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Started by Blaqueen, May 01, 2003, 03:41:19 PM

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wuts the most ridiculous "camfi" u heard?... aka "superstition"...

i know this one.. and interesting one too.. cuz even african americans have such superstition...

"...when ur swept with a broom... u wont get a husband..."

i guess it only applies to the females..(lol).. unless...... :-X

aniwayz.. i remember this one gurl.. who cried and insulted the heck out of another gurl..juss cuz she happened to sweep her feet...

and i wont lie... i used to dodge brooms back then.. ;D....
da Hunniez Gettin Money Playin Niggaz Like Dummy


;Di dont know if this is camfi or real but dai i think it camfi
........that if a gurl has prob like maybe she has one hand or somethin is wrong with her wai that will reduce her bride price............... that very s**t hausawa :-X :-X :-X kai ........

my mum use to tell me wai if i dont stop playin ruff and i got my self a scar my bride price will reduce when i was small. ?;D

.........uummm theres this my frnd again when i told him that wai yes it true ai we (woman) we are like a car, the price of a new car is different from second hand.......hisssssss
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i heard if a gal bath with ruwan kanzo she will be loved by all

superstitious factors that bring about poverty
- sweeping with a towel
- spider web
- blowing off candle


Zama akan kofar daki
aljannu will possess the person :-/


Ance sa jariri a cikin fatan rago ko tinkiyan sunansa bayan an yankata, to wannan dabba zata wuce dashi siradi!!

Allahu Alamu.


wai jefa wani abu in the night over the wall, that will invite
thieves to the house ko gaskiyane bansaniba.


Idan yaro yana shara, za'a yi baki a wannan rana.
Idan hannun ka yana kaikayi za ka samu kudi.
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guys be serious, not only is superstition haram, .................. ITS THE 21ST CENTURY FOR HEAVENS SAKE!


saka riga inside out jaka samu arziki.

idan mutun takalminsa ya tsinke kuma yake tafiya da daya takalmin, wai ragowar kwanakin sa a duniya yake kirgawa!


superstition is haram and we are in 21st century...amma ai ilimi babu waste?


wai idan ka auri yar makeri(black smith) baza kayi kudi ba

idan yaro yana cin boiled egg dayawa sai koyi sata....bull***t.....dan kauye aint buying none of dis superstitions....we gotta wake and put a stop 2 dis abi???


Another crazy one i heard...if u use a mirror while sum1

is makin ur hair, da person can get blind. Just how true is dat?

It sounds so silly cos i do dat almost all da time, i'm not blind
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dan kauye

well..dis camfi...quite funny.

i heard wen a chyld eats alot of boiled eggs he'll grow up 2 be a thief....

and left-handed people are olweiz luckier dan their ryte hand many camfis..but i  aint buying none..peace
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what of those say/ believe that if the 1st person youmeet is a 'kuturu' in the morning, then that day is a bad day.
while if 'makaho' it is a good one?


baby_gal_84 I completely agree with your words.