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Started by Abu-Fatima, June 14, 2010, 03:38:42 PM

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I was with my cousin last night who was so disturb. Her problem is that a very close friend of mine has started making passes at her eldest daughter. She wants me to discourage him from the affair. The friend of mine in question was actually my cousin's first love. It wasn't easy for our parents to convince her to let my friend go and married her present husband in 1988. The reason given then was that my friend was so close to her age wise, he's just 3 years older than her, and just a student then. Now he teaches in the local polytechnic where he came across my cousin's daughter, a student of his, and wants her for a second wife. Her argument: ai ana barin halal don kunya, considering what transpired between them. His argument: ai ba haram bane kuma ya fahimci yarinyar tana sonsa. What position do you suggest I take? I am in a dilemma.


If you put yourself in the dilemma then you are in it.
Its not easy to discourage a man who is in love. Love isn't a feeling that is easy to abandon anyhow.
I'd rather she let the girl choose for herself.
One important thing is for the girl to know that the person once dated her mum and wanted to marry her.
Maybe when she realizes that she might decide otherwise.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment