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Since GEJ became Nigeria's president, what improvements have you seen. Kindly list and maybe we can correspond to his campaign promises and see if he is fulfilling them or not.

My own list:
Power has improved between July and October
The nation's Airports are being renovated
Foreign reserve is increasing
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From News Sources / DANA air crash report
« on: July 13, 2012, 03:12:12 PM »
Federal Government Thursday released the preliminary report of the Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) into the possible cause of the Dana airline which crashed last month in the Iju Shaga area of Lagos State, killing all 153 passengers and six crew members on board.

The Chief Executive Officer and Commissioner of AIB, Capt. Muhtar Usman, under whose auspices the investigation was conducted, said the plane crashed because of complete loss of power from its two engine, while approaching the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

In a preliminary report signed by Usman and made available by Mr. Joe Obi, Personal Assistant to the Minister of Aviation, Ms. Stella Oduah, the CEO stated that the plane that crashed was on the fourth flight segment of the day, adding that it made consistent two round-trips between Lagos and Abuja.

The statement said: “The accident occurred during the return leg of the second trip. DANA 992 was on final approach for runway 18R at Lagos when the crew reported the total loss of power.”

According to the report, the plane after taxing in Abuja was airborne at 14:58 after initial confirmation by the ground engineers that it had a fuel endurance of 3.5 hours.

The report added: “The cockpit voice recorder (CVR), retained about 31 minutes of the flight and starts about 15:15, at which time the captain and first officer were in a discussion of a non-normal condition regarding the correlation between the engine throttle setting and an engine power indication.”

The flight crew, the report added, did not voice concerns then that the condition would affect the continuation of the flight as they continued to monitor the situation “but they became increasingly concerned with the flight’s transition through the initial descent from a cruise altitude at 15:22 and the subsequent approach phase.”

It was at the crucial decision moment, during the period of 15:37 and 15:41, that the flight crew engaged in pre-landing tasks including deployment of the slats, and extension of the flaps and landing gear, indicated the AIB report.

“At 15:41:16 the first officer (FO) inquired, ‘Both engines coming up?’ and the captain replied ‘negative.’ The flight crew subsequently discussed and agreed to declare an emergency.

“At 15:42:10, DANA 992 radioed an emergency distress call indicating ‘dual engine failure . . . negative response from throttle.’”

At 15:42:35, the flight crew lowered the flaps further and continued with the approach and discussed landing alternatively on runway 18L. At 15:42:45, the captain reported the runway in sight and instructed the FO to raise the flaps up and 4 seconds later to raise the landing gear.

“At 15:43:27, the captain informed the FO ‘we just lost everything, we lost an engine. I lost both engines.’  During the next 25 seconds until the end of the CVR recording, the flight crew was attempting to restart the engines.

“Subsequently, airplane crashed in a residential area about 5.8 miles north of Lagos.”

Usman said the airplane struck an uncompleted building, two trees and three complete buildings. The wreckage was confined with the separated tail section and engines located at the beginning of the debris field as AIB concluded their investigation.

The commissioner stressed that the sole objective of any investigation of an accident or incident is for the prevention of accidents and incidents, stressing that it is not for the purpose of apportioning blame or liability.

He said: “AIB with the participation of the parties, including the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), will seek to identify any area of safety concerns during the investigation and implement the appropriate actions for correction or improvement.”

General Board / Kano News
« on: June 26, 2012, 11:46:07 AM »
Here, we can post news that concerns Kano State and if we want, discuss the news.

General Board / Alams wants FG to Legalize Bunkering
« on: May 22, 2012, 02:56:29 PM »
Interesting development from Chief Alams:

