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Science and Technology / Home-made helicopters hit northern Nigeria
« on: October 24, 2007, 10:29:04 AM »
Yahoo News
by Aminu Abubakar
Sun Oct 21, 6:43 PM ET

Mubarak Muhammad Abdullahi, a 24-year-old physics undergraduate in northern Nigeria, takes old cars and motorbikes to pieces in the back yard at home and builds his own helicopters from the parts.
"It took me eight months to build this one," he said, sweat pouring from his forehead as he filled the radiator of the banana yellow four-seater which he now parks in the grounds of his university.

The chopper, which has flown briefly on six occasions, is made from scrap aluminium that Abdullahi bought with the money he makes from computer and mobile phone repairs, and a donation from his father, who teaches at Kano's Bayero university.

It is powered by a second-hand 133 horsepower Honda Civic car engine and kitted out with seats from an old Toyota saloon car. Its other parts come from the carcass of a Boeing 747 which crashed near Kano some years ago.

For a four-seater it is a big aircraft, measuring twelve metres (39 feet) long, seven metres high by five wide. It has never attained an altitude of more than seven feet.

The cockpit consists of a push-button ignition, an accelerator lever between the seats which controls vertical thrust, a joystick that provides balance and bearing.

A small screen on the dashboard connects to a camera underneath the helicopter for ground vision, a set of six buttons adjusts the screen's brightness while a small transmitter is used for communication.

"You start it, allow it to run for a minute or two and you then shift the accelerator forward and the propeller on top begins to spin. The further you shift the accelerator the faster it goes and once you reach 300 rmp you press the joystick and it takes off," Abdullahi explained from the cockpit.

He said he learned the rudiments of flying a helicopter from the Internet and first got the idea of building one from the films he watches on television.

"I watched action movies a lot and I was fascinated by the way choppers fly. I decided it would be easier to build one than to build a car," he said pacing the premises of the security division of the university which he uses as hanger for his helicopter.

He hoped -- and still does hope -- that the Nigerian government and his wealthy compatriots would turn to him and stop placing orders with western manufacturers.

So far, however, government response to his chopper project has been underwhelming to say the least.

Although some government officials got very excited when they saw him conduct a demonstration flight in neighbouring Katsina state, Nigeria's Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has so far shown no interest in his aircraft.

"No one from the NCAA has come to see what I've done. We don't reward talent in this country," he lamented.

Abdullahi does admit that his first helicopter lacks "some basic facilities like devices for measuring atmospheric pressure, altitude, humidity and the like."

In a country with Nigeria's abysmal air safety record officials may be loath to gamble on one student's home-made helicopter.

But Abdullahi, undeterred, has started work on a new flying machine, which, he says, "will be a radical improvement on the first one in terms of sophistication and aesthetics."

Currently just a spindly metal frame in the back yard, the helicopter will be a two-seater and Abdullahi calculates it will be able to fly at an altitude of 15 feet for three hours at a stretch.

It will be powered by a brand new motor -- albeit Taiwan-manufactured and destined for the Jincheng motorbike so common on the streets of Kano.


Sometimes in the 80s, same thing happened in the northern region,
however, government doesnt want to hear things like this, i dont
know why.  Talkless of encouraging the youth.  Allah ya taimaka.

« on: October 18, 2007, 03:13:02 PM »
Japan gives N289m for water projects in Yobe
By Oluwole Josiah, Abuja
Published: Thursday, 18 Oct 2007

Japan has reached an agreement with the Federal Government of Nigeria to fund water projects worth $2.3 million in Yobe State .

A statement from the Embassy of Japan on Wednesday, said the Exchange of Notes for the project would be signed on Thursday (today) by the Japanese Ambassador, Akio Tanaka and the Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, Dr. Sayyadi Abba Ruma.

It said Japan would provide a complete set of borehole rigs with hoist-mounted vehicle, water resource research equipment, and borehole materials for the State.

The statement further said, ”The water supply in Yobe State will be improved by the creation of 89 water boreholes with hand pumps in various villages in the State. At the same time, capacity-development programme for the appropriate management and maintenance of boreholes will be delivered.”


We pray this will bring a lasting solution to the problem of shortage
of portable drinking water in Yobe State.

« on: October 17, 2007, 05:21:22 PM »
How far are prepared for old age? this is the
question that keeps up popping into my mind
immediately after the eid celebration.  Second
tickle, minutes passed and aways gone.  Then
comes days and nights, weeks, months and
years and years.

Before now, you were born barely 3 G weight,
then suddenly you started crawling breaking
anything breakable, then toeing and gradually
you are a big boy, primary school days are gone,
high school passes with WAEC/GCE in mind, then
the rubbles of higher institutions, the exams and
whatever, the nation then prepares you to be an
adult man/woman ready to serve his country.
Then come the hulabaloo of interviews and CV
distribution all over, including almajiri thinking
you can be employed in one of these sangayas.
Within no time, you bought a car, furnish your
house, married the woman/women of your choice,
the honey moons, a baby was born into your
family.  After three years another one was born,
workload keep on piling, you dont even have time
for yourself, you ahve starting thinking of taking
your kids to the best school in town.

You cant believe with when the Personnel Dept
told you that you are due for retirement in the
next few coming months, haba, i was only born
in 1954.  Yes, count it, you have putting enough
of your age in the service, remember you are
now 53 - what else?

there you are fighting in que for your first pension
pay.  The eye doctor has even collected the first
pay to give you eye glasses, because you can not
even go back home, whenever you see an end of
disucssion honda, your eyes shows you a 1924 mini
morris or beattle volkswagen.

That is that, shouting under the varendah, you have
no one except your wife, all of your friends are also
suffering same, no strength for ziyara.  Always
exclaiming - "kai yaran zamani" "ai lokacin da muke
samartaka" "ai lokacin ni da wani muna Ingila".

You are now powerless and defenseless, ordinary cold
(mura) will stay for about a month with you, you are
prone to all diseases.

So, how far are we prepared for this waiting period which
will sooner or later come?

Check around your neighbourhood for the oldies, take your
time to notice their behaviour, that is exactly what
you will be in the near future.

Are you staying with your old parents? you surely know
what I mean, always complaining, and for a small issue
they will be talking and talking till evening.

That is age.  You have to start preparing for your old age
while you are very young and agile.


Hunter arrests 10 suspected robbers      17/10/2007   
Arenowned hunter, Alhaji Ali Kwara, has arrested 10 suspected armed robbers, who have been terrorising people in Bauchi and neighbouring North-east states.

Kwara, who often assists the police in the arrest of bandits, was invited by Governor Isa Yuguda to save the situation, which was getting out of hand.

Kwara said at the Government House, Bauchi, that he had rid all parts of the State of robbers, except Ganjuwa local government area that did not co-operate with him.

He promised to reveal the identity of a personal assistant to the governor, who allegedly connived with robbers and secured their release after arrest.

The suspects confessed to a number of robberies around Adamawa,Taraba, Yobe, Bauchi and other states in the region.

They said they paid ransoms of between N20,000 and N50,000 with kola-nuts to some ‘ardo’ (Fulani rulers), who incorporated them into a ``vigilance group’’, while still robbing.

Yuguda reiterated his administration’s commitment to rid the state of criminals and urged the people to assist the government to achieve the goal.

During the occasion, witnessed by senior government officials and traditional rulers, many recovered guns and munitions were displayed.


The name of Ali Kwara is now a household name in the
north-eastern part of Nigeria.  He is residing in Azare,
Bauchi State.  He was into the business of hide & skin
before he turned a hunter and later hunted for the under
world boyz.

An unauthorised version says that he opt for getting at
armed robbers when his son was brutally murdered by
a gang of thieves while travelling.  So the brave man
promised to unleash harvoc on any armed robber, so
he droped his hide and skin business for hunting for

Over the years, north east, especially states of Bauchi,
Yobe, Borno and Adamawa have greatly benefitted from
this man's hunt for the criminals.  However, he stated
that he has not been adequately supported by the State
Governments, as some times he has to follow-up for his
allowances before he was given, and on several occasion
he gave up his allowances because of the long bureaucracy.

His mode of operation is quite different with the orthodox
police, while the later only act on complain, the former use
to patrol in dangerous hideout fishing them life, and kill them
after confession in public.  Infact, even old criminal barons
hiding in villages where not left alone, because, as he said,
they aid the young criminals.

You will not appreciate the activities of Ali Kwara except those
from the prone areas (north east) where within villages in a
broadday light, you will be robbed for 2 to 3 hours.  I can remember
what happened to us on my way from Biu to Maiduguri, immediately
after Damboa LG we were attacked by heavily armed bandits,
the driver manuevered to turn the vehicle back to the nearest
village where we hurriedly reported the case to the nearest
police station.  To our greatest surprise, the officer in charge of the
Police Station told us that he is alone and there is no weapon, and
even if there is no weapon, he said he is not going to risk his life
for nothing.  So the best option is for us to sit down here quitely
until the operation is over then when the road is clear we can carry
on with our journey - cikenan (inji inyamuri).

Try the road between Potiskum and Damaturu and also Damaturu
- Maiduguri, so also Biu - Damboa, Darazo to Potiskum, Maiduguri
to Gamborun Ngala, Biu - Yola, Maiduguri to Gwoza, Maiduguri to
Gubio/Magumeri/Mobbar/Monguno to mention just a few i can remember
are all hot spots for arm robbers.

The most unfortunate thing is you still meet the High Way Patrol
Team busy extorting money from motorist plying these roads with
guns in their hands, in some places, it is even ajoint patrol with
Army, yet the problem keeps on multiplying on daily basis.

So, Ali Kwara has brought a succour to most part of these prone areas
with only 2 pick-up van and about 12 or 10 members with ordinary
gun powder gun - yet they recorded a remarkable success.

My question goes this way:

Is the Nigerian Police and army not bold enough to face the armed
robbers or are they shot of skills and experience to fight the armed

Is the Nigerian Police and Armey patrolling these roads know or are
coniving with these armed robbers in perpetrating this evil act?

Why is it that if armed robbers where caught in the act by the Nigerian
Police were latter released on bail and gradually the cases dies a natural
death, is it the weaknesses of our law or the judicial system?

Why is it that the State Governments can not guarantee safety on our
roads while billions of naira is readily available for that purposes?

Is Ali Kwara an agency of the Government providing security on consultancy
basis?  If yes, is it possible for Nigeria to adopt a state police to curtail
the cases of armed banditry?


« on: October 17, 2007, 10:48:02 AM »
Indian Police molest Nigerian journalists in Abuja
By Everest Amaefule, Abuja
Wednesday, 17 Oct 2007

Nigerian journalists were on Monday night humiliated when scores of Indian security officials took over security arrangement at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel Abuja, venue of a meeting between visiting Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh and Nigerian Minister of State for Finance, Mr. Oluremi Babalola.

The Indian security operatives sidelined Nigerian security officials who were hardly anywhere to be found around the Nasarawa Hall of the hotel where the meeting was scheduled to hold.

Although the Finance Ministry had properly invited journalists to the occasion, the Indian security operatives prevented them from gaining access to the meeting.

When Babalola came to the venue of the meeting, he was only allowed inside when it was discovered that he was the host. He was not allowed to enter with his aides.

On the other hand, about six Indian journalists were allowed to enter into the venue.

The protest put up by the Nigerian journalists did not change the situation as officials of the Ministry of Finance who were at the venue were also stranded.

Workers of the Transcorp Hilton Hotel had no solution to the imbroglio neither was there any Nigerian security official in sight to save the situation.

Our correspondent learnt that workers at the five-star hotel where the Indian Prime Minister lodged were dazed when the Indians did not allow the helmsman of the hotel the opportunity of welcoming Singh in accordance with the tradition.

Do you mind calling this act of rascism, ina
baindiye ina dan Nigeria if not because we
Nigerians have downgraded ourself to be so
mean like this.  This is a lesson for our
journalist also, who only attend big men
occasion, when the ordinary man wants
to air his voice, they deliberately make
things difficult for him.  Gayyan sodi.

« on: September 21, 2007, 04:35:14 PM »
The past 3 days were shocking and terrifying for all
those who knew Bashir, both within and outside
Maiduguri, especially, his close friends who have
been alumni of UNIMAID.  To his family, they have
lost a concrete pillar among them, a face lifter and
the family's spokesperson of all times.

Its not Bashir's death that shocked and terrified his
admirers, but the manner it happened. (DB tears dropping)
I hate narrating this incidence.

It all happened one morning, when a childhood friend of
Bashir came to his house and inform him about his
piece of land at Damaturu and his intention to sell the
said piece of land to his friend Bashir.  Whoever knew
Bashir knows that he has started stepping into his father's
business i.e. Estate & Property Managers (Agent).

As it has been his usual business, he accompanied his
friend to Damaturu while his friend took over the drivers
seat of Bashir's car.  Unknown to innocent Bashir, the
Can Juice he was offered by his friends was adulterated
by some tablets and within few minutes he started dozzing

Bashir only woke up at Damagum about 25 kilometers to
Potiskum.  Bashir was a little bit confused and the effect
of the drug was still fresh, however, he managed to
ask why are they at Damagum instead of Damaturu?
It was then it occured to him that he is in a wrong hand.
In a swift, the other culprit at the back sit hit him hard
with the car's jerk (or wheel spanner), he felt down
unconciously, they parked the car hit him harder and
harder and harder until they are satisffied that he is
dead.  They dug and dump him in a nearby farm land
and zoomed off to Jos.

It was at Jos where they tried to sell off Bashir's car
that it occured to them the original documents of the
car is not inside the car.  So, the culprit came back to
Maiduguri alone leaving behind the other with the car.
He came straight to Bashir's house.  Bashir's wife on
seeing him asked what is the matter, because they left
since yesterday and up till now she hasnt hear from
any of them.  The culprit told her that, they were
caught by police along the road, and infact, they have
held Bashir with the car.  That he was sent to come
and collect the original document of the car (Kai kaji
munafuki da rashin kunya).

Da Allah ya tashi tona masa asiri, the wife noticed
her husband's wrist watch on the guy's hand, and also
her mobile handset which her husband uses.  She
immediately and silently called her inlaw to come
forward, that was how this guy was arrested, and
after a long interrogation, he admitted killing Bashir,
he took them to where they dump his dead body.
Da ikon Allah kuma, mutanen kauye sun tsinci Bashir
kuma sun fahimci cewa musulmi ne, so suka yi masa
salla sa'annan suka binne shi.  The body was later
exhumed and photograph was taken - sai ka gani a TV.

The other culprits were pursued and they were all
caught, we only pray that justice will be done.

That is for Bashir Baba Musami, he has lived a very
descent life and trusted among all his friends and
relatives.  Even his fathers business colleagues
prefer to deal with him than his father because of
his approach to issues.

The last time we met, yace min "Nayi fushi da kai
tun da baka zo daurin aure na ba" I was so ashamed,
however, i narrated the incident that led to my
absence at his wedding day and he gladly accepted
my apology, as usual, we teased each other before
we finally part.

He is a very young and ambitious youth at his early
30s, despite the fact that his father is a wealthy person,
he believes in earning from his sweat, it is based on this
that he started lecturing at Ramat Polytechnic Maiduguri.

Allah ya jikansa ya kuma gafarta masa.

And to the murderers of Bashir, in masu shiriya ne
Allah ya shiryar da su, in kuma ba masu shiriya bane
Allah ya gaggauta tona musu asiri and the likes of them
all over the world.

« on: September 18, 2007, 11:51:21 AM »
I will try as much as possible to be brief, even though
the thread requires alot, but i enjoin my fellow kline
compatriots to read thoroughly.

This piece of topic drew my attention from the Leadership
Newspaper written by one of their columnist Ray Morphy.
As he analysed the issue of unemployment among youth in
our country, it rang a bell on my head, that while we are
talking of unemployment rate in Nigeria at more than 50%,
then, definately, the north and infact the core north gets
aways with 30% if not 40% of the unemployed youth.

When you talk of the number of students graduating in our
Universities yearly, add also the number of youth graduating
on our streets, you will come to the conclusion that desspite
their readiness to earn a living, the society/government have
not make any arrangement as to that effect.  These youths
later become frustrated, and within no time, their frustration
mounts against the society. 

Just imagine a graduate who cannot afford a bus fare to
attend to an interview, in the process of treking to the
venue of the interview, he was sorried for being late and will
not be attended.  It is at this same time, Executive Governors
and other top government functionaries move in obscene
convoys of all new jeeps!  Dont talk about the hundred of
millions voted for only renovation of our custodians of mandate's

It is vividly clear, that the daily armed robbery of houses, highways,
financial institutions and in recent times a whole market (sabon gari)
is on the rise and you cannot separete it as one of the effects of
unemployment.  How many people felt the effect of the sabon gari
incident? there were loss of life, then property, and the worst of
all these is the brewed tension which ensued between the masses
and the government, while the later is accusing the former of not
fulfilling its obligation.  No amount of police equipment or training can
rein in crime unless society strives to reduce the numbers of those
frustrated among them.

No matter how little it may be, establishment of local industries will
no doubt change the above scene, especially, its a challenge to our
politicians, who are mainly the intoxicants of these youth groups.
Instead, our politicians, despite the looting, go ahead to invest abroad
with consequences that the economy is drained of capital. Abin haushi,
the little ones trying to establish their business in Nigeria, where
frustrated by government policies and lack of infrastructures like
electricity, access road, water and security.  A typical laid down of
industries will be seen in the likes of Sharada.

DB quoting RAY MURPHY:
"Farming has become increasingly commercially unattractive such that, that mainstay of the economy is losing personnel to thuggery, crime and politics. The import of this societal upheaval is that there are millions of unemployed able bodied men and women who become easy recruits to the world of crime and robbery. Many of these young people are deeply angry and by moving out to the cities, they have gone outside the ameliorating parental supervision and influence. They find themselves in towns and ghettos where they are forced to survive by their wits despite their education."

Before now, we become proud of having obtained  a Bachelors
Degree and like a hungry leoparpard, companies and government
agencies rush to give us job - gone are those days in nostalgia.
Grema is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering, however, he is
now into vendorship of newspaper - more grease to his elbows.
University Degree is no more a guarantee to a better future.

For how long this trend is going stay in Nigeria, and more especially
in Arewa?

Is there any future hope from our Honourable (Horrible) Representatives
in attending to this youth unemployment in our society?

