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without u

Started by Ibro2g, January 21, 2003, 12:47:57 AM

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Without you I feel weak
and my future looks bleak.

Without you I'd be mad,
with you I'd be glad.

Without you I live in yesterday,
or maybe today...

...But without you,
my tomorow never comes.

Without you I don't think,
With you I don't blink.

without you I'm a bowl,
With you I have a soul.

Without you I'm none,
or I'm gone...

...But without you
there is no me.
Safety and Peace



It appears like u  have forced the rhymes in the verses here, they do not look or sound as natural as the ones in the MISERY. My Ibro, I pray u should consider this next time. In poetry everything suppose to be natural and a pure product of emotions not reason.


Thanks but ya know, most of my love poems are`nt as authenticated to my soul as the others. I just write that for fantacy....but things like misery, complicated and almost heroes, they stick to me right here! most especially the make it go away. thanks again.....and I just wanned to appologise 4 not replying earlier, I was away 4 so long.
Safety and Peace