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Assalamu Alaikum jama'a 'yan uwa musulmi.Na shigo filin ne kurum don in gaisheku.Ko da ya ke na ga an rubuta Sokoto Sokoto sai Zamfara daga nan kuma sai Kebbi.To sai ince  wanga shiri da kuka yi ya dace amma kuma da lale.Domin a da Sokoto itace kan gaba albarkacin Shehu to amma yanzu Zamfara itace ke kan gaba saboda bullo da Sharia da su ka fara yi. Kun san dai ni ba Basakkwace bane ba Bazamfare bane  kuma ba Bakabe bane.Farko dai ni Musulmi ne dan uwanku mai Kishin Musulunci don haka za ku ga galibin rubuce rubuce na kusan aksari duk na Musulunci ne.Don haka tun da ya ke wannan Sashin Musulunci ne shi ya sa na leko don taya mu bikin cika Shekara metan da fara kafa Daular Musulunci a Arewa.Don haka ina fatan kurum fadin sunan Zamfara da Sokoto sai ya tunatar da kowa Musulunci.In sha Allahu  wata rana zan taho takanas ta kano daga nan London don in kawo muku ziyara in kuma ga yadda Sharia ke tafiya.Allah ya taimakemu.Amin. Mai kaunarku cikin Islama.


Islam / Wake up call for the negligents
« on: December 31, 2003, 12:49:11 AM »
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Islam / Rational Analysis versus religious bigotry
« on: January 18, 2004, 04:28:10 PM »
Your god is One God; There is no god but He; The All-Merciful
The All-Compassionate.
 Behold in the creation of the Heavens and Earth
In the alternation of night and day, in the sailing of ships through the Ocean for the profit of mankind in the rain which God sends down from the skies, And the life He gives therewith to an earth that is dead in the creatures of all kinds
That He causes to multiply through the earth in the change of the winds and clouds Which run their appointed courses between the sky and earth in all these are
Signs indeed for people who use their reason.
This is quotation from Suratul Baqarah of the Quran which presents itself as a Guidance for mankind as a whole. It is addressed to all people that are conscious Of God who think about what they can see and hear and reflect on these . So therefore only those servants Of God who are knowledgeable truly stand in awe of Him.The heedless ignorant doesnot care.
The famous Islamic Jurist Imam Shafi'e was asked ?What was the proof for the existence of God in which Her replied ? the mulberry tree. Its colour, smell taste and Everything about it seem one and the same to you. But a caterpillar eats it and it Comes out as a fine silken thread. A bee feeds on it and it comes out as honey. A sheep eats it and it comes out as dung. Gazelles chew on it and it congeals producing the fragrance of musk.
Now who has made all these different things come from the same type of leaf He asked? So this is the reason why the Christians and Jews have got special status in Islam as the people of the book because they received the Scriptures Torah and the Injeel afore time. They were the first to be addressed to reflect on these Teachings calling them thus:
Say ?Oh People of the Book come to common terms as between us and you: That We worship non but God. That we associate no partners with Him: That we erect not from ourselves Lords or Patrons other than God: If they turn back Say Bear witness that we are Muslims.
 The Quran further expunges the misconception and erroneous belief that people have about Islam with regards to previous revelations and the prophets in the Following context;
Say ?We believe in Allah and the Revelation given to us
And to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and the tribes and that given to Moses , Jesus and that given to all Prophets from their Lord We made no distinction between one and another of them and we bow in submission as Muslims.
So therefore Muslim does not claim to have Religion peculiar to himself only.
Religion is one and the same as always truth is one so therefore God should also be the same Supreme Being ?who suffers no fatigue needs  no rest or sleep He was neither born  nor is He the Father of anybody He needs no  partner or spouse as erroneously conceived by many people.
.Reflect at this beautiful description of the Unity of God in Suratul Ikhlas:
Say: He is the One God
God the Eternal Independent
He begets not nor was He begotten
And there is none comparable Unto Him.
Therefore every true scripture should never attribute to God something that goes against His unique Nature such as saying God was ever a man or there existed other gods or goddesses before. Therefore None is worthy of worship but Him only as
Attested by the Word every Muslim utters La ilaha Il Lallah.

The Quran therefore teaches us when you hear Gods name and His Attribute your heart will automatically be filled with awe and respect, love and gratitude unlike the one who does not believe will have the opposite effect in his Heart as he has hatred and grudge against his Creator. As for the Messengers or Prophets a person must have urge to follow them and aversion for all those who Oppose them. This is why you find a Muslim would never dream to employ his tongue to abuse any of the Prophets such as Jesus Moses as ?our Deen taught us to respect them not revile them. Every Muslim should strive to uphold among other things truthfulness, Justice, Honesty, sincerity trust, generosity, modesty, decency, humility, patience, courage Thankfulness, dignity, self-respect, and steadfastness and hard work. He must also endeavour to avoid ?committing sins such as telling lies, dishonesty, deceit, hypocrisy, cheating , rancour , Miserliness, Envy, hatred, shamelessness, self ?conceit cowardice and all other obnoxious Evil habits which were all taught to them by their Leader.
 There are three main criteria to which every good leader should be judged or provide which include among others: Providing for the well being of those being led ?as well as to provide ?a Social Forum in which the people may feel secure ?and finally ?to providing them with one set of belief such as the ?one given by Islam. Samples were taken of different leaders by the Time Magazine 30 years ago which came to a conclusion thus:
 Perhaps the Greatest Leader of all times was Mohammed who combined all these three functions mentioned above. Another writer who compiled 100 most influential people ever produced in the History of Mankind .came up with his first choice as Prophet Muhammad after analysing all the Qualities of this Great Leader.
Finally to Quote what a French Historian Larmatine wrote 150 years ago in 1854 about Prophet Muhammad .also explained his reasons thus:
 ?If greatness of purpose, smallness of means and outstanding results are the true criteria of human genius who could dare to compare any great man in modern history with Muhammad? The most famous men created arms laws and empires only no more than material power which often crumbled away before their eyes, But this man moved not only armies, legislation, empires, peoples, dynasties. The Altars, the gods, the religions, the ideas the belief and the souls which left the Hatred of false gods and the passion for the One Immaterial God in the hearts Of Muslims. His Faith forbearance sincerity Prayers, Conversation with God His death and his triumph after death all these served to affirm conviction Which gave him power to restore a Creed?
Lamartine continued to describe Prophet Muhammad as Philosopher, Orator, Apostle Legislator, Warrior conqueror of ideas restorer of National dogmas of cults without images the founder Of twenty terrestrial empires and of one spiritual Empire that is Muhammad. As Regards all standards by which human greatness may be measured Lamartine asked
Is there any man greater than Him? There are several objective Non-Muslims who expressed similar positive and objective opinions about the Prophet of Islam. But some insincere bigots are trying to paint black picture about Islam with the
Intention of blotting this light by all means so as to deprive others from gaining access to this Great Deen brought by the Prophet through insinuation and character assassination of no less than the Prophet himself and His Deen being followed by more ?than 1.3 billion people all over the Globe. Well I would like to add something The one who employs such tactical foul ?language to discredit other peoples beliefs shows how ?insincere and frustrated he is and therefore has lost all moral credibility as an intellectual or whatever position of honour ?holds as he is still immature dogmatic Religious bigot ?who ?does not adhere to the strict teaching of Jesus or Muhammad and should immediately be shunned by the Sincere followers of these Two Great Religions. His object is to try to sow discord among the two followers With a view to causing confusion thereby fanning Religious hatred and disturbances
This would not be in the interest of our Society and Country at large.
So therefore his plagiarism and write-ups should not be noticed and no one should take him seriously as he has already consigned his own garbage into the bin with his own hands through such emotional frenzy verbiage which has become typical of him.
WamaTaufiqi Illa Billah Alaihi Tawakaltu Wa ilaihi Unib... ?

