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Kano Pillars make history!!

Started by bakangizo, May 27, 2008, 02:51:03 PM

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I didnt get to watch......even on TV,
The excuse here in Kano is that 7 key players as well as title winning coach had moved on.

Was ammazed that 9/10 of people who went to Abj for the matches went just 2 watch ManU....
How can we really ignite passion for our local league?

How well do u'll think KP'll do this season?
Will they perform in champions league?


They were without 5 regulars, but I don't think their presence would've altered the result of the game. Yeah, it is a pity the type of apathy shown to the local league by footie fans in nigeria. The empty stadium when Pillars played Portsmouth is a shame, but am pretty sure if the game were played in say Kano, Warri, Calabar, Ibadan, there would at least be modest, if not full, crowd.

Pillars will do well in the coming season, but the Champions league? I believe they will struggle. It takes a lot to do well in that competition, especially for first timers. They lack the experience, while there's need for reinforcement. We shall see.


Yeah u are right,
if were in Kano we woulg have gotten full house regardless of who was playing.

I heard KP are scouting for a foreign coach.


They signed Malik Jabir, former Ghana national team captain, and until recently, the national team coach of Burkina Faso. They are also discussing with a strriker from Coton Sport of Cameroun.


Lallai pillars da gaske suke.
Allah ya basu sa'a.
Still i think Kadri Ikhana is the best league coach so far.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment