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Ilimi ginshikin addini.

Started by Anonymous, October 10, 2002, 11:37:31 PM

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Assalamu Alaikum

I find it surprising that none of the posts on this forum are overtly Islamic in nature. Lest we forget, Islam not Hausa gave us our fame and status in the polity called Nigeria.
What I now would like to say is, We members of Kanoonline can play a part in bettering the life of our brothers in Nigeria having difficulties.
Being educated means we have the responsibility to educate others. Since this is practically impossible- directly- we can take thge following measures.

Write to our reps in state assembly to increase funding for schools as against increasing their own salaries ;

Urge the Govt to integrate the Islamiyya school curriculum with vocational/ Scientific studies;

Provide (on an individual level) text books or  pencils or uniform or any resource to your local primary school. Etc

It is through this and many more gestures that our education ( speaking on the assumption that most kanoonline viewers are educated)  can benefit the illeterate lot.
This is just a thought, but, dear muslims, only education can empower us to overcome our problems.
I personally know this for, my family is empowered economically through its commitment and belief in the importance of education
Sai naji daga gareku.  
I would like to know what you think.

Muhammad, Boston MA.


Wa^alaykumussalam - Thank you for bringing up an important topic on education, both Islamic and Western. This is the north's Achilles' heel, despite the large number of "educated" northeners for it seems as though our education doesn't necessarily translate into positive action.

Your suggestions are commendable and I would like to add that we need to volunteer our time for others, fi sabilillaah. For example, helping out local charity organizations, feeding the poor and hungry during Ramadhan (I'm referring to giving them hot cooked meals not distributing gero and masara) and other times of the year. Also offering to tutor at LEAs after school, providing free medical assistance at a local clinic, and funding higher education leading towards professional degrees like medicine, engineering, accounting and nursing.

In general, we adults need to get the proper Islamic education and training ourselves in order to teach others and to attain the goals of all Muslims - success in this life and the Hereafter. While many of us may have gotten some basic rules about Islam, very few have the necessary obligatory knowledge that every Muslim should master. The best way to learn is to seek out the knowledgeable ones and learn from them as the Prophet has ordered us. May Allah guide us to them. Amin.

H. Mohammed


This is will give us a tremdous benefit; one reward from Allah subhanahu wa taalah, two: a better society free from so many evils and quite peaceful. i didn't realise the importance of the topic from the subject but after reading through I knew where  Amin is heading to. To ni kam a gani na, one of the ways Amin mention will be difficult beacause those in the house of rep knows quite alright the devastating condition of education in Nija. Amma kamar yadda kuma yace, it will be nice if we encaourage one another to voluntarily sacrifice our time and knowledge to help the down fall of ilimi especially na addini domin kuwa shirin ainihin dalilin zuwan mu duniya.


Thanks ;D for bringing up this tremendous topic becoz many of our co-northerners dont know the benefit gain from being educated especially when it is regarding a woman. Both the islamic and western educations are the most that ione can have to live a meaningful and peaceful life.

When one take for an example the islami way of dressing, eating, drinking , business undertakings, banking and so on. One will realise that it will make our fellow corrupt and adultries to desist from such a partetic habit.

While on the other hand the western education will help us in our day-to-day activities. For example a female ganycologist can treat her fellow female patient without problem instead of a man.

I also hope with this web we can put together our hands to see that poeple are given the oppurtunity to get educated both islamically and  also the western education.

I also hope that with this media we will be able to enlighten our co-northers the mandetory aim of getting educated.

Hoping to put a stop to the strike holding in the various versities in the north especially ABU. ???


nicer_007 I definitely think just like you.