Babandi Abubakar Gumel

Islam / Re: Politics or Deen?
« on: January 04, 2004, 04:34:30 PM »
Jazakallah Khair for the reminder. It is our responsibility to remind each other as Allah says Wazakkir fa innaz Zikrah
tanfa'ul Mumineen. Sharia as we are all aware is not meant
for desires, it's a Command from Allah (S.W.T) which we must all follow and not follow the desires of those who do not know.
Allah  (S.W.T) gave this instruction in Suratul Jatheeya Aya 18
   Thumma jaalnaka ala Shari'atin Minal Amri
   fattabi'aha Wala tattabia ahwaallazinna la

    Then We have put you on a plain Way (Sharia) of
    (our Commandments)  So you  follow that and follow
    not the desires of those who  know not.

Therefore  if anybody dares try to manipulate the Sharia for his own selfish ends, well you pray for him before he is caught by Al-Muntaqeem who is also Sari'ul Hisab. Therefore its our responsibility to continue  to remind each other about acquiring the Ilm which I stresssed in the Article.
Wama taufiq Illa Billah.


Islam / Politics or Deen?
« on: January 03, 2004, 07:37:59 PM »
People are unfortunately now much more concerned with the apparent practices of Deen such as Political, Economic and Cultural part of  this way of life rather than  the formal  practices or devotion. Well of course this has to do with the environment which we find ourselves. Muslims, non Muslims a like everyone is much more curious or interested in something such as the capture of a certain famous political figure because of his importance in politics rather than his Islam or his way of life.
This as I said has got something to do with politics, because he is a politician himself. This is why the whole world were all involved and paid so much attention to it, pious and impious alike.
Every Muslim knows that the most honourable amongst them in the sight of Allah is he who has got Taqwa, but unfortunately now we do not judge people by their Taqwa but by their Duniya influence. If somebody for instance is a Governor, Minister, Senator or an MP he is much more respected than a common Alim or Religious Scholar or even a Hafiz (one who memorises the whole Quran). So where is the Sharia? Are we really serious about it as a non-Muslim Leader challenged Muslims once saying it was a Political Sharia which would soon fizzle out. Alhamdu Lillahi it has not yet fizzled out as predicted yet it is sad to see that our Leaders are not so keen in the implementation of Sharia nor do our journalists so curious about the coverage of the real implementation of this natural way of life. What everyone is so interested is what a leader says not what he does weather it conforms to the Deen or not. It is not uncommon to find people not saying their five times Daily Prayers and yet no body bothers about it and the so called  Models  give the responsibility of implementing the Sharia to such unfortunate misguided miscreants who daily transgress the limits set by Allah.
   This reminds me of one of the saying's of Rasulullah in which He was quoted to have said a time will come when people would aspire for leadership. Well as we can see everybody in our Country wants be something great weather he is trustworthy or not. He does not care about the ordinary people. All he cares is to rule them despite the fact that he is not trustworthy and is such a compulsive liar at the same time he does not fulfil his promise and yet we regard him as a good Muslim. Well we know Rasulullah (S.A.W) said if anybody has got these three evil characteristics i.e. When he talks he tells lies, if you trust him you find he is not trustworthy and when he promises abjures then and then even if he prays, fasts and calls himself a true Muslim do not believe him as he is not, he is rather dubious Munafik or hypocrite. May Allah save us from such evil habits.
    What brings about all these in our Society? It is lack of Imaan or faith as our brothers in Tabligh have daily been reminding us but we are not curious about the activities of these people as politics is not involved so we have no time to sit with them in the Mosques and listen to their lectures .We rather abhor them as they have big beards that are synonymous with the current Political Islamic Activists who are being pursued all over the world for apparent political activities. So therefore you find The Amanah or trust will be taken away from the hearts of people to such an extent that you will find not a single person who is trustworthy in the whole of a village or a community except so and so as predicted by Rasulullah (S.A.W). Another factor which leads to this degeneration is due to lack of Daawah or invitation toward Allah. It is not uncommon today to find those who are involved in the activities of propagating the Deen are not being patronised simply because they either shun worldly pursuits or not toying the lines of the Duniya people.
      Due to this lack of Daawah activities you see people who do not care about Deen and not even the main basic Principles pillars of Deen such as Salah and yet they are Regarded as the Champions of the Sharia and extended their influence in our Society although Allah said Inna Akaramakum Indal Laahi Ataqakum. We only respect people according to their Duniya influence and not according to how much Deen they have in their lives. If you even try to remind such people about the consequence of their sinister activities you will be told to mind your own business or you will be dubbed ignorant fanatic who should be shunned by all. So what do we expect to get from Allah If we sincerely want His Rahmah and Pleasure we have to turn to Him in repentance and act according to the Sunnah Way of His beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.). Why are we instructed to avoid evil by all means such as the use of force if we cannot by our tongues otherwise we should all feel it evil in our hearts which is the weakest degree of Imaan.
How many of us avoid such evil? We have to take stock of ourselves in this matter. Sharia cannot progress if we are not willing to follow Shari?a sincerely from the core of our hearts thus making sacrifice as demanded by the Deen... So therefore if we do not follow the tenets of the Deen we will not be deceiving anybody but ourselves.
     If I may ask how many of us sincerely care to learn about the Deen since the introduction of Sharia in our Country? How many of us have put into practice  what we have learnt and how many of us are willing to propagate this Deen which unfortunately is regarded as burden by the vast majority of our so called intellectuals who do not know anything about Sharia except stoning an adulterer and adulteress and the chopping of hands of a thief that are being given prominence  in the front pages of our Dailies.
Muslims have now been safely sub-divided into three  political sectors i.e., the so called sincere practicing Muslims who are regarded with suspicion as the potential danger and enemies that should be shun by one and all, the moderate Muslims who do not practice the Deen on regular basis as the Models of the Society and then the non-practicing Muslims who are  in between these two samples above.
        Unfortunately it has become part of our habits to pick and choose about Deen. We normally take the easiest form that brings benefit to our material gains such as aspiring for political leadership that included becoming a Governor, a Minister or an MP, Senator or even a Councillor in our Local Government. But if we really know the implication of aspiring for such a position on the Day of judgement we would never have dreamt of having such a aspiration. So this is why as Rasulullah has rightly predicted a time will come when people will aspire for Leadership. Abu Zar (Radiyallahu Anhu) or another Sahabah once asked Rasulullah to appoint him as Governor, but Rasulullah patted his chest and told him not ask people to appoint him as Leader because he could not carry it or discharge the responsibility successfully. So what is our situation now? Alas we reach a stage where by it was predicted that people will regard so and so as intelligent and yet he has no grain of Imaan in his heart. Allahu Akbar May Allah guide us show us the truth as truth and give us the ability to follow it and show us falsehood as false and give us the ability to shun it, amin. Deen is Naseeha or advice, and the Companions asked Rasulullah to whom and He said to Allah His Book, His Prophet the Muslim Leaders and the Muslim Community as a whole.
       The Naseeha to our Leaders is for them to be just and the Ulamah to guide the misguided and preach the truth irrespective of adverse criticism. It is the duty of the followers to act according to the Commands of Allah and the Sunnah of Rasulullah if we really want Sharia to succeed otherwise it will only be in name and not in practice.
Allah help us, amin.

