan. Dan dai ita ke biyan su albashi shi yasa baza su ce wani aibu akan ta ba. Amma kuma if truth be told, ai its their lives that are constantly in danger throu the gross negligence of the govt!!!!!

Freedom Radio typifies everything bad with a private radio station. It is a perfect example of how partial, disgrutled private media house can be turned into a vindictive machine. It's like the station is on a special crusade to vilify, castigate and castigate the govt. For God's sake, no one said the govt shouldn't be criticised. Ba'a hana fadan gaskiya ba, but when all you do to dig whatever dirt you can find in EVERY SITUATION, and then make it known directly or indirectly that tha is your primary mission, then you've lost whatever justification you may have in any claim of doing a public good by "exposing" the inadequacies and excesses of the govt. Let me reming you that Freedom radio is not the radion station we have here. Heck, it isn't even the only private station, but it is the only one that seem to have abrogated to itself the right of a  "holy war" against the present govt. All the other stations have their programs (Siyasar Kano sai Kano, Hannu daya... etc) in which the public come to air their views on a daily basis and criticise the govt. But it is on on FR za ka ji kaskanci da zagi na rashin mutuchi.

Talking about that fire, it is totally mischivious for FR to claim that the fire service ran out water. If they rann out of water, then where did teh NEMA helicopter got their water from? Or where did the private companies vehicles got their's from?> Wani gari suka je suka samo? Ina ce duk inda suka je samo ruwan in dai a Kano ne, suma fire service din zasu iya zuwa gurin su debo? The NEMA 'Copter was their because there's no access for the fire service trucks insidde the market, not because they failed. Initially FR claimed that they the fire service arrived late, then they discovered that won't sell, they later claimed that they ran out of water. Wai dai dole sai an fadi laifi. In dai haka gidan rediyo yake kamar FR, wanda aikin su kawai a tono laifi ne karfi da yaji don a hada jama'a fada da gwamnati, to Allah ya raba mu da shi!! Bashi da amfani.
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