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Is Islam a Curse to Nigerians?


"Nigeria, Africa's most populous country, has more Muslims than any Arab country does." - Lewis, 2006:563.

No doubt, we discuss, argue and fight over the religion more than any other thing. What is, and/or should be, a blessing is turning into a curse. It's sad, unfortunate and despairing.

Talk about Islam, and everyone is a Sheikh. Thanks but no thanks to Google and other similar technology - enabled platforms where every John Doe can just tap/click and voila, the verse and/or the Hadith appears. And he subsequently interprets it the way that suits him.

I am literally speaking tired of the intra religious squabbles we do every so often. I really am. It's largely futile, even puerile. Nowadays, the youths no longer attend Islamic schools, Tafseer and other forums where Islamic exegesis is taught. It's now Facebook, WhatsApp and so on. Hmm.

Islam (or is it the so-called Muslim world?) faces a lot of challenges. We really have to be very careful. Not everything we read online is worth savouring. Many stuffs do not deserve our attention, or deliberation. Go to real scholars. May Allah continue to protect His religion, amin.


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