Former Bayelsa State Governor Diepreye Alamieyesigha has advocated for the legalisation of bunkering in the Niger Delta.
Alamieyeseigha said foreigners are the masterminds of bunkering in the region.
He urged stakeholders to prevail on President Goodluck Jonathan to issue licences for the legalisation of bunkering.
The former governor spoke at a ceremony in honour of the late Ijaw hero, Isaac Boro, in Yenagoa.
He said: “There is one thing happening in our area now. I read in the papers about oil theft. About 17 per cent of our production is taken away.
“Our people are not sophisticated enough to go into high-level bunkering. The bunkerers are not here. In the whole oil industry, how many Ijaw people are lifting oil?
“To address the poverty that is so endemic among our people, there should be licences for bunkering.
“The Ijaw man is not yet emancipated economically. The fight is not over, we must be economically liberated.
“There is a thin line between economy and power. They complement each other. My brothers and sisters, let us unite. We should obtain licences for bunkering.
“We have a president of our own, we have a minister of petroleum, who will stop us from obtaining bunkering licences?
“Ask, it shall be given, knock it shall be open. No need to go behind the door. Let us confront our brother and get what we want for our people.”
Alamieyeseigha extolled the legacies of the late Boro, whom he described as the architect of the survival of the Ijaw nation.
“People must look at those areas that we have been impoverished and fight for it. We know that nobody will give you power on a platter of gold; you demand for it, you fight for it. It is our own,” he noted.


General Board / Fashola Sacks 700 doctors
« on: May 21, 2012, 01:03:56 PM »
Recently, Gov. Raji Fashola sacked some 700 + doctors working for the state government. The doctors have been paralyzing the health sector by their regular strikes.
Do you support the action of the Lagos state Government?

Kano Forum / Kano executive council meetings from 25th April 2012
« on: May 07, 2012, 04:30:36 PM »
45th Kano State Executive Council Meeting
Today Wednesday 25th April, 2012 (4th Jumada Thani, 1433 AH) is the Fourty fifth (45th) sitting of the Kano State Executive Council and falls within the normal sequence of meetings during which important policy issues and programmes are deliberated upon.
Comprehensive and easily retrievable records show that the present administration upholds a steady tempo in pursuing projects that touch on everyday life of our people whereby the apparent general thrust aims at improving the quality of services rendered by the Government on Healthcare delivery, Education, Water supply, Agriculture, provision of employment and skill acquisition opportunities, beautification and aesthetic improvement of urban Kano among other things.
Prudence and transparency as guiding principles dictate the phase at which this administration delivers its services from inception to date. As such, only a modest number of nineteen (19) memoranda from eight (8) MDAS were deliberated upon by the Council today.  Importantly, twelve (12) projects with monetary cost of N836,381,231.27 were approved for executions while the remaining four (4) without monetary value received acceptance of the Council. They include;

1.    Office of the Head of Civil Service
Request for fund to settle backlog of money owed to Civil Servants studying overseas:-
Council graciously noted the request for the release of the sum of N78,723,089.00 to the Office of the Head of Civil Service to enable the facilitation of payment of money owed to eighteen (18) Civil Servants studying in various courses at different institutions overseas. The money covers the backlog owed by the previous administration and Council responded by appointing the Honorable Commissioner for Higher Education to study the submission and report his findings to the Council for its deliberation next week. In fact, this administration inherited a crisis ridden education sector that was fast approaching the stage of complete breakdown, with most of the institutions either on strike or facing shortage of critical manpower. The tertiary institutions were facing overcrowding in classrooms and lack of instructional materials. Thus, since the inception of this administration efforts are being made to resuscitate the State education system as more classes and new schools are being constructed. Already, the Administration has approved the sponsorship of 500 State natives to study higher degrees overseas to provide manpower to newly established higher institutions in the state.

Ministry of Works, Housing and Transport
Three (3) issues (projects) were submitted by this Ministry but only one project was considered and approved by Council – as follows:-
a.    Reconstruction of Challawa Bridge:-
Council notes the failure of the Challawa bridge since August, 2009 and is aware of the inconveniences caused to the people of the area especially during the rainy seasons when movement comes to a stand still.  As such, the people spirited Council approved release of the sum of N581,294,889.00 to the Ministry of Works to enable it pay Messrs. Triacta Nigeria Limited for the execution of the reconstruction of challawa bridge project.