Babandi Abubakar Gumel.

« on: February 07, 2004, 04:43:36 PM »
When Rasulullah (S.A.W) appointed Mua?az Bin Jabal Allah be pleased with him as the Governor of Yemen he gave him the following advice.
?O Mua?az I advise you to be pious with Allah and fear wrongdoing. Be truthful In speech, fulfil your promise and deliver what you are entrusted and avoid treachery. I advise you to be compassionate with the orphans and you should guard and protect your neighbour, swallow your anger be humble and lower your wing to the believers and maintain constancy with your faith learn and understand the Quran .You should love the Hereafter and prepare for your reckoning ( Day of Judgement) and curtail your hopes and you should do your best no matter whatever you do. I forbid you to insult any Muslim do not belie a truthful person or believe a liar no disobey a just Imam (Ruler). ?Rasulullah continued to advise Mua?az to always remember Allah (S.W.T).Remember him with each breath and keep His remembrance as you cross every rock and tree. Repent immediately whenever you commit a sin. If it is committed in secret you should repent privately if it is committed openly you should repent publicly.
 Allahu Akbar such was the advice of our Prophet to Mua?az Bin Jabal who was regarded as the most knowledgeable person regarding Halal (Lawful) and Haram (unlawful) among the Ummah which was comprehensive and concise. In one of his discourses Mua?az himself (R.A) warned of awful trials that were coming in which he said Quran would be opened only for reference by believers, hypocrites and the disbelievers men and women young and old. Therefore in the end a preacher would ponder, saying to himself ?How is it that I happen to be reading the divine Book and people seem not be interested nor follow its admonitions.
 This reminds me of the story of Salman Farsi another devoted Companion of the Prophet when he came to a Mosque in one of the Cities in Iraq it was said nearly
One thousand people came to greet him. He was so overwhelmed by the honour given to him and therefore asked them to sit down while he stood up and opened the Quran in which He began reading from Suratul Yusuf. In the end the crowd which thronged the gathering in the beginning started to diminish and ended up with about only one hundred people. Therefore Salman questioned the rest of the crowd as to whether they came to listen only to flowery ornate personal opinions or what? Stressing that when he read for them the Glorious Book of Allah they left which saddened him.
 This is the unfortunate situation we find ourselves in today. People are more curious and interested in personal and useless harmful opinions that would bring no benefit rather than listening to a quotation from the Book of Allah or the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). They are more interested in the Science of polemics disputations and other unnecessary debates and useless talks which would be a source of regret for them on the Day of Judgement for not remembering Allah during such talks. This is why at the end of Tafsir or Hadith Session we read the Kaffara Dua that would atone the sin committed during the Session. Everyone knows this kind of gathering which are devoid of Allah?s blessing bring nothing but Woe and misery. It would in no way help uplift the Society instead it would bring about enmity, envy, hatred pride arrogance and rancour among the people cherishing friendship outwardly ?but inwardly cherish hatred against one another for turning away from the truth. It is said in Hadith the most sinful people among the Muslims are those who cater to confabulations (i.e. talking together) sinful casual conversions In the World. So therefore we have to be very careful as the Kiraman Katibin (the two Scribes Angels) are busy writing all the good and the evil we do and we say.
So therefore it is up to continue to do and say good or entertain our friends only for the sake of entertainment but remember Allah will call us to account. Abu Darda (R.A) another distinguished Companion said I laugh at someone who stretches his hopes in this World being unmindful of death which is steadily seeking to end his life. He also said I laugh at someone who is heedless and unaware that Allah is not unmindful of him and finally I laugh at someone who grins from ear to ear unaware whether his loud laughter is pleasing to his Lord or perhaps incurring His wrath. So therefore if someone is doing it out of ignorance is unfortunate had it been the will of Allah He would have taught him but however awful doom awaits such person even seven times more who is learned but does not act upon his knowledge according Abu Darda (R.A). That is why one of the four questions that everyone would be asked on the Day of Resurrection is whether he puts his knowledge into practice. This Deen is not Deen of following desires or fancies and talking rubbish but Deen of Action and Practice. If Allah gives somebody the ability to put into practice what he/She knows well and good because it is from Allah otherwise do not blame anybody but you. May Allah give us Taufiq. Amen.

