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Proliferation of Curve-Outs and SHOPS in Kano city

Started by Diso, October 28, 2002, 12:35:08 PM

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it is my greatest conern that the city is being heedlessly congested with too many curve-outs and shops. I wonder if the business community in the town do not know any business venture apart from building shops! If they don't it is thier own problem but what is wrong with the town planners and by extension the state government?

Do we mean that the future generation will have nothing to inherit but shops occupied by strangers and even foriegners? Are we looking at the economic and enviromental consequences of this ugly development?

Before I shut up let me draw the attention of whoever matters in this regard that too much of everything is just bad --including SHOPS.

--Do we know that the rural farmers are selling thier lands to come and buy those new shops? Who then will cultivate the lands? What are they going to sell apart from dumped,useless foriegn imports?

Apart from contributing to rural-urban drift, immigration problems, Killing of local industries, and causing envitomental chaos the rest of the consequences can be anybody's guess!

Very soon, all the buildings in kano will be replaced by shops!!!

No be so? ? ? ?


Yes, it is true that Kano is suffering from Shoplitis and that is a serious problem. The government in Kano has betrayed the city and they are creating too much problems. I would soon post an article published yestarday on Sunday Triumph about some part of this problem. I think Kano people need to speak out, the problem is too much and it is a product of GREED and IRRESPONSIBILITY.


This is simply an extension of our general disregard for law and order, as well as "greed and irresponsibility" as stated by Yusuf Adamu.

The authorities in Kano have for years completely ignored the town planning codes and regulations that have guided city/town planning for years! The regulatory body (KASEPPA) happens to be the tool used by the greedy opportunists that carve out our beautiful and essential..yes, spaces to create eye-sores, traffic chaos etc.

Some 'corners' that have been built up actually serve to provide proper view for motorists at junctions. The road safety corps do not seem to know, or care ......the highway checkpoints are more popular I guess!

Some time ago this year even the Kano Race Course was carved out, leaving only about 2/3rds of it open for the teeming sportsmen and women that find "solace" there; not to talk of elderly people and pregnant women that find it a useful space for walks. I dare say lack of recreational space increases youth restlessness and gangsterism (daba) in Kano!

This syndrome also caught up with Abuja in the military days but I'm glad to see its been reversed by the civilian authorities. Unfortunately in Kano the 'civvies' seem not to care at all. Allah ya sa su gane cewa we need open spaces not just for our youngsters but for good health and clean oxygen........'photosynthesis' (biologists will know what I'm talking about)


haha.. photosynthesis...

center of commerce naaaa... there's a reason it's call that... but gaskiya kam... shops are scattered all around...
and hardly any green space...  :-/
da Hunniez Gettin Money Playin Niggaz Like Dummy


I disagree with Diso's analysis of the situation. On a purely economical sense, every shop built- irrespective of location - would create employment which inturn does many things not the least of which is the reduction of crime rate
             I can't see any correlation btw the said drift and migration beacuse, the inner cities are already choked with unemployed youths who, Diso would readily agree, are eager to grab any opportunity that comes their way.
From my secondary school econmics, i Know that economic dynamism is inherently intertwined with the job creation, which the building of shops and operating them provides.
The only down side of this massive proliferation of curve out shops is that, its not been conducted within the confines of the law. To me that is the only shortcoming of this policy and should this be rectified soon, I would wholeheartedly support an increase in the allocation of lands for Building Shops ONLY. This is my opinion
Barka da sallah