2.    Office of the Secretary to the State Government
Four (4) issues (projects) under the auspices of the Office of the Secretary to the State Government were presented and received the blessing of the Council as follows:
a.    Request of funds from Kano State Library Board in respect of execution of some vital programmes/projects:-
Council considered the request and graciously approved the release of the sum of N12,730,388.40 to the Office of the Secretary to the State Government for payment to the Ministry of Education in order to enable the Kano State Library Board carry out the under listed projects.
1.    Renovation of 8 Divisional Libraries                N4,795,988.40
2.    Supply of computers and accessories to 20 locations    N1,901,900.00
3.    Acquisition of books for 18 Divisional Libraries.        N3,932,500.00
4.    Supply of Generators for 18 Divisional Libraries.        N1,800,000.00
5.    Repairs of grounded mobile Library vehicles        N300,000.00
Total                                    N12,730,388.40
Approval was given in consideration of the fact that Library services are very important for educating any community.

b.    Request for funds for fencing of Land proposed for Women Centre at Unguwa Uku, Tarauni Local Government Area by Kano State Agency for Mass Education:-

Council considered and approved release of the requested sum of N5,135,941.30 to the Office of the Secretary to the State Government for payment to the Ministry of Education so as to enable the Kano State Agency for Mass Education execute the project of fencing the proposed Land for Women Centre at Unguwa Uku. This will deter encroachment by unauthorized persons into the area and safeguard it pending complete establishment.

c.    Request from Ministry of Health for funds for the payment of accreditation fees and purchase of recommended text books and equipment for the Schools of Midwifery Kano and Danbatta respectively.
Council considered the significance of the two schools as sources for the vitally required professional midwives that practice in our hospitals and approved release of the requested aggregate sum of N7,264,230.00 to the Office of the Secretary to the State Government for onward payment to the Ministry of Health so as to enable it carry out the tabulated projects below:
1.    School of Midwifery Kano
i.    Accreditation fees                        -N500,000.00
ii.    Accommodation/feeding of accreditation team    N240,000.00
iii.    Purchase of books/equipment                 N3,284,230.00
Total                                     N4,024,230.00

2.    School of Midwifery Danbatta
i.    Accreditation fees                        N500,000.00
ii.    Accommodation/feeding of accreditation team    N240,000.00
iii.    Purchase of books/equipment                N2,500,000.00
Total                                    N3,240,000.00
Grand Total                            N7,264,230.00

d.    Information memorandum submitted by the Honourable Commissioner Ministry of Science and Technology on findings from his mandated visit to the Lagos State Ministry of Science and Technology (3rd – 5th March, 2012):-
Council acknowledges receipt of the information memorandum referred to above and appreciates the contents thereof.  Considering this, Council approves the recommendations forwarded by the Kano State Ministry of Science and Technology viz:
i.    Provision of ICT infrastructure in both Primary and Secondary Schools to enhance Global knowledge acquisition.   
ii.    Establishment of a digital village to provide IT Training for youth and members of the public.
iii.    Establishment of Kano State E-Learning Centre to facilitate the process of Governance.   
iv.    Establishment of Digital Library which is the trend all over the World.
v.    Establishment of command control centre for security and emergency response.
vi.    Establishment of Biometric Data Base of all resident and citizens of Kano State.
Implementation is recommended to be done in phases while the SSG was directed to study and advise the Council.

3.    Ministry for Higher Education
Two (2) issues were submitted by this Ministry for consideration and deliberation by the Council as follows:-

a.    Submission on Late Admitted students into Nigerian Law School 2011/2012 session and request for funds to settle their bursary allowances:-
The concerned Council notes that eight (8) Law graduates from various institutions were able to secure late admission into the Nigeria Law School and to settle their bursary allowances is necessary. As such, the sum of N2,560,000.00 was approved for release by the Council to the Ministry to enable it meet the purpose.

b.    Submission of information memorandum on the notification of provisional approval to run NCE program at Aminu

Kano College of Islamic and Legal Studies:-
The Council acknowledges receipt of the information memorandum referred and appreciates the provisional approval t run NCE programs at Aminu Kano College of Islamic and Legal Studies granted by the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE). Efforts of both the Ministry for Higher Education and the College on the issue are noted by the Council.

Ministry of Environment
Three (3) issues (projects) were submitted by the Ministry of Environment for consideration and deliberation by the Executive Council as follows:-

a.    Procurement of three (3) units of 12m3  Garbage Collection Compactor vehicles for the Refuse Management and Sanitation Board (REMASAB):-
The Council is informed of the challenge faced by the operational capacity of REMASAB due to the inadequacy of the number of serviceable heavy machines and plants of which the Board has only two (2) that operate alternately. Need to improve the operational capacity of the Board prompted the Council to approve release of N69,595,312.50 to the Ministry of Environment so as to enable REMASAB procure the requested three (3) additional units of 12 m3 garbage collection compactor vehicles.

b.    Request for funds to purchase chemicals and equipment for the continuation of the vector and mosquito control program for the period of April to December, 2012:-
The Council recalls the standing funding arrangement between the State Government and the eight (8) metropolitan Local Government Council on the control of mosquito and is fully aware of having released the sum of N90,000,000.00 to cover the past nine (9) months (July 2011 to March 2012). The request is favourably considered by the Council due to the impending rainy season.  Therefore, the sum of N90,000,000.00 was approved for release by the Council to the Ministry of Environment to enable REMASAB purchase chemicals and equipment for the continuation of the vector and mosquito control programme for the period of April to December, 2012.

c.    Request for funds for the procurement of working materials for 1155 street sweepers/sanitation workers under REMASAB:-
Council approved release of the sum of N4,351.880.00 to the Ministry of Environment to enable REMASAB procure working materials/hand tools for its 2.310 workers.  The materials/tools include standing brooms, shovels, rakes, hoes, cutlasses, wheel barrows, trolleys, hand gloves, rain boots, nose masks and polythene bags. Council considered the essential requirement for all the tools in effective performance of the workers in making the decision.
Ministry of Planning and Budget;
The Ministry submitted two memorandums, which were approved by the Council as follows:-

a)    The Council deliberated on a memorandum on the Forth coming MDGs-LGAs Conditional Grant Scheme Training of Enumerators for Baseline Facilities Inventory for North-West Geo-political Zone in Kano from 26th -29th April 2012. Because of the significance of the program the Council has approved the release of N7,136,240.00 for the training of the enumerators.

b)    The Council deliberated on the request by the Ministry for Baseline Facilities Inventory in each of the 41 LGs under the   CGS-MDGs intervention program. After, the exercise the information gathered in the Baseline Facility Inventory will inform the preparation of MDGs consistent LGAs plan, and will provide the evidence bases to justify the disbursement of grants to States and Local Governments from the Office of the Senior Special Assistant to President on MDGs. Based upon the submission, the Council approved the release of N34,714,900.00 as logistics for the conduct of the Baseline Facilities exercise in the State.

Report of the Council Committee on the Payment of Outstanding Contract Gratuity and Consideration of Continued Engagement Of Persons into the Civil Service on Contract Basis;
The Council deliberated the report of the above stated committee and noted that most MDAs recruit or retain contract staffs due to:-
a)    Areas of critical needs
b)    Scarce skills
c)    Sustainability of essential services, and
d)    Expanding demand for manpower resources by the State service     

The Council approved the payment of N21,597,450.07 to the 314 contract staff as outstanding contract gratuity. The Council also noted the need to continue where necessary the engagement of contract officers in critical fields/skills.   

Progress Report:

Ministry of Science and Technology;
You are a living witness that training and retraining have been accorded priority by the present Administration in its zeal to execute meaningful and purposeful projects and programmes to the citizenry. In light of this, Council today noted with appreciation the successful conduct of capacity training for the Staff of the Ministry of Science and Technology on effective and efficient ways of discharging their day to day responsibilities.

Ministry for Higher Education;
Minded over the educational requirements of the State which are far more than the available tertiary institutions consumption, as visualized by the present Administration’s effort in establishing the Northwest University and 18 No. skills acquisition institutions, in complementing the aforementioned objective, today the Council noted a request forwarded by the Ministry for Higher Education to the Federal Ministry of Education on the need to establish a Federal Polytechnic in the State.

Ministry of Water Resources;
The Council noted the increase of water supply in the State Capital and its surrounding following Government installation of 4No. Generating sets in Tamburawa Water Treatment Plant. In the light of this the public are called upon to report any water leakages for Government prompt action. In the same vein, a high powered Committee was formed under the Chairmanship of Hon. Commissioner, Ministry of Water Resources to be going round assessing the water distribution to ensure its judicious utilization.
Council noted with appreciation that the 1000 diametres and 600mm pipes approved to be laid from Watari to Kano and Bagwai to Miltara respectively are already in Lagos State and would soon be conveyed to Kano for the execution of the work.

Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Cooperatives and Tourism;
The visit of the Hon. Commissioner of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Cooperatives and Tourism to Washington, USA for an International Conference in Agric-Business was noted by Council. During the session an interested company shows interest in investing in the State especially in the area of Tomato processing and packaging.

Ministry of Education;
The Honourable Commissioner of Education briefed Council that a stakeholders meeting on DFID and ESSPIN programmes ongoing in seven States in the federation which Kano State is among them. Council was informed that during the session, a critical examination of these ongoing programmes were looked into and the sponsors were impressed with the State performance and pledge to continue supporting in that direction.

Ministry of Works, Housing and Transport;
Notifying the Council today, the Hon. Commissioner for Works, Housing and Transport stated that the National Council on Works held its sitting last week in Lagos State. Council noted from the brief that a request for reimbursement in respect of funds injected by the State Government in the repairs and maintainance of Federal Roads in the State were raised while a lot observations raised by the State were upheld by the National Council.


Ministry of Information, Internal Affairs, Youth, Sports and Culture;
It is beyond doubt that the maximum support given to sporting activities by this Administration is yielding positive result as seen through various sterling performances of Kano Pillars Football Club and Kwankwasiyya Babes. In the same direction, that today Council noted and appreciated the performance of Kwankwasiyya Academicals Football club for winning the first position in the West African Youth Tournament held in Niger Republic. The Club having won the first in the tournament qualifies it to represent Nigeria in France comes July, this year.

Ministry of Planning and Budget;
Council noted and acknowledges the gesture of Centre for Management Development, Lagos for conducting a capacity building training for the staff of the Ministry of Planning and Budget.

Office of the Secretary to the State Government;
A Committee responsible for securing employment opportunities in respect of the unemployed State youths has already swang into action and has last week collected and forwarded the names of 30No. holders of engineering degrees for employment in the Federal Service. The data was collected from the documented electronic data under the Office of the Secretary to the State Government.
Against the foregoing, Council called on all those employed to dedicate themselves to work and not abandoned it unless a better one is obtained.

General Board / Muhsin Publishes First novel
« on: March 06, 2012, 11:27:30 PM »
Congratulation to Muhsin on the successful completion and publishing of his novel ' A wierd hope'.
Welldone and more grease to your elbows.

I ask you to upload excepts to kanoonline.

General Board / Bomblasts in Kano and not an utter on Kanoonline
« on: January 23, 2012, 12:10:14 PM »
Over 200 people dead,you would expect 'Kanoonline' to bear full details. But not a single post or condemnation. Kai gaskiya da sake!
I am ashamed.

May Allah SWT protect the People of Kano and Nigeria.

General Board / Kanoonline's new look
« on: December 04, 2011, 11:03:23 AM »
I like the new look. Seems like no one has noticed.

General Board / Fuel Subsidy removal
« on: October 11, 2011, 02:56:21 PM »
By January 1,the federal Govt. Under the able leadership Of Goodluck E Jonathan would have removed the subsidy on petroleum Products.
The market and the international prices of crude oil will determine the price of petroleum products in the country.
According to the government,the subsidy drains the economy by nothing less that 1.3trillion Naira and this money could be utilized to develop infrastructure and the economy.
Recently the CBN governor went through hell because of his statement that the National assembly consumed 25% of the recurrent budget of the country. Also recent revelations indicate that about 70% of the whole budget is spent on running government.
Is it justifiable to remove Fuel subsidy,which impacts directly on everyone while allowing the other excesses(which benefit a select few) to continue?

General Board / Will PDP fail to win the presidential election in 2011
« on: March 11, 2011, 11:27:00 AM »
I think GEJ will not make it.
He will not get 2/3 majority and a re-run will be held between the top two contenders--->
Buhari will form a new alliance pact with the ACN and get their votes--->
The Nigerian populace will see a chance of demystifying the incumbency factor and will vote to see them ousted--->
PDP will loose the election.

My thoughts.

General Board / Abuja Blast: Terrorists at work
« on: January 02, 2011, 12:30:44 AM »

President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday described Friday’s bomb attack at the Mogadishu Cantonment Mammy Market as a terrorist attack on Nigeria, saying  preliminary analysis of the explosives so far has shown that they have same characteristics with the ones used in the Jos Christmas eve attacks.

His words, “These explosives and explosions are part of the road bumps that are being placed to halt our march forward but God will see us through.

They will never stop Nigeria from where we are going to. We must work and reproduce a country for our children, a country where there will be no space for terrorists, a country where there will be no bombers and people with explosives to deter us.”

Speaking at a church service to mark the New Year at the ECWA Church, Wuse 2, Abuja, the President declared, “Some people say they are politicians, some say they are religious fanatics but to me they are pure criminals, they are the ones demons are using these days and they are not only in Nigeria.

“From the preliminary analysis of the explosives so far used in Nigeria, the one used in the October 1 explosion has the same characteristics with the ones that happened in Port Harcourt, Warri and some parts of the Niger Delta, it has been classified.

“The one that happened yesterday (Friday), from preliminary analysis, is identical with the one that happened in Jos. So, there are two routes. So, as long as the security operatives know where the two routes are, we will get to where these things are coming from,” he added.

See photos of the Abuja blast victims here
Blaming terrorists, he said, “For those of you who have time to listen to world news on Aljazeera or CNN, you will see that terrorism is crisis-crossing the whole world. Today, there are two things that are so important and so noticeable – technological developments. Countries are developing technologically. The next that is pushing these countries backwards is terrorism.”

Continuing, he said, “The senior pastor (of ECWA church) did mention in his sermon what happened last night. One of the pictures I saw on television, because I am yet to visit the victims, is that of a very young child;  I’m sure most of you must have seen it. As I came into the church and saw some of the young children, I wondered how somebody will plant an explosive that will kill any of these children under- 10. What kind of person do you think that person is?

“In terrorism,  the instruments they use is that of technology but instead of using their scientific knowledge to climb, some people use it to drag their nations backward. If you look at nations that are developing, you talk of Brazil, those that were close to us during independence — India, Singapore, Malaysia, China- those that are developed, United States, their citizens are not involved in terrorist attacks. They are moving their nations forward.

“But, the demons who do not like good things, if a country wants to move forward, they look for a way to push you backwards and these are what we, as a nation, are experiencing. But, I will tell Nigerians, be calm, and be stable. If you look at the Israelites’ journey to the Promised Land, it was tortuous, a number of them even died along the way.

“We must have challenges. It was Bongos Ikwue who sang that ‘nothing good comes  easy, this I know.’ So, nothing good will come so easily to us. For us to get to  where we want to go as a nation, we will have obstacles. These explosives and explosions are part of the road bumps that are being placed but God will see us through.”

Jonathan added: “God will help us as a nation that we will get to the root of this matter. I urge Christians to continue to pray that some of these people will even confess to Nigerians that at the appropriate time they will tell us that they are behind this.

“But, for now, the security people are on it and they will get to the root of this matter. We will get to the root of the car bombs that started in Niger Delta and crept into Abuja and this one too that started in Jos and crept into Abuja.

“Nigerians should not be deterred; they should pray more because we know that for you to get to the Promised Land you will meet some obstacles as demonstrated by the journey of the Israelites. Nigerians own will not be different; but surely, by God’s grace, we will get there,” he added.

What do you think of this statement?

General Board / Maimuna
« on: December 22, 2010, 12:51:31 PM »
Just recently residents of Kano were saddened with the news of a 16year old girl that was abducted by some dubious policemen,raped, deflowered(disvirgined) and turned into a sex slave.
The Hisbah was the first to handle the case and then after media exposure, the police admitted and started investigating the case.
A friend asked me why the case hasn't been brought up in Kanoonline and that he was ashamed. His thoughts were that the members are nonchalant to fight for her cause and for Justice.
I directed him to Dr Tilde's blog site where he had discussed extensively on Maimuna's case.
I also thought i should bring it up on Kanoonline.
Below is the article written about Maimuna by Dr Tilde. You can follow it up on his blog site at


This is not trivial at all.

