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The call: Celebrate humanity

Started by Ibro2g, March 15, 2003, 12:55:29 AM

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Nigeria, never a nation always illusions
Illusions of a nation that never was
Intellectual illusions it ever was
Illusions for Niger-area, a region it was
My call today is to make these illusions a "was"
My call is to rebuilt the Niger-area into Nigeria
My call is to celebrate Nigeria after 42 years
My call is to built a patriotic acme nation with visions,
missions, future, pride and a spirit,
a nation united for all that it is  
and what power shall grow from it's midst
Niger-areans might run, dine, ignore and fool another
by truth they fool each other, coz they have no power
and definitely an unconscious pride.
So today I call onto the Niger-areans to be Nigerians
to stand up high and celebrate the birth of a new Nigeria
for once make it possible to be proud of one another
Today, I stand up high to celebrate Mother Nigeria,
because I have no where else to go but to the mother
Nigeria still has hope on you and me, we've got each other
So I call onto you to celebrate... celebrate my friends,  
my family, my pride, my Nigeria.
Safety and Peace



  Assalamu alaykum brother. Amiin.


Ijust thought I should put it here, to clearify confusion on identity
Safety and Peace


m a man of ma own words


Safety and Peace