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How long would women be enslaved by their passion

Started by Braveheart, March 13, 2004, 05:11:07 PM

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In today’s society, over 95% of the honest, respectful and the most devoted house-wives, are unfortunately enslaved by marriage: This enslavement in marriage is predicted as a consequence of their passion for their husbands.

     First and foremost, it amazes me how their husbands, who in most cases treat their wives as if they were born to serve them, unnecessarily maltreating them in their matrimonial homes.

     Historically, more than 1400yrs ago, Islam had given women certain rights, though with some limitation to their rights in respect of matrimony. Howeever, today Muslims and non-Muslims alike have ignored these rights and ironically as it were, the Muslims do this in the name of Islam. Historically though not islamically women have become leaders and have ruled successfully in different societies; hence not to be languishing in their homes. For instance socialization begins from home and of course from the mother who instills good manners into her child at an early age in the process of up bringing. This eventually has a multiplying positive effect on children in that one knowledgeable woman is like a whole knowledgeable nation. This is because she teaches the children modesty, good mannerism, obedience and what not.

     Furthermore, men that happen to be married to noble women, who careless of this world; and its material gains, but care and preoccupied with the thought of hereafter rather than being cherished and treasured, they maltreat them and take their extend of nobility, gentility and religiosity for granted for oblivious of the fact that Allah’s punishment awaits them, if they do not repent and obey Him.

     From the foregoing, men that fall under the category can therefore be defined as ill-hearted, selfish creatures among the homosapiens with high propensity to be devilish in nature. Most men look down upon women with little or no dignity for them. They often call themselves, the stronger counterparts, warriors and leaders; which most are not. It is high time men started appreciating and treasure their wives. They should appreciate their honesty, dedication, trust and hard work. Men should desist from infidelity, deceit, lies among other things, which unfortunately have become the order of the day in our world today.