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Cincy Forums dot com is now a PR4 site

Started by Baruti M. Kamau, June 28, 2011, 08:56:23 PM

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Baruti M. Kamau

Cincy Forums dot com is now a PR4 site
After 1 year online we have successfully proven that an seo novice can become an seo master

The owner of, Baruti M. Kamau, is pleased to announce that his website and general forum has been officially ranked by Google as a PR 4 site in just one year of going online.  The highest rank under Google is 10 with 0 being the lowest.  Mr. Kamau founded on June 20, 2010 (Father's Day) and used his forum to self-teach himself Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from a Google perspective.  A testament to Kamau's seo skills is not only expressed by his website's PR but also the PR of individual postings within Cincy Forums such as the PR3 assignment of Kamau's article Build Your Cincy Forums Profile which can be accessed at the end of this missive.  

Mr. Kamau's goal is to create a highly active general forum with a focus on publishing original content and discussions concerning the development of the City of Cincinnati.  In addition, Kamau has transformed into a self-publishing tool for citizen journalists that will index their submissions by the major search engines within 6-12 hours of publication.  To learn more about Cincy Forums please visit the following links:

- Welcome to Cincy Forums
- Official Rules for Cincy Forums
- Create A Personal Homepage Using BB Codes
- Build Your Cincy Forums Profile

About Baruti M. Kamau
Baruti M. Kamau is an African American entrepreneur and citizen journalist. As a writer and publisher, Kamau is primarily known for publishing Barutiwa Newspaper from 1992 to 1999. Currently, Mr. Kamau is building a network of websites focusing on publishing and distributing user-generated content. As an entrepreneur, Kamau is the President and CEO of a development stage company that provides passenger and driver solutions to select urban markets in southern Ohio.