Maimuna is the 16 year old girl whose plight was reported by Weekly Trust last Saturday, 11 December 2010. She was abducted on the street by Yusuf, a policeman on a night patrol team in Kano, and kept in his house as a sex slave for 28 days before she could escape. Maimuna alleged that while in his custody,  Yusuf sold her out for sex to his friends among the Police and others who could pay a handsome amount. In a plea for her compliance, a drug dealer, Sanusi Pele, told her how he repeatedly paid Yusuf before he could get her. With Yusuf, however, the rape was on a daily basis. The full story of the poor can be read at
Maimuna’s family complained to the Police but it took the intervention of Kano Hisbah Board before the Police started investigating the matter. Yusuf admitted keeping the girl but, naturally, denied raping her. He and the others, I reliably learnt yesterday, have already been released from police custody. There have been veritable reports of pressure mounted on the family to withdraw the case. The Divisional Police Officer under whom Yusuf is serving and to whom the complaint was first lodged “begged the relatives to forgive his men and let the matter die”, reported Weekly Trust. Nor was the word of his boss, the state Police Commissioner more reassuring: “If the allegation is found false, the Hisbah Board will be required to buttress their information so that the general public will know the true situation of the matter.”
From this, one can safely conclude the outcome of the investigation. The police command in Kano is famous for unending investigations. High profile murder cases have vanished in its case files after the initial promises to ‘bring the culprits to book.”
Therefore, I am not ready to squander my hope that Maimuna’s case would be  any different. Otherwise, why the effort to buy the silence of her relatives who are so poor to even afford the almost daily taxi fare to the police station? Perhaps, it is in recognition of the enormous forces against her that little declared, “If I don’t get justice here on earth, I am sure I’ll get it in the hereafter.”
My argument in this short discussion is that we cannot afford to wait for the hereafter. Maimuna is our daughter, just like the daughter of any of us. This is the first reported case of its kind. There have been cases of rape in police custody, just as there have been many cases of sex slavery. What makes Maimuna’s different is the combination of the two: the use of state instrument of law to rape and sex-slave a teenager in a traditional society like Kano. Yusuf abducted her as she was riding a bike to return home when he was on official duty to protect the civilian population of Kano. He and one Inspector Dantalle have been using the patrol vehicle to transport her from one customer to another. He threatened her with his status, his uniform, his gun, his friends, and with the authority of state. That is the difference.
Being the first also necessitates the need to show sufficient public outcry against the breach of public trust. More girls might have suffered the same fate silently in the past. But more will definitely suffer in future if we remain silent and allow Maimuna's case to fizzle away while Yusuf and his likes continue to serve as policemen. This is where I find us guilty. Since the story hit the stands, there has been no public protest over the issue except the press release made by the management of Dandali/Ra’ayi/Yan'arewa yahoo discussion groups. That Hisbah and the office of the Attorney-General are handling it is not enough; that is simply official.There is the need for the outcry to come from other quarters. The silence is sickening.
First, where are our women’s right advocacy groups who deafened our ears when Senator Sani Yariman Bakura allegedly married a 13 year old Egyptian girl? Where is their advocacy against child trafficking? Where are those advocating against child abuse?
In fact, where are the people of Kano who have in the past distinguished themselves with the culture of protest over all sorts of issues – political, economic, ethnic and religious? Why have they not protested so far to the Police headquarters and added their voice on the need to bring Yusuf and other culprits to book? Where is the Kano that could spend its fortune on regulating Hausa films not forthcoming in lending its voice collectively in support of it's 16 year old daughter? Where are its Ulama? Has any of them delivered a Friday sermon condemning this action? Where is the Shariah committee? Has its members demanded that Yusuf be handed over to any Shariah court for trial? Where are its academicians and writers? Are their pens dry? What has become of the ancient city and its great people?
Indeed, where is Governor Shekarau, the Sardauna of Kano? Would have the original Sardauna failed to rest his weight behind Maimuna until justice is done? Where is Ado, it's Emir, who inherited the throne of his father Sanusi who never wasted any time since his youth to protect the interest of his subjects and attend to their needs, as Sir Sharwood Smith once said?
