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Started by Fulanizzle, October 20, 2002, 04:16:41 AM

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The peasants, the destitute, the poor
The rich, the powerful, and those who still want more
World full of discrimination, hatred and anger
World full of poverty, corruption and hunger
Uncountable number of people who are in need
And those who can afford, satisfy only their greed
Some people are stepping on the right way
Most of them (indulged with worldly things)go astray
And with the conflicts, violence, genocide, and war
I often wonder, what are they really for
If people would stop thinking about their wealth
And would start considering other people`s health
And if people can stop being so ignorant
And try hard to be more tolerant
And if people will stop being so demanding
And become more understanding
And if people can stop differentiating
And learn how to be more appreciating
If and only if all these ugly acts will be at ease
Then the world wouldn`t be down on its knees.......


Untitled 1

I close my eyes, just to vision you
I'm soaring, flying far far away...
To a place ?very sacred for you and I
To a place where only us know of
A place that is full of bliss
Where we swim all day in the river of love
Where the golden sun never sets
Where roses and pansies never stop blooming
Where we never want to leave
But only a dream , only a dream
Yet so so real, so real
I open my eyes...I am back
Back to reality...reality which i despise
Reality without without you


??? :-[The world is really on it`s needs, make it go away, or make it better sis.

and for the first and the untitled:  8)That chap sure is lucky, I sure hope he knows what he has which he bearly knows. I always knew the first love is the best love, I mean ur first love will everly be loved even after u break up, it`s still there, still exists, u just have to live by the belief that it is over but it isn`t. thats just the way it is.  
Safety and Peace


lol....the world needs 911 big time!!!


LOl???? the world will be on its knees if such thing will happened.          


EEEEmmmm Fawazudeen, sweet brother! when was da last time u watched CNN, BBC, or even NTA news  :D

Aydee Fella

Fawazudeen dats crazy .Or do u wanna pretend ur not aware of all these ,or ko kayi halin kane sanda kayi make post din.
never rat out yur friends n alwaiz keep yur mouth shut"