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Awake, The Sleeping Giant

Started by MTNakande, May 08, 2016, 05:12:48 PM

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Sunday, May 2, 2010
Awake! The sleeping giant
Fortress by fortress the nations came to follow,
Fortitude and valor the disciples came to portray,
Forbearing bitter and violent encounters they did,

The greatest centers of learning were nurtured in its womb,
The seed sown awhile now in the bloom to further,
The empires and dynasties came to be realized,
The pride and glory of the tender faith?, now strong and waxing with so much spate,

As the basic rules of life came to show us, whatever goes up must gradually come down,
And thus the glorious empires came o dwindle,
Fortress by fortress they came to crumble,
What was yesternight the roar of a lion has turned out to be the crow of a rooster,
Sounds alone can be heightened, the authority is no where to saddle,

As the basic rules of life demands to put forth, whatever goes up must eventually come down.
The faith that then would not relinquish, today suffers sporadic anguish,
Oppression and suppression it has come to suffer,

Just as the secular world has come to wonder,
A glimmer of hope came to wander,
The world has now come to ponder,
The facts and reasons too glaring to snuggle,
The fastest growing faith to cover,
The whole of the earth once asunder,
The labels from fanatism down to terrorism will not alter,
The rise of a giant once aslumber,
Awake! Awake the sleeping giant! Because victory is yours once again to ponder.

Muhammad tijjani nakande , a freelance writer, a neo pan African can be reached online at
"The Old Breed, Without The New Breed, Only Breeds Greed" Maitama Sule, Danmasanin Kano