Where is the larger umma that could protest the cartoons of the Prophet or the Miss World pageant, matters far smaller in Islam than the rape of a girl? One cannot imagine what would have happened were the culprits not Muslims.  Chineke! Fortunately, for the peace of Kano and the nation, the evil was homegrown. All of them are Muslims – Yusuf, Dantalle, Salisu, Shehu, Misbahu, Sanusi, name them – though, we must hasten to add that the religious identity of the girl is immaterial to a conscientious public that is threatened by wolves in uniform. When things are left to government in Nigeria, their end is more predictable than the coming of tomorrow.
All cultures place high premium on the dignity of their women. Islam in particular takes serious offense when women are molested. One of the major conflicts between the Muslims in Medina and their Jewish neighbours during the lifetime of the Prophet was over the molestation some the Jews meted on a Muslim woman in the market. Also, when a Muslim woman was once held captive by an emperor of a foreign land, the Caliph sent him a letter, threatening  him with war: “Release her immediately; otherwise, I will fight you with a force that would begin at your end and end at mine.” The emperor obliged immediately. Those were men with guts. Their dignity comes first before their material interest. For us, we are bourgeois, as Fukuyama has described us. We are the "last man" who has compromised his self-pride for the ingredients of survival.
Not all of us, though. I recount the display of courage by one medical student at Ahmadu Bello University four years ago. A visiting professor, Singh, was teaching the class how to revamp the respiration of a person that has seizure as a result of accident or other causes. It required a demonstration which is usually done on a male student. Unknown to the cultural sensitivity of the class, the professor asked a girl to come forward for the demonstration, which required her to strip her chest. She started crying. He insisted. Kabiru, one of her classmates, rose and objected, saying, “She won’t.” And that was the end. Singh complained to the Dean about Kabiru’s ‘rudeness’ but the matter was laid to rest by explaining to the professor the inappropriateness of his demand in the cultural context of the class. Kabiru is now in his clinicals. Than him, I think, Bauchi has not produced a better boy. He is my hero. Had he thought of the consequences of expulsion or so, he would have kept quiet and allowed the girl to suffer the humiliation. But he was instantly transfigured by the self-pride he shares with the girl to do the right thing, which saved the girl.
In a world of very few Kabirus, we can still accord Maimuna and her family some succour. The girl, as the press release by the discussion groups suggested, needs professional counselling to help her manage the traumatic experience. The regime of counselling should be lasting. She also needs to be clinically tested and treated immediately for any STD including HIV, now and later, especially given the type of characters that have raped her repeatedly. She and her family need money to help them stick to their guns and ward off any attempt to buy their silence. It will also help finance a private litigation if the need arises. Finally, though the voice of men will bring a lot of assurance to the family, that of our female advocates will particularly boost the confidence of the girl.
Should we fail in this, our silence makes us accomplices in the eyes of humanity.
What should be done to Yusuf and his gang? I quite agree with the calls of the discussion groups, that pending completion of investigations, the suspects need to be suspended from the Force and retained in custody without bail because they will interfere with the investigations. There is admission of culpability from Yusuf when he conceded that he harboured the girl. That is enough a circumstantial evidence. When the investigation is completed and the evidence of their culpability ascertained, they should be charged to court for rape, slavery and breach of public trust. Their sentence must be aggravated, to run successively, not concurrently, given the heinous nature of their crime. That is enough to keep them in jail forever. Other criminals among the police will not miss the signal of deterrence.

Also as suggested by the groups, the Inspector General of Police needs to take over the investigation and display the resolve that is required to allow Maimuna attain justice. If the present Kano State Commissioner of Police is the same Yabo that was in Kaduna some months ago, I will cry with a loud voice for the transfer of the case for Force Headquarters.
Finally, there is a brewing idea of establishing a fund for the family by the discussion groups. When arrangements are completed, in addition to my personal contribution, I have pledged to appeal to my readers across the world to also donate. Though the stomach in us is gone, at least this much we can do for the poor Maimuna. Before then, please let me have your comments below.

Announcements / INEC recruiting Ad Hoc Staff for 2011 voter registration
« on: December 15, 2010, 02:58:24 PM »
INEC is accepting applications for Ad Hoc staff for the 2011 voter registration exercise.
The Ad hoc staff should be Serving NYSC members or Final year students (University) or those that have worked with INEC as Ad Hoc staff.
They will be paid N50000 for the exercise.

General Board / Who will you vote for president in 2011?
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Who will you vote for president in 2011 and why?

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