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Started by Anonymous, December 15, 2003, 01:32:43 PM

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Do hausa and fulanis consider the shuwa arab as part of their brethen or do they see them as completely different?.

Thanks appreciate any input.


honestly, no.
but i am relying solely on hearsay. i think they have more in common with the kanuris, don't they?
Interesting topic you raised here. What language do the Shuwas even speak? I never really asked. Are they some kind of Arabs, or Tuaregs.....
Somebody, pls help out ???


"What language do the Shuwas even speak?"

If i'm not mistaken they still speak arabic but a very different form from the saudi and even the north africans. I terms of genetic makeup I think they probably have some arab blood but I think its mostly tuareg/berber there is probably some black 2. But i'm not sure so no quotes.



The shuwa arab are related to those in countries like Niger,Central Afrique e.t.c. They speak broken arabic just the way we speak broken english.
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Quote from: "hasssluv"The shuwa arab are related to those in countries like Niger,Central Afrique e.t.c. They speak broken arabic just the way we speak broken english.

:D  :D  :D  :D How can you say the speak 'broken Arabic'???

There is nothing like broken arabic that you can compare with Pidgin English except mat be if ypou will say swahili and some east eat africa languages but those ones they never claim to be Arabs and their languages are not comprehensible to the Arabs.

The shuwas speak a Language that must have resulted from the Arabization of an african tribes. Arabic did the same in the Eastern Coast.

Shuwa Arab is just like Arabic with diffrent accent that resembles the Sudanese accent very much. the Sudanese themselves were arabized african tribes. theywer arabised by a nomadic arabic tribe called Baqariyya Arabs. they were part of the arabs simply because of their proximity to Egypt and the British Merger of Sudan with Egypt . ..otherwise we could have had another language called Baqariyya Arabic..just like we have Shuwa Arabic in Chad and somepart of Cameroun and Nigeria, and Hassaniya Arabic in Mauritania and the likes there of which I know not.

The Shuwas speak arabic they are not POLITICALLY arabs.

The Shuwas historically have something to do with Rabe..a sudanese warrior that fought british and migrated westward after his defeat to the present day Bornu. It was the result of his activities in Bornu that drove some Kanuri to Lafia in the present Nassararwa state.

The 'broken Arabic' is what the non-arabs arabic students called gharghalia.

In reality that gharghalia is the Arabic language spoken by all arabs with of course diffrent accent just like the Hausas do. I called it Modern Arabic.

The Arabic you know, is called Ketaabia (reference to the book (el ketab) meaning Qur'an). It is the language of the Quran. I called ancient Arabic, for if not for the Quran it wouldnt have been spoken by now. As you know languages changes with time, and the same is true to Arabic.

The diffrence between the two is that..Gharg is spoken by all arabs in their day to day interactions, while Ketabi was taught in schools and it was used for broadcasting, religious and all formal activities.

A ruler like say Fahad, is not expected to address an issue in the street language like *ck *hit of the Americans (sorry to make the refence).

The two lingos are identical almost, Only that Gharg tends to shorten things and mixup the may say like the Standard hausa and the rest of them  (katsina, Sokoto..etc).

So all arabs speak diffrent Gharg. That includes Shuwas and some East african tribes too.
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Guest I completely agree with yor argument.


well i used to think that shuwa arabs were half nigerian and half arab, ashe its not lyk that. ???
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