Babandi Abubakar Gumel

Islam / 200 Years of Shari'a in Nigeria
« on: February 16, 2004, 10:49:19 PM »
It is interesting to note that Muslims are unfortunately joining their non-Muslims counterparts ?in going against the commandments of Allah and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (S.A.W).They have been doing it for years without even caring once to sit and reflect, why I do this or that. Is it a matter of lack of knowledge or only mere heedlessness or is it because Shari?a has not been imposed properly or sincerely? Many questions would be asked regarding these matters why this and that. Now the Shari'a Is in operation in our Country not withstanding these daily sins and transgression go on unabated without check and hindrance. The question is who could check these evils with a view to stopping them?
Our Leaders, policemen or other men in the Uniform and those who have authority or other politicians that have influence in the Society. Of course yes if they are determined and sincere. The only problem is some of the so called exemplary Leaders are not sincere in their actions instead of becoming Muttaqina Imama Shining examples of Righteousness they prefer to be leaders of Fusuq thus spreading fasiqanci and other evils secretly and openly and nobody would mince a word. Please remember the Day when you will be brought back to Allah, So therefore guard yourself against following desires and Society or majority which unfortunately people found themselves drowning in such evil habits of  without Ilm.
 A sincere Muslims follows no one but Allah and His Prophet. Take out the thermometer and measure your Imaan see how much fear of Allah have you in your heart, if your deeds lead you to doing righteous action then thank Him and know that you are Sincere and is a sign of acceptance otherwise
If you are doing all sorts of Fasiqanci without care to make taubah or return to path of righteousness Pray that Allah has not sealed your heart and so you must immediately return to Him. If one has got the fear of Allah in his heart He would never dream to engage any of his limbs against  any of the Commandments of Allah or the Sunnah of Prophet (S.A.W).
As we know Allah has given us Amanah our bodies and wealth which one day we have to give Him back this trust. So therefore we are seriously warned against the consequence of our activities. Every one has to make effort to strengthen his/her Imaan as we are going to Qabar alone without bodyguard or friends that would help us at the time of our needs which we would all face the time when we see the Angel of death. So my dear friends prepare before the Day when we would be called to give account of what we have done in this very short life which is full of pomp and pageantry. Imagine your first night in Qabar (grave) how would you fare are you ready to meet Munkar and Nakir the two Questioning Angels in the Grave. The Sahabahs Imaan was so strong, it was like Mountain unlike ours like pebbles.
Another analogy one can give between our Imaan and that of Sahabah is like the amount of water each one has. Some of our brothers and sisters Imaan is like water in a spoon that cannot quench thirst and some in a cup while others Imaan is like water in a jug slightly bigger than a cup while the others Imaan is like water in a bucket and others like bigger containers. However Sahabahs Imaan is like brook some like Rivers while others like Seas and Oceans which not only give them benefit themselves but also others were deriving such benefits from them.
Typical example of the greatness of Imaan of Sahabah could be deduced from the incident of one of the Companions of Rasulullah (S.A.W) called Abdullah Bin Umar (Radhiyallahu Anhuma) who was the Son of Umar Bin Khattab (R.A) the Second Caliph for us to reflect. In addition it would help us to reflect and gauge the temperature of our Imaan. He said ?I swear by Allah even if I unintentionally place my finger in a glass of wine I would not wish for that finger to follow me" Allahu Akbar this is one of the highest degrees of Imaan a person can ever dream of having. What made This Sahabah to abhor his finger which unintentionally touched Wine not to accompany him (to Akhirah), was of course their firm conviction On what Allah and His Prophet have warned about the evil consequence of Haram. Subhanallah for some people of course Muslims I?m talking about drinking alcohol dining and dancing and other Un-Islamic Haram activities Have become part of their daily habit competing with non-Muslims in spreading such evils in the name of progress and advancement which have become the norm in our Society. You would be dubbed as uncivilised for not socialising with them. With the introduction of Shari?a In our Society we hope our Leaders would set good example By embarking on a sincere campaign to curve these menace that are on the Increase with a view to stamping them out once and for all  so that the Shari?a States in the North could become crime-free zone  thus becoming shining example compared with the rest of the States that are not practicing Shari?a in the Country. There are basically three reasons why people don?t want follow Shari?a either they are Kafirun, Zalimun or Fasiqun. So therefore a Muslim who does not follow Shari?a he automatically falls in one of the categories of Zalim of Fasiq. Allah has reminded us in His Holy Book ?Oh You who believe why do you say thing which you don't practice". So therefore it is the responsibility of individuals and collective and all concerned males and females young and old each and every Muslim to make Fikr (worry) to help the Hukumah enforce the Shari?a Laws strictly without fear of favour. Whoever violates them how highly placed he/she may be must be made to taste the consequence of his evil deeds. If strict discipline is imposed no body would dare go against the Law. Discipline is synonymous with Sharia. Remember the time Of Buhari and Idiagbon 20 years ago although it was not Shari'a but because strict discipline was introduced people were alert to their responsibility. That was mulkin Soja and not of Shari?a.It was only War against indiscipline that helped yielded good result think about it, it was not divine law is only now we will be following the Devine Law if weare sincere. Now this is Mulkin Shari?a so it is the responsibility of every Muslim to help move forward this Devine Law which was given to us as a gift by the Creator for the benefit of Mankind as a whole so therefore we must set good example for others to follow by imposing the Shari?a first on our Nafs if we sincerely believe in what we say not qaulin bi ma amaalin i.e. Talk without practice. We should take advantage of democracy to revive our lost glory which Mujaddadi Shehu Usman Dan Fodio Rahimallahu Alaihi brought to this part of the Country exactly two hundred years ago in 1804.It was only abolished by the Colonialists when they conquered the whole Country about 100 years ago. A person who does good will never be forgotten like Mujaddadi May Allah enlighten His Grave for the good He brought to our people which we are still benefiting. Last time one of our brothers wrote an article about adultery which I?m sure would benefit all sincere Muslims who want make Hijira from Fusuq?to Taqwa even though many people are not so keen about reading such articles We pray Allah to reward Him and all those brothers and sisters who are making sincere effort to remind all the Mumineen to come back to the right path of Shari?a and avoid following Nafs and fancies that we desire which have unfortunately become a fashion and order of the Day in this Age and Era of the 21st Century which is 1400 away from the time of the Prophet and His Companions. Wata'awanu Alal Birri Wattaqawa Wala taawanu Alal Ithmi Wal udwan. So therefore it is all our responsibility and what do you think?
Allah Ya Taimakemu Yayi Mana Jagoranci Amen.

