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N I G E R I A!

Started by Ibro2g, April 25, 2003, 03:16:10 AM

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N I G E R I A!
I ask myself if this be a cry or a plea?
When I was young I'd always agree
to hold the white and green as a key
to raise the coat of arm high and free.
But now I can count one two three
we can't make anything of our tree
Your people know not but to flee
Your dream; seems it can never be
Your green is fading, white;on its knee
We all tried to make you a degree
Yet corruption is all you guarantee
Worse, you proudly make it a party
I don't know if I should weep or glee
Which ever comes first is not to be.
Nigeria!, when will you ever see
how you are drowning in the sea?
when will your people be free?
When can we come to agree?
I ask you to pay us our fee!
Safety and Peace