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Re-Introducing "Traditional Court Systems" in Nigeria

Started by Dan-Borno, November 06, 2012, 03:48:41 PM

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My attention is drawn to the pronouncement by the President of
South Africa, Jacob Zuma, at first I thought its the Mugabe's way
then I realised that despite the existence of the white man's court
system in Nigeria, our people are yet to understand how it works
and so many innocent people are jailed or found guilty simply
because of "technicalities".

I will agree with you if you say the traditional court system is full
of injustice and you will have to agree with me either that the
present "English System" is full of injustice either - thats why
there is the need to revive, re-write and refine our traditional form
of court system throwing away the dirty side which gives the Qadis
too much power to be abused.

In those days, bulama's within an identified community resolved
issues amicably, it is the absence of these reforms that is now engulfing
the north by fire.

You can check the full story of the Jacob Zuma traditional courts system
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Seriously you should write a proposal to the National Assembly to this issue.
I support.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment