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Yet I'll Believe In Her

Started by Waziri, January 05, 2004, 12:11:48 PM

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(She couldn't see through when she broke the little heart..)

How foolish was I
To let love happen
With the noble thought
It is the joy of life

Forsaken I am
Flame of love
Chilled my soul
Triggered my anger
And betrayed my weakness

My course was upright
My thoughts were rigid
My belief was firm
I would never shrink

Just out of the blue
She smiled on my face
That lurched my heart
And clouded my vision
I lost control

She altered my course
Changed my belief
Subdued my pride
Then wooed my love

But she turned her back
Waved me out
Walked out of me
Calling me names
Yet I'll believe in her

So true it proves
That "love is the most
Ardent passion
Of human heart"

Fulani Poet

haring my life in simple poems


Zat was a great feace op work Waziri, but r u sure u didnt scared her with d idanu? am missin u, where r u?
...He begot not, nor is He begotten!