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List of Primary and Elementary Schools in Kano ?


Assalamu alaikum; ?
Please help us build a list of Primary and Elementary Schools in Kano State by telling us about any Primary and Elementary school(s) that you may know of. Also provide address and other information about that school if you know it. ?
Thanks. ?

Tudun Madatai Primary School, Kano

Jarkasa Primary School, Kano

Masallaci Primary School, Kano

Shahoci Primary School, Kano

Assalamu Alaikum,
Hey!!, you omitted Rimi Primary School, I think that shoud be at the Top of the list., or is it rename? ::), infact I completed my primary school education at Shahochi I, thought in those days there was also Shahoci II. Refresh my mem. Pls.

Assalam alaikum
Good day sorry you also seems to have forgotten Kurmawa Primary School, which is behind Emirs palace by the Eastern side. I attended Kurmawa primary school and finished in 1975. :o

A. I. Bayero

Well I believe there are a lot of key ommisions here. You seemed to have gone for the not popular ones, I think.

Anyway here a a few
1. Kano Capital Primary school
2. Sankore PS
3. Samadi International
4. Cresent PS
5. Lufaloy PS
6. Magwan PS
7. Ahmadiyya PS
8. Rainbow
9. Aliyu Ibn Abu Thalib

I can't remember anymore as at now!


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