Babandi Abubakar Gumel.

« on: February 23, 2004, 01:11:04 AM »
It is now 1425 years since Rasulullah (S.A.W) left Mecca for Medina on Migration popularly known as Hijira. It marked the beginning of Islamic Calendar in the Month of Muharram. Like the other 3 Months Dhul Qidah, Dhul Hajj, and Rajab Muharram is among the four Sacred Months out of the twelve Months in Muslim Calendar.
It is stated in a Hadith when the Prophet migrated to Medina he saw the Jews fasting on the 10th Day of Muharram. He inquired the reason as to why they were keeping fast on this Day to which they replied in commemoration to the victory granted to Musa and Bani Israel against Fir?aun on this Day.
Rasulullah said He was closer to Musa or have more right over Musa than them consequently he fasted on the 1oth of Muharram. Then He said if he lived the following year he would fast on the 9th of Muharram in addition to the tenth so as to be different from the Jews. Therefore the Muslims are required to fast on the 9th and 10th of Muharram if possible and if it is not a person can fast the 10th and the 11th. I will quote few Ahadith about the importance of this Month for benediction. We start with a general Hadith on the importance of the Month itself narrated by Abu Huraira and quoted by Muslim which says" The best Month for observing Saum next after Ramadan is the Month of Allah the Muharram. Muharram is given the title Shaharullah or Month of Allah because it is the beginning of the Islamic Year like January of the Gregorian Calendar. So therefore according to this Hadith fasting in this Month is better than any other Month of the year after the Ramadan. Narrated Ibn Abbas (Radhiyallu Anhuma) Allah's Messenger (S.A.W) observed Saum (fasting) on the Day of Ashura i.e. tenth of Muharram and commanded us to fast on this Day.
(Al Bukhari and Muslim) Another Hadith narrated by Abu Qatadah (Radhiyallu Anjou) Allah's Messenger (S.A.W.) was asked about observing Saum on the 10th Day of Muharram to which he replied it atones for the sins of the preceding year. Subhanallah that one day's fasting i.e. 10th of Muharram expiates one year?s sins. Imagine if you fast the whole of Ramadan and fast six days of Shawwal is equal to one year fast. So we pray to Allah to give us the Tawfiq to act upon These Ahadith quoted above and are a way of expressing our Shukr to our Creator Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala. So lale Marhabin da Shiga Sabuwar Shekara Allah shi Maimaita mana ya sa mu wanye lafiya Amin thumma Amin. Wa Akhiri Da'awana Anil Hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alamin.
Babandi Abubakar Gumel