How true and feasible is Mr. President's current policies in attacking
this menace?

The Yan'kalare's are on the raise
The Ecomogo are on the increase
The Yan Daba are gaining more confidence each day
The Yan Gumurzu are now coming up
The Takife Group just sprang up
The OPC has been institutionalised
What about the Niger Delta Crisis?
The Aljanna Dole's
Bakiya Ahlul Mai-Tatsine are growing muscles
Yan Achaba are getting out of hands
Etc etc - I dont pray to see the day when all these
and other groups will come together and fight a common

« on: September 12, 2007, 09:52:27 AM »
Former President Olusegun Obasanjo yesterday floored the presidential candidate of the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), Major General Muhammad Buhari (rtd) as the Election Petition Tribunal in Abuja said that joining the former president in the petition or insisting that he must appear to respond to allegations has  no basis in law. In a similar vein, General Buhari reacted to the withdrawal of his party?s petition, saying that it was an attempt to make the country a one-party state.
General Buhari had asked the tribunal to nullify the last general election, which he alleged was rigged. He further averred that Chief Obasanjo played a major role in the alleged malpractices. But delivering the ruling yesterday, the tribunal Chairman, Justice James Ogede said that making Obasanjo a party to the suit contravened section 142 (2) of the Electoral Act 2006 adding that since Obasanjo was not a candidate in the controversial election, there was no reason to join him.
 He expressed no hesitation in striking out the name of the former president from the list of respondents, stressing that the tribunal did not bother itself on the issue of immunity clause raised by the counsel.
Justice Ogede whose ruling was agreed to by other four justices on the panel said that the provision of the law relating to the joinder was unambiguous and it states that only electoral officers could be joined in the petition in their official capacities. Obasanjo, he said, was not a candidate in the election and therefore not a compulsory party whose absence as a respondent could not affect the outcome of the petition. He said the allegation contained in the petition that Obasanjo misused the armed forces to rig the election could be handled independent of the petition.


I dont know why this man is dragging this thing
too much, its time he stops fighting democracy
and concentrate on other issues.  So far so good,
this Yar'adua Government has been very fair, and
within his 100 days in office, so many changes
have happened.

Janar, enjoy your retirement, come 2011 ANPP
has their choice of candidate for the Presidency.
We appreciate your concern for the survival of
our nascent democracy, we will always remember
you as a hero in uniform and agbada.

« on: September 11, 2007, 06:35:49 PM »
A member of the Borno State House of Assembly representing Maiduguri Metropolis, Umar Abacha, has donated food items worth thousands of naira to the victims of the flood disaster that ravaged no fewer than 96 homes at Gwange-Gangara area of the state capital.

The items included bags of rice, groundnut oil and other relief materials.

The relief came as Alau Dam is also over-flowing, spilling water into Jere Local Government and other parts of the state.

Abacha, who presented the materials to the victims at the Gwange camp, sympathised with them and advised them to adhere to the rules governing house construction along river banks.

His words: "It is very wrong to take the river bank, whether dry or filled with water, for granted as no one can predict when exactly the river may decide to take its natural course. And when it does, it does not care whether human beings have decided to build houses there or not until it destroys all that you have laboured to put up as your houses."

He said both state and local governments would soon bring more relief materials to alleviate their pitiable condition.

The Red Cross official, who is the coordinator of the camp, thanked Abacha’s colleagues from Hawul and Jere constituencies as well as the Caretaker Committee Chairman of Maiduguri Metropolitan Council, Bakari Ali Kotoko, who showed support for the victims. He said over 500 displaced people are in the camp and solicited more facilities there for the convenience of the victims to curb exposition to diseases.

One of the victims, Mallam Abdullahi Dogo, said it was not their wish to erect houses on the river banks, but "simply because we are small income earners who are labourers and other menial jobbers who do not have the means to procure lands at choice places". He wanted government to provide safer locations for them to build their houses.

Dogo praised Abacha for his gesture and urged the rich in the community to emulate him.

Meanwhile, more flooding cases have continued to threaten Maiduguri and environs, as one of the major sources of tap water, the Alau Dam, is over-flown, spilling water into Jere Local Government area of the state. Experts are working to ease pressure at the dam, as fears grow that the 1994 incident, which led to the flooding of the state capital, is about to repeat itself.

Maiduguri Metropolitan Chairman, Bakari Kotoko, said the council had received approval from the state government to provide relief items to the victims, which he said would soon reach them, while the state emergency relief agency is also planning to send relief items that will assist them to get back to normal life again.


i wonder what type of government we operate here
in Nigeria.  We started watching this flood right from
the period of Tsunami, and of recent, India, China,
England etc were threaten by this flood and meteorologist
have confirmed that it will also hit these areas of ours,
yet, our Government havent make any preparation
for the flood.

