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« on: July 09, 2007, 11:18:06 AM »
Iam very sorry for chosen this topic. The truth is that I wonder what is happening to our society of today. Actually I base in Abuja the FCT, but some times I feel like going out in the night to see what is happening in the town. I can still recall about a month a go I went some where arount Garki Village in Abuja at about 12:15am when some police men where about to arrest some Girls who are hanging around one of the Hotel, wating for a costomer. I saw some poilcemen arrested a lady who dress in complete nothern dress. Before you know it they have already push her inside their Patrol vehicle.She was shouting  I Qoute "Wayyo Allah na na Shiga Uku na Lalace" As I had that I decided to help her. I went the Policeman and talk to him that the Lady is with me. He answered me what is his business. I told him that Iam a secutiry personel, then he ask me to see there Boss. I went ahed and identified my self to the Police office with my ID Card as a security personel. The officer handed over the girl to me, which later I ask her what is she doing here? she come out boldly and told me that she is a prostitute.She came from Kaduna about 3 weeks a go and she has no where to go. She is staying with a friend who invited her to Abuja for the same issue. I advised her to look for another work to do but not this one, she say no this is the only way for her to survived in Abuja because she dont know anybody. I tried to convince her to try to go back to Kaduna where she come from, she say know she cannot go back and continue suffering. I say okey if to say this Police take you to the Police station what is going to happen? she say she dont know, because they have never arrested her before. I told her okey let me handed over you to the Police. she start crying and begging me, I said no problem you can go. Good night. I cross road with my friend to take a drop to our station, the next think I heard was another shouting, police have arrived again.Before I know this girl cross to our side and start begging me that she want follow me to my house. I told her no. My friend talk to me then later I agreed, we take drop to my house. As we reach house we tried to make that girl understand what she is doing is wrong. She agreed to go back to kaduna to join her parent. We gave her N3000 for transport, she tank us and left the following morning.  Suprise!            Suprise!!          Suprise!!!. Yestarday night I went inside town with my Motorcycle. I reach Garki Village I parked my Motorcycle to buy (Balangu) as I was there I saw to girls approaching the place, as a man I look up, the next thing I saw it was the same girl who gave me her name as Zainab but today she is Amina not Zainab I look her very well she was the same girl. I say no problem. What ever goes up must come down one day................................

I just want have your view on the new development of ANPP and AC joining Yar'adua Government. Atiku accept While General Buhari still reject.

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