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Started by Ummulhuda, January 31, 2003, 08:11:20 PM

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Love was the heartbreak Tess felt, and the slight,
When Angel left her on their wedding night.

Love was the despair Tess felt, and hopelessness
When Angel asked her forgiveness

Love was the madness that drove Tess
To pierce a knife into Alex's heart.

Love was the passion Angel felt
When he accepted Tess in her blemished state.

Love was the calmness that tranquilled Tess
When she faced her final fate.

Love was Tess's Phoenix risen from the ashes,
As her sister in marital unison, forgave the man called Angel Claire.





I have to agree here and not be mean. This is cantafabulously written out. SPOT ON GURL!!!


My head go bigin swell fa, I no fit carry large head for dis my fragile neck!!!!!!!!


Oh 'Huda what a treat
this is so nice
So you are so full of wit
and you are this wise
So what happened to Tess
This is so cool
agari Nakowa Mugu Sai Maishi


You really want to know what happened to Poor Tess?
She was hanged for murder poor innocent Tess! (She really did kill Alex though). I cried for months after I read that novel.


Oh poor Tess!
what a mess
at least she's now at rest
As love for Alex
Bring her to the end of her days

Let's look before we love
To avoid a similar end
Let's not make loss
In love let's always gain
And unlike Tess elongate our days

'Huda I still doff my hat
To you I've to give due respect
Clearly the talent and wit you have
Separate you from the rest
of us who must learn from your ways
agari Nakowa Mugu Sai Maishi


Oh Gosh!
My head's now bigger than Humpty Dumpty's!!!!!!!!
Shucks Guys thanx for the compliment!!!!!!!
But AbuM, you're quite a poet yourself. Why don't you pen something and put it up?

Aydee Fella

kai Ummul Hudaa u really tried up there.AbuMujahid gaskiya ka burge ni.
never rat out yur friends n alwaiz keep yur mouth shut"




Quote:'( :-[ :'(
Ahhh, How sad. :-/
Cheerup dear.
Here, have a hanky and mop up those tears


This is a good work.

Poetry according to popular definition: is a spontaneous overflow of emotions captured in tranquility. Abu Mujahid's pen is indeed a sponstaneous one.

Ummu keep the exploration in the see of creativity. It is what makes the world go round, round and round.


nice nice nice and funny....... i have an odd sense of humor... so..why not maimuna and tanko? ali and hasiya...? y'know..... :)
da Hunniez Gettin Money Playin Niggaz Like Dummy


I guess most of our Ideologies are foriegn.
Nice work ummulhuda, plus I'd watchout 4 further posts.
And AbuMuja...kana yagana.
Safety and Peace