On the other side kuma, suma mutane suna da taurin
kai, sai kaga mutum ya yanki fili a tsakiyar hanyan ruwa
ko kuma ya gina gidan MILIYAN GOMA amma ya gagara
yin culvert in front of his house, so during the rainy season
sai kaga ruwa ya mamaye kofar gidansa - what a pity.

However, Government should still respond quickly to the
victims.  As at the time I am writing this post, the flood
has taken over College of Agriculture and some part of
the newly constructed 505 Housing Estate along Ngala
Road heading into the town.

Allahumma as'aluka khairuha wa khairu ma arsalta biha.
wa a'uzu bika min sharriha.

Wannan wata ta Agusta da muke ciki, ita ce watar da
aka shigo da wayar sadarwa ta hannu zuwa wannan
kasarmu mai albarka - Nigeria.  Abin mamaki, yau kimanin
shekaru shida (6) kenan da zuwan wannan na'ura, kowane
birni da kauyuka in kaje, baza ka rasa wata kamfani
ta sadarwa ba.

Kamar yadda komai yake tattare da nasa alkhairi ko
sharri, haka shima wannan na'ura ta sadarwa ke da ita.
A watan Agusta 2001, Nigeria tana da layuka ta sadarwa
kimanin 450,000, amma a yanzu muna da layuka ta
sadarwa kusan kimanin 38 million.

Har ila yau, a shekara ta 2001, kamfanunka na sadarwa
suna da kimanin kudi da dukiya wuri na gugan wuri dalar
Amurka miliyan hamsin $50m amma a yanzu ta bunkasa
ta hayayyafa ta kuma samu karin kudi da jari kimanin
biliyan tara da digo biyar dalar amurka $9.5 billion.  Wannan
tashin gwabron zabin ya nuna cewa a duk fadin Afrika
Najeriya ita ce ja gaba wajen kasuwan GSM, kuma hatta
a cikin kasashe masu tasowa ta chilla bisa kowa.

A gaskiya, idan muka duba baya kafin zuwan wannan
na'urar GSM, zamu fahimci cewa mun samu biyan bukatu
kwarai da gaske, duk da cewa duniya ta shaida cewa
kamfonin sadarwa da ke najeriya sune mafiya ci baya
wajen bada kyakkyawar hanyar sadarwa.

Har ila yau, idan muka duba dimbin samaruka da yan'mata
masu tasowa suka samu aikin yi, imma ta hanyar samun
aiki a kamfanoni sadarwa ko kuma ta hanyar sayar da kati
ko kuma "tele center".  Hakika zamu rungumi zuwan GSM
zuwa najeriya, domin ta tallafa kwarai da gaske.  Har ila yau
munga karin yunkurowan kananan kamfanoni wadanda suke
matsayin "dillalai" wa kamfanin GSM din, kwarai da gaske
zuwan GSM ta kawo alkhairai da dama.

Shin zuwan GSM najeriya ko rashin zuwan ta, wacce ce tafi
amfano ga jama'an najeriya, tare da la'akari da mummunar
service da kuma tsadar kudi?

To jama'a, ina fatan zaku yi hakuri da irin hausar D-B.

« on: August 23, 2007, 11:20:34 AM »
Yan'uwa, wannan rikice rikice da ke faruwa a makwabtanmu
Niger Delta idan har gwamnatin tarayya bata fiddo da wata
mafita ba, to abin ba a cewa komai, lalle ne nan ba da dade
waba sojoji zasu karbi mulki saboda "insecurity".

Wannan kuma bari na fada muku, ba wani abu bane illa
makirce makirce na America, domin mun samu reliable
hanyar sadarwa inda Amurka ke cewa su dai interest din
su a Nigeria shine Mai a Niger Delta, in kuma baza a samu
zaman lafiya a gun ba, to lalle ne su ingizo sojoji saboda
a samu zaman lafiya domin suma su samu diban mai yadda
suke so.

Rashin zaman lafiya abune muhimmi a kasancewar kasa,
muddin babu zaman lafiya, hakika gwamnati bazata samu
zama ba.  A kasar mu najeria, tatar mai itace take kawo
mana kashi 75% na kudaden shiga, kuma shine a ke raba
wa sauran jihohin suke samun gudanar da ayyuka da yau
da kullum.

Abin takaici de, shine, har yanzu arewacin najeriya ba dau
hanyar samun karfafa ayyukan noma ba, saboda haka,
muddin a kasamu matsala da gwamnatin tarayya, jihohin
da zasu fara tagayyara sune na nan arewa, saboda muddin
ba abamu kason mu ba, lallai, ko dan ci rani wanda ke sayar
da tumatur a bakin kasuwa sai ya san cewa gwamnati bata
biya albashi ba.

