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For Katsinian for his love for rhyme

Started by Waziri, January 08, 2003, 03:41:23 PM

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Decode this message and get the explanation
Shun all assumptions and vow to just litigation
Borrow - I borrowed some words for just cogitation
"Cunning Chameleon can camouflage combinations
Slow waters could lead to miscalculation
Some movements are beyond your immediate detection
I am afraid you cannot sort all variation"
Where shall we begin and end the exoneration
Man is specie subtle amid situations
When in love is like a kid in confusion
In thinking hardly can employ some ration
His emotion is subject to interpolation
He with hoarse voice is soon for adulation
Tremble-mouthed is soon for judgementation
Stern expression does not man situations
He with frenzied face can pull the wool in action
Slow judgement is yours through situations
Close thine eyes and avoid consternation
While a canvasser can regain consolation
Here I am ripened for misinterpretation
Represent and misrepresent my notion
Yesterday, This-day is soon for justification
Wait a little and get the more, information
Think and rethink in line for just conclusion
Subject yourself to a little meditation
It is then you will grab the best medication
Slow-speed and cut down some high expectations
Estimate, re-estimate but avoid underestimations
Little knowledge leads more to false allegations
When you know much you will avoid condemnation
It is then you can adopt some caution
Some guidelines are here for you to reach conclusion
This yardstick should be for thine good gumption
Use facts in drawing the best ostentation
Ideally action should reflect man's intention
Forthrightness, indeed is a man of gumption
Temperance adds more to qualifications
Sense of belonging, principles in action
Man's yes stay yes, any does not change resolution
Here he would stand firm amid litigation
Hypocrisy in man does not give connotations
Cunning and make-belief in man is not for good attribution
Frankness, consistency will make a just reparation
Speech does not add more for evaluation
What is uttered should be given ground for consideration
Reason is considered for validation
"Ah!  Ibraheem you have received revelation."
No! Soft Paddle it is poetic conjugation
Adopt it this way then you employ moderation
Resolve with keen interest and avoid agitation


WAAAziRi kana wutaaaaa
 all this ryhmes gaskiya u suppose show katsinian
akavelli da don till I`m gone!!!


mAN. This is terrific....I bet you could do the best of em here. Kai mallam kai karshe ne. I could only dream of writing such. I'll try and try...but u do, u just do. Abdulmaliki ka ga maza ba?
keep it up...I`m gonna keep this one here.
Safety and Peace


MaN, I took some lil time to unravel what you have said. This is the most expensive masterpiece money can buy. The best in this site so far. It's education and explorations are beyond just imaginations. I`ll be sure to keep it safe. This is the winning piece everyone.
Safety and Peace



By God, Kaga ni kuwa a duniyar rubutuna na poor-try this is the most despised. Shine sam bana so.  Kai Ibro stop jesting it is a true POOR-TRIAL.


As far as I'm concerned this is the best I have seen. Aniwayz 1 mans food anothers ...whatever. But to my honest truth I love this...and if u have any 1 better than this...let it out.
Safety and Peace


OK Ibro I will Insha Allahu post  the poem I love most in my collection. It is titled MEMORIES and the second is YET I'LL BELIEVE IN HER.

Thanks all the same


Lurd have mercy upon my soul, Gud lurd heavens  :o Am hyperventilatin'. Haba WAziri, u know u r Gud, so stop frontin & accept d facts, juss say thnx. Wat ammuses me most, is d flow of TION.........ish  ish @ d end 'n' it does make a whole lotta meanin.

Now this is more like it, not all those lovy lovy...........
Kastinian u surely deserve it man!!!!
Am outta e're
Despite ur slammin, am still jammin!!!




Now this is more like it, not all those lovy lovy...........
Kastinian u surely deserve it man!!!!
Am outta e're

10ks, 10q. I'm in need of som`n badly...ooops
Safety and Peace