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Tongue ?is a great gift which Allah has given to Insan. lThough ?animals have tongues like us but Allah has not given them the ability to express their feelings as we human beings could as He made us the best and chosen among all His creations. So therefore  this unique position of ours as the best  requires us to  learn the method of how best to utilise our tongues especially We the Muslims so as to bring us benefit both  spiritually and materially in this World and our final abode the Akhirah. It is ?very essential   for every matured sane Muslim  who is concious of the ?the life hereafter and worried of his or her reckoning to reflect on the ways and manners one should use his or her tongue so as to bring  benefit  to himself and the Society in general.Using the tongue  in the best posssible  manner brings about goodness leading  to the attainment of the  pleasure of Allah in Duniya and Akhirah. However unfortunately doing the opposite would bring the  same  rather  opposite results thereby bringing Allah's   Wrath and Anger thus depriving one of His Mercy simply for misusing  this very natural gift i.e the ?tongue.So because of this we are advised in so many  Ahadith of the Prophet to utilise our tongues in the best possible manner so as to bring   benefit to Muslims in particular and the whole humanity in general as it said in Hadith Humanity is like Allah's Family so we should treat them well.Applying one's tongue in useful pursuits  leads one to  real Iman and and righteous deeds.A real Muslim is he who others are safe from the mischief of his hands and tongue.  As everyone is aware the tongue is a small flesh that brings about discord between two people such as husband and wife or even between Nation and another Nation. It is the same flesh that lands a person in real trouble leading to regret and sorrow that has no end and it is this flesh that would land  most people in Jahannam and deprive them of Jannah. Unfortunately it is the same tongue that creates discord among people which could lead to war for many years. Employing the same  flesh by uttering good  and nice beautiful word such as Kalimah Tayyiba Laila Ha illallah leads to the acceptance of  Iman which differentiates Haq and Baatil  Mumin and Kafir who tries to cover and find faults, all the blessings and bounties of Allah thus denying Him  instead of thanking  Him for all this he would rather find fault with the Creator through blaspheming and insinuating the Khaliq..The utterances of simple words by the tongue is in effect indirectly conveying  the message  which the heart wanted express but could not do it verbably so therefore it has to direct  the Messenger of the body i.e the tongue to convey this same message.Therefore the whole limbs of a human body defend on the tongues as their only spokesman.If any part of the body is sick it is only the tongue that can convey the message to others in the best possible manner.This is why It is said in a Hadith narrated by ?Abu sai'd Khudri (R.Anhu) reported Rasulullah (S.A.W) as saying
" When the son of Adam gets up in the morning,all the limbs humble themselves before the tongue saying: 'Fear Allah ?for our sake because we are with you,if you are ?straight (right)
we will also be straight( right) and if you are crooked,we will also become crooked ( or wrong).So therefore safeguarding the tongues against useless and unneccessary vain talks lead
to virtues deeds that bring good to Insan otherwise theyl bring nothing but misery?at the same time one is held responsible for his evil actions leading to regret in both Duniya and Akhirah.This is why ?the Prophet ?(S.A.W) advised thus: " Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day Must speak good or should keep quite. Well of course the condition is if one seriously believes in Allah and the Day of judgement as one who does not believe such as Atheists or free thinkers dont bother as they ?have no regards for the words of Allah and His Prophet. To them Allah's words are the same to others they have no weight whatsoever therefore is of no consequence or any ?importance that would make them pay heed. Imam Shafi'e ?Rahimallahu Alaihi said the meaning of the Hadith is whenever somebody wants speak should reflect before attempting to speak. Have we ever thought of this? How many of us have ever reflected before  speaking or taking our pens to write any unfortunate  trivial and unneccessery, satirical  gossips in a special column that ?bring no benefit to Muslims and the Society in general.We must not forget that one day we shall have to give  account of  whatever we have  said ?or written in our lives and we will be dumbfounded to  note that nothing is left in out in our reckord which would either be given on the right or the left hand. We all know the  the implication of receiving our reckords on the left or the Right. So therefore in our own interest we should avoid or even not try to write only for the mere sake of writing to please  others rather than our Creator.Doing so would not bring any good to us in both Duniya and Akhirah rather  untold hardship would be waiting in the Life hereafter both in Qabar,Hashar,Sirat and the rest of Akhirah in addition to bringing us face to face with the Creator  thus putting  us to shame before Allah in front of every one among His creations. May Allah save us Amen..Unfortunately a lot of us are so?carried away ?by the tirade wave of exhuberance of declamation vying  with ?one another demonstrating our elequence thus expressing  skills and ability to communicate in English and other Foreign Languages just for mere show only to please our fellow  colleuges  other intellectuals male and females rather than pleasing the Creator.However as Muslims ?I would like to remind my brothers and sisters ?to do things only for the sake of Allah rather than impresssing the Makhluq that would render our amaals null and void for our insincerity so we must purify our intention  so as to attract the pleaure Allah as all actions are only judged according to intentions. A Hadith says a man ?speaks nice and  good words ?without ?understanding ?it's importance ?and Allah records good pleasure ?for Him till he meets Him,similarly a person may speak evil without realising ?it's consequence and Allah becomes angry with Him and remains so till he meets him.So therefore our beloved Prophet (S.A.W) kindly requested us his followers not to indulge in excessive talking without remembering Allah as this hardens the hearts and those who would be farthest from Allah on the Day of Judgement would be those whose hearts are hard.In short it's the tongue that brings all this misfortune to a person so please My dear  keep it under control to enable you attain salvation in both the two Worlds. Another Hadith says " Whoever ?gives me guarantee to safe guard what is between his two jaws ( i.e tongue) and ?what is between his legs (private parts) I will give him guarantee of Paradise. Reflect on this simple and easy method of attaining a palace in Paradise.Although it looks easy but in reality it is difficult unless Allah makes it easy for a person. For  one cannot control his tongue as Rasulullah has clarified in another long and famous Hadith narrated by Muaz Bin jabl Radhiyallahu Anhu
in which the former asked Prophet to advise him on the action that may lead him to Paradise and take him away from Hell.Rasulullah replied it is difficult but easy only to whom Allah has made it easy .In the end of the Hadith Rasulullah advised Muaz to control his tongue to which he queried as to whether we would be called to account for what we say'? The Prophet retorted ' May your mother be berieved' Are people thrown on their faces in the fire ?for anything other than the produce of their tongues? So therefore my dear commorades, intellectuals, ?writers of good things please dont forget to speak good and write good things as we are Muslim first. Before taking pen to paper ?writing hurriedly with the intention  to impress the audience instead of seeking Allah's countenence  (S.W.T) ?We must always take care to ponder on what have been suggested above?to enable us make simple?analysis of what  we want  say or write in order to safeguard our Imaan and thus reaping the fruit and reward of obedience i.e that of the injuctions of Allah and following  the  Sunnah  way of our beloved Prophet  Muhammad (S.A.W)
all the times and treading on the right path.In addition is like killing two birds with one stone achieving Duniya and Akhirah. If we fail to comply we would surely lose the Akhirah and possibly  we might even lose the Duniya which is Batan Baka tantan. We should also not forget  the Honourable Kiraman Katibin are busy writing and taking notes of whatever we do say or write in words and deeds.So therefore please let us tread carefully and not get carried away by unnecceasry so-called writings of show which sometimes question the injunctions laid down by Allah thereby putting one in doubt  such as to whether we are allowed to come even near to Faasha not to talk of the indescency itself thus  supporting the views of Non-Muslims against the teachings of Rasulullah in the name of progress and intellectualism.I implore all my brothers and Sisters to please write something that would bring benefit to the Ummah and it may be the means of our  salvation in both this  life and the Life Hereafter.At the same time  we pray  due to His Mercy to shower HIs blessings on the Ummah so that  we may attain His  the pleasure in both Duniya and Akhirah.We should stop immitating others such  as  Ahlil Kitab whose lives were prolonged ?therefore so their hearts were hardened and most of them became rebellious ie were fasiqun.So we must avoid this danger of Fusuq. A person would be in the company of those whom he loves on the Day of Judgement.So if we sincerely  wanted to  be in the Company of Rasulullah ?and His Companions we must strictly follow their footsteps both in actions , words and deeds otherwise we would continue to be in the same heedleness ,contrivance bickering and fighting among ourselves  instead of making effort inviting people towards Haq we are being misguided ourselves and dont want take heed  or waver from our position. It is sad we are not wiiling to come out from this darkness and unfortunately and we will never come out of it may be until our respected Guest THE ANGEL OF DEATH comes to take us back to ALIMUL GHAIB WASSHAHADAT who would in turn tell us what we used to do.So please Remember the Hadith again If You believe in Allah and the Last Day  say good or you keep quite Allah has given us tongues to express Shukr and not Kufr .So Therefore it is your tongue that will guide you straight to Jannah for saying good  or Jahanam for saying Evil.Now the choice is yours.Wallahu Ala ma Nakulu Waakil.