Abisa wannan la'akari nake kira ga yan'uwa abokan zaman
kanoonline, da su tofa albarkacin bakinsu game da wannan
rikici da ake ta samu a Niger Delta. 

Wacce hanya shugaban kasa zai bi domin ya kawo karshen
wannan rigima

Wacce hanyoyi Shugaban kasa zai bi domin ya bunkasa noman
damina da noman rani a arewacin najeria

Kuma wace hanya shugaban kasa zai bi domin ya karfafa binciken
mai a arewacin nigeria.

Nine Dan-Borno, kuma duk wanda zai tofa albarkacin bakinsa to
yayi rubutu da hausa.

« on: August 23, 2007, 11:02:14 AM »
Yar’ Adua’ll be worse than Obasanjo – Balarabe Musa
Thursday, August 23, 2007

The last eight years of democratic rule in the country came under the assessment of eminent persons, with a verdict that a constitutional democracy is still a mirage and that the future of a genuine democracy in Nigeria is bleak under the present political arrangement.

Indeed, the speakers at a one-day colloquium in Abuja, among them, former Aso Rock Chaplain, Prof. Yussuf Obaje, immediate past Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Sunday Ehindero, as well as former governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji Balarabe Musa argued that the political leaders did not even understand the meaning of constitution let alone putting it into practise.

They posited that the system of governance has constituted an impediment to rule of law and constitutionalism .
At the talk shop, organised by the Shehu Sani Civil Rights Congress (CRC) and with theme, "Rule of Law, Constitutionalism and Future of Democracy in Nigeria," the speakers described the last eight years as the lowest moment in the country, as far as the issue of rule of law is concerned.
They recalled the penchant of government to pick and choose which order of the court to obey and which to disobey, depending on the side the government is and lamented that the political leaders had failed to live up to their oaths of office.

Alhaji Balarabe Musa maintained that the situation would not be different under the administration of Alhaji Umar Yar’Adua, given the manner of his emergence as the president and warned that the current Federal Government might likely be worse than that of Obasanjo.
He stated that Yar’Adua lacked the requisite to lead a complex nation like Nigeria, adding: "Given that he did not win any election but was rigged in, for him to cope, he may have to resort to fascism to survive."

In his speech, Ehindero said genuine democracy had been impeded right from the beginning in Nigeria, because the federalism "we claim to practice evolved from unitary system where the federal is forced to devolve power to the constituent states, unlike in a country like the United States, where the states voluntarily agreed to form a federation and willing surrendered power to the centre."

Despite the situation then, Ehindero argued that the police under him, were able to observe the rule of law, as reflected during the incessant labour actions occasioned by fuel price adjustments in which policemen were instructed not to carry arm and the Apo six saga, where the police set up a panel to investigate and indeed paid compensation to the family.

"To me, this is also part of the rule of law," he stated, while describing, as an ugly situation, the emphasis on political matters at the expense of the economy and other social issues germane to the well being of the citizenry.
Prof. Obaje said there was no democracy in Nigeria, insisting that what the nation has been attempting to practice democracy. He decried the lawlessness pervading the country and identified lack of fear of God, poverty, and wickedness as the bane of the nation’s democratic development and good governance.

Human rights activist, Sani, craved for a clear departure from the past if genuine democracy was to take root in the country, saying that the present administration is making a good start with a number of steps already taken by the president.
According to him, the concern of the civil society groups was how the leaders could be held accountable for the oath of office they took.


what we needed as this time is not flagrant criticism
but constructive criticisms.  As an old father of the
Nigerian political system, Balarabe Musa is supposed
to be enjoying his retirement and continue praying
for forgiveness -  Alhamdu lillahi, the world has been
fair to him.

I am not refering only to Balarabe Musa, but to all
of his likes who have been enjoying this country
since independence, they should please and please
allow this man (Yar'adua) to do something good.

« on: August 21, 2007, 06:03:13 PM »
Crisis is brewing in the House of Representatives over the award of N628 million contract by Speaker, Patricia Etteh, to renovate her official residence and that of her deputy, Babangida Nguroje.

The renovation contract, which blown open at the weekend, has drawn the ire the chairman of Air Force committee of the House, Hon Halims Agoda, who faulted the mode of its award and vowed that a probe would be instituted.

Angry Agoda said: "I read that the president of the country is aware of the approval of the contract. That is an outright nonsense. The president of a country has no right to approve whatever thing that comes to National Assembly. The President cannot gamble into our pool. What the president normally does is to direct the release of our money, not to get involved in the approval of item by item,"

He said that the Etteh leadership faces a moral burden for using N628milion to renovate a building that was renovated two years ago in an administration that preaches transparency and accountability, adding that the building was owned by the FCDA and not property of the National Assembly.
To salvage the image of the House, Agoda vowed that the award of the contracts would be probed when the House resumes from its holiday, insisting that it was wrong on the part of the leadership to dip hands in the money belonging to the House without due process.

