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In just a wake, Nigerians most especially civil servants were asked to buy their houses at an outrageous prices and at a definative time period. Any body who could not be able to buy can bow to the general public (the rich) to buy on highest bidder basis. Ofcourse if not the rich who can bid on highest bidder basis. Do you know what? All the rich people both goverrnment officials and business men (most of whom derived their wealth from public funds) have bought all the goverrnment houses. It is alarming that Nigeria is fast becoming a capitalist country. To add salt to injury, all houses belonging to political office holders like IG, Ministers, Senators, Special Assistants and Advisers etc were sold to them. With the new political office holders in place now, the government is indirectly telling them to go outside main Abuja town and rent a house. Can you imagine for a Minister to rent a house at Kuba and join the long hold-up before coming to attend Federal Executive Council Meetings, this is rediculous. Abuja was designed in such a way that you come, work and leave after retirement for those coming. Yar Adua must revert back the sells of all important National Assets please and Ubanshegu and Shege should be tried for selling Nigerians  . What do you think my dear brothers and sisters. 

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