Babandi Abubakar Gumel

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Malama Ummita  Allah ya saka miki da Alheri.Its really very encouraging to see our Sisters trying to
encourage  brothers and Sisters to follow the simple way of life of Rasulullah which brings  success  in both Duniya and Akhirah.May  Allah make all of us sincere to serve His cause and I pray to Him specially to  give you the ability to follow
and be like Aishah  Fatimah and Khadijah,and all our Muslim Sisters who have got concern for the Deen which has become
Yatim (Maraya Orphan) .Unfortunately now no body is willing to shoulder the responsibility of conveying the message,for the fear that we will be dubbed as fanatic or fundementalist we only leave it to the Ulama forgetting that it is all our collective responsibility whether we like it or not.Once more keep reminding us  about our Deen You and other Sisters dont
let  EMTL and few other dedicated brothers  be alone in the
struggle between Haq and Batil so as to champion the cause of our Deen. Wama taufiq illa  Billah Alaihi tawakaltu Wa ilaihi Unib.


Islam / Privilege of Choice People turning to Islam
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A Religious Education Teacher in the North Eastern England has predicted the number of British Muslim converts would equal or even overtake the present Immigrant Muslim community in the next ten years or so. Rose Kendrick a Teacher in Hull Comprehensive School who is also an author of a textbook guide to Quran  recently made the prediction in an interview with the Times Newspaper in which She inferred ? Islam is as much a World Faith as is Roman Catholicism. No one nationality claims it as its own? she noted...
 One interesting thing found in a survey carried out was that this wave surge of increase in the new converts continued unabated especially among women despite the negative publicity campaign carried in order to taint the image of the Muslims and Islam in the Media. According to Government and Academic sources the number of Muslims praying in the Mosques have already outstripped all the worshippers combined attending the Church of England in UK which is the Head of the Anglican Community throughout the World. This new trend of conversions is not peculiar to UK only but similar unprecedented surge in swing to the Deen is also noted in Europe and America despite the so called Islam phobia sway seen as deliberately being carried out by the Press in order to distort the image of Islam and the Muslims. An East London Convert Amina Ismail told the East London Local Muslim Newspaper ?When people immerse themselves in real Islamic literature they recognise the truth? She lamented. ?After preconceived prejudices are cleared people break down in tears, but they don?t bother to examine the faith until something happens which puts Islam on their laps? she confidently pointed out.
The Council of American Islamic Relations Chairman Nihad Awad according to the Paper is reported to have said as many as 34,000 Americans have converted to Islam in just two Months following the September 11 incident. He described the mass conversion as the highest rate ever recorded since the coming of Islam to the Country. A Dutch Islamic Centre has claimed a tenfold increase in conversion while a New Muslim project in Leicester Central England run by a former Irish Roman Catholic Batool Al-Toma reported a stream of new converts to the faith. According to the paper women converts to Islam in the US outnumber men by four to one and here in Britain many of the new converts are from the middle-class educated background who pray five times fast in Ramadan give Zakat and answer their mobiles with ?Assalamu Alaikum? at the same time highly articulate and tolerant like most Britons living in U.K. They made their choice of Islam over all other Religions due to privilege of choice.
Meanwhile three Muslim Schools out of the four only State Funded Schools throughout the UK have been celebrating their outstanding performance in the recent GCSE Secondary School Examination results here in London .Islamia Girls High School in Brent, West London the Madni Girls School in the Tower Hamlet and the Tayyibah Girls School in Hackney both in East London topped the tables in the Secondary School final results. The three Schools were said to have achieved 100% pass marks during the exams scoring between A-C grades in five subjects thus beating the National average of about 53%. Other Muslim Schools that have scored more than 90% included Jami?atul Ummah School in the Tower Hamlet also in East London and As Sadiq and Al-Zahra Schools both in Brent West London. So far  only four Muslim Schools are currently being funded by the Government out of nearly 100 of such schools throughout the UK as compared with about 30 Jewish Schools and nearly 7000 Christian Schools of different denominations The success of the Muslim Schools which are attributed to hard work and dedication of the pupils would help boost the morale of the Muslim community in UK and go along way to providing better prospect for new primary and Secondary Institutions  which have daily been springing almost every where throughout the Country. The Muslim girls are therefore keenly noted to be amongst the most intelligent in London according to real world trend for such performance thus completely destroying the spun myth of Islamic Women?s Education daily carried out in the Media.

Babandi Abubakar Gumel

Islam / Re: People intoxicated with Duniya
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I deliberately decided to give this title intoxicated with Duniya
as ?I see the manner and the way people are going about their businesses which make them busy totally unmindful and unconcerned about Deen.All the brothers and Sisters who are sincerely helping and ?contributing towards the developmental ?progress of our Deen are unfortunately not being patronised by the so called intellectuals who prefer to adopt a sort of laisser-faire attitude about Islam,unlike one Malam who is so courageous defending Baatil against Haq which no body bothers ?as to which one should triump.To the so called care-free Forumites Deen is problemtic and therefore  don't want be involved especially now they are scared of being branded "YanTa'adda. They want freedom not Deen therefore they would be happy not to talk about it they would rather enjoy eating the flesh of brothers and sisters backbiting and slandering them in secret and public as they too much  love Deen like Sayyidana Umar and therefore should  be shunned which  has become the norm.Alas Alas unfortunately if somebody brings ?Duniya topic forward people would quickly jump as secular defenders haters of Sharia in secret by giving their best contributions to such topics until all points were exhausted. As for Islam alas they make fun of it and even quote some Ayah of Quran only for jest to make people laugh and the initiator of the topic a laughing stock.All we could say to such people let them fear Allah in open and secret at the same time check their conscience ?and see whether it was meant to please Allah sincerely or  for mere show only as usual to entertain the audience.Lets reiterate and make it clear that anything done not for the pleasure of Allah however alluring it may seem is a waste of time instead of bringing ?His Rahmah it may bring the opposite ie. His wrath We seeke refuge in Allah against following ?the Nafs Although we say Iyyaka Na'budu Wa Iyyaka nastaeen.Thee alone We Worship and from Thee We ?seek help. Unfoirtunately we worship our Nafs and seek help from others who are also helpless like us. All this is due to Duniya and love of Duniya.Drinking
wine or alcohol as we know is Haram.A person is likely to make taubah and sincerely repent whe he becomes sober.But when a person is drunk with the wine of Duniya he feels so elated and becomes boastful which leads him to pride and ends up living in his own dream world.He is unlikely to become sober as he is surrounded by sycophants who are in the same boat with him. Therefore if anybody talks of the Hereafter like a drunkard he may not know what that person is talking about unless Allah gives him taufiq.So we pray Allah to save us from the intoxication of both the real wine and the wine of Duniya.
Duniya and Akhirat have got their children so it is better to be one of the children of Akhirat than to be that of Duniya.All the Prophets Sahabas ?Auliyas and other righteous God fearing persons were all sons and daughters of Akhirah.Fir'aun Karun,Abu Jahal and their likesl Lovers of Duniya are it's children May allah save us from the attraction of Duniya as they say all that glitters are not gold.As one Hadith has pointed out to the near meaning if you see somebody being praised in the public  you should put dust in the mouth of the praiser. Wa Akhiri Da'awana Anil Hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen.

