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some body tell me is this life

Started by figorms, February 14, 2004, 02:54:06 AM

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What is Life?
Life is Like a Dream, a Vision ,a Market.
Life is Like a Wild Goose Chase.

You struggle to have Money,
But stay Little Longer to Enjoy it.
Struggle to buy a car,
Someday we"ll drive no more.
Build a House ,Which another man inherits.
What else is Life but a Wild Goose Chase.

You Get Educated,but more or less a Fool.
Everything starts from somewhere and ends somwhere.
Then starts all over again just like a river.
Struggle to to have just One
But others gets it more easily.
Don't bother too much,its always like that.
Why then quest for More Wealth.
Its Just a wild Goose Chase..

Every thing that happens now has happened before existence,
So get what you want, Eat what you like,
Dance the way you can, Have many wives as much as you can
What a waste, well you have enjoyed your dream.
Its still a Wild Goose Chase.

Oh your Majesty with Queen and Concubines,
Princes,Princesses and Servants.
You gain Power and do whatever you like
Remember that its only for a while so make a Judiscious use of it.
It is a Wild Goose Chase.

Life is at Youth,
Make all the struggle while you can.
Now is the time to feed others
For a time willl come when we shall be Spoon-Fed.
Its not New,Always Remember.
It's a Wld Goose Chase.

The old are willing to go to the beyond
After much struggle on Earth.
What a pity, they have tried their best to acquire lots,
But cannot spend much time to enjoy it.

Every time in Life is a Waste
So waste your time,
And enjoy your pretty life.
Life is Useless.
Life is like chasing the Whirlwind.

Culled from the Old school Anthology of Poems
at u see is wat u get........................RMS