Islam / People intoxicated with Duniya
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Ayahasabul Insana an yutruka suda.Thinketh ?man that he is to be left aimless. Well this is what people may be thinking
putting forward some philosophical arguments with the intention to dissuade others from the truth as they say it is bitter but we have to say it whether we like it or not.Remember ?we passed long period ?of time in which we were unremembered so tommorow ?if we are buried in the grave ?we would be forgotten.Rivalry in worldly increase distracteth you until you arrive in the grave.Without going into details I would like only to quote some qaseda regarding
death and the reality of Insan after his demise.It would only benefit those who want take benefit otherwise ?the unmindful Ghaafeel remains heedless in his usual negligence.The ?qaseda started describing ?who is a real traveller as not the one who is going from place to place such as from Kano to Zaria but the real traveller is the traveller going towards the grave with kafanto an unfamiliar strange place with insufficient provision to his or her destination i.e the ?Akhirah. The Poem continues thus:
 Alas! how many faults which were committted in negligence have been noted as story of the past and how many pains have remained in my heart as blazing flames to burn me. Leave me ?so that I May lament over myself and pass my life in worry and concern.Itseems as if the following scene is before my eye: I'm lying dead on my death bed surrounded by my family and their hands are turning my sides.Yes the following scene is also before me:people have gathered to lament and cry over me,the announcement of my death has been made and I'm being addressed as the deceased.A doctor
was brought for my treatment but today I do not see the doctor benefitting me.Shortly my soul will be removed in the agonies of death and my saliva will turn bitter during the final moments of my life.The agonies of death have intensified upon me and death without any gentleness or ease has extracted my soul from every vein.My soul was extracted and my body lay motionless amidst my family.Their hands were turning me from side to side.My familiy closed my eyes,tied a cloth around my jaw after disparity they immediately went to purchase my kafan. The person who loved me the most hastened towards the place of ghusl preparing to give me ghusl.Immediately placing me on the board reserved for the dead some people started giving me ghusl. water ?was thrown over me,I was ?washed thrice and people were told " bring the kafan".The Qaseda continued with description of this journey
Alas! Now they have taken me from the world on a journey without any provision which will convey me (to my destination)
Continuing in the same vain the Qaseda described how a person is carried towards his final destination after janaza prayer which was described in a beautiful manner thus:
A salah without ruku or sajdah was performed upon me so that
Allah Taala May shower His Mercy upon me.Slowly they lowered me into the grave and one person placed me into the Lahd (the hollow portion of Qabr).He uncovered my face to see me for the last time.He shed tears and kissed me.In the darkness of my grave none were present neither my mother nor my father no my brother to make feel at ease.This solitude this darkness,this horror was a small calamity when all of a sudden my eyes winessed a dreadful scene. Describing
the apearance of the two Angels Munkar and Nakir, " Their dreadfulness has rendered me senseless".They seated ?me strictly demanded me to answer their questions.Oh Allah besides You there is none to grant me salvation.Wallahi!
Subhanallah what a beautiful quotation of the reality of Akhirah.The qasedah continues to describe what happens after a person is buried and people are back home.They would be busy in rabon gado as it says. Back home my familiy divided my estate and the burden of my sins fell on my back.My wife took to another husband and made him the head of the house and goods.She made her son the servant and attendent of her new husband and my wealth became permissible for them gratis.Oh people of the world Don't be deceived by the beuty and glitter of the World.Carefully reflect what it has done to the wife children and home.Reflect on those who have hoarded the whole World! The poem concluded with a warning to the Nafs to abstain from disobedience so as to earn the beautiful pleasure of Allah and His Mercy.May Allah shower his Mercy and Blessings on the Ummah we turn to the right path and show us truth as truth and give us the ability to follow it and show us falsehood as false and give us the ability to shun it.Waakhiri Daawana Anil Hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alamin.
Mai kaunarku kuma Dan Uwanku Cikin Musulunci da ko yaushe ke begen yi muku Nasiha don tanadin Lahira.

Abubakar Babandi Gumel

Guestbook & Feedback / Re: On Behalf Of K-online Members to newcomers
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Salamu Alaikum.
    I joined my brother  Engineer  Tukur and all others in welcoming brothers and sisters to this Forum which  I regard it as Forum din  Musulunci  and Arewa. Wata'awanu alal birri wa taquwa Wala ta'awanu Alal ithmi wal Udwan.Don haka Allah
ya sakawa wadanda suka yi wanga iniative da alherinsa domin
jama'a na amfana da dama.Since we have entered new Islamic
Calender i.e 1425 Hijira let's resolve to continue to do more good  so as to bring benefit to the Deen,Muslims and mankind in general.Once more it's the responsibility of every one of us to remind brothers and Sisters on this Forum about our Deen
so as to enable become successful in Duniya and Akhirah.
Allah  Shi taimake mu amin.

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