He said: "Some of us will take the gauntlet to fight for the investigation of that publication, because in the first place, using N628 million to renovate a standing house … even if you are to build a new house, must it consume such a whopping sum of amount?
"I read too that the money was attached to capital votes. Now, I am aware that when we were passing the capital votes, the capital votes of the House of Reps were tied to specific headings and if this money is to be swapped from one heading to another, it must be through virement and no virement whatsoever has been made."

Agoda also faulted the process the contract went through, saying that a contract of such magnitude should be published in journals and not on the notice board of the National Assembly as done by the management.

"It is not a contract of N10miullion. I am deeply surprised that this happened in an era of transparency and accountability. I still believe that it is not correct. We have a moral crisis if the issue is true. We will call for investigation. I have been here. We built this House of Reps with all our efforts and so, nobody will come here and pull it down," he pointed out.

Mrs Etteh presided over a 40 minute meeting of the management of the House on July 12, 2007 to award the contract for the renovation of her official residence and that of her deputy and the purchasing of vehicles in their convoy.
At the meeting with the Speaker and her deputy were the chief whip, deputy leader, chairman of ad-hoc committee on welfare, who is now chairman of appropriation committee, Wale Adegoke, Clerk of the National Assembly, Ibrahim Arab, his deputy, acting clerk of the House, directors of works, legal services, finance and supplies.

By James Ojo
The Sun Newspapers
August 21st, 2007

That was how the last horrible members wasted their
time and poor man's money busy but doing nothing.
When Haruna Yerima raises an alarm that members of
the House of Representatives are nothing more than
the Mr. President's house boys and that MTN is bribing
them by recharging their phones, they suspended him
for one month.

History repeats itself, however, Joel Matsusi reversed
this saying, that We repeat history.  Here they are for
another term of four years, barely 100 days in office
they have started the loots and intrigues in office.

How far do we think we can enjoy legislative performance
in Nigeria after nine years of democracy in Nigeria.

Does this means that our Legislators are nothing but
Mr. Presidents' house boys.

How can we assess the generality of the house of
representatives performance in this 100 days?



« on: August 16, 2007, 07:36:02 PM »
PRESIDENT Umaru Musa Yar’Adua and Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Idris Kutigi are to go without salaries, until the National Assembly legislates on a pay package for the two.

Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC), chairman, Haman Tukur who said this yesterday in Abuja, explained that ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo had operated an illegal salary structure for himself throughout his tenure.

Tukur who spoke at the Senate, also alleged that Chief Obasanjo similarly operated an illegal revenue sharing formula during his tenure, and funds were only distributed based on mere circular originated by a minister.

Tukur’s bombshell came even as the Senate vowed to work out a new legislation that would mandate the states to make specific contributions from their monthly earnings to their respective councils in accordance with Section 162(7) of the Constitution.

The RMAFC boss, in a meeting yesterday with Senate president, David Mark insisted that it would be illegal for the duo of Yar’Adua and Kutigi to receive salaries unless the National Assembly passed a legislation backing the proposed remuneration for the heads of the executive and judiciary.

Alhaji Tukur tasked the Senate to specifically amend the 2007 Remuneration Act to enable the heads of the judiciary and executive branch of government to benefit from the proposed jumbo salary structure.

He also criticised the last Senate in the delay in the amendment of the revenue sharing formula, insisting that the last administration operated illegal revenue sharing among.

"It is sad that after eight years of democracy, we are yet to have a fair and equitable formula for the distribution of resources for over 140 million Nigerians"

"The formula we use in the distribution of resources is a mere circular by a minister," he lamented.

RMAFC has however proposed 53.69 percent for the Federal Government, 31.10 per cent for the states, and 15.21 percent for the of federally collected revenue councils.

RMAFC is also insisting on payment of oil revenue derivation directly to the oil producing communities, rather than their state governments as the case is currently.

According to him, the failure of the Senate to invoke Section 162(7) of the Constitution was responsible for the poor funding of the councils.

Responding, the Senate president said that the upper chamber of the National Assembly would urgently introduce a new law compelling states to make specific financial contributions to the local governments

Daily Champion

« on: August 02, 2007, 05:03:05 PM »
It surprises me whenever we talk about the Nigerian Police,
its like raising dust in the midst of fog.  The issue is so
terrible, it sometimes rises a hot debate that could not
be so easily done with.  The Nigerian Police have got a
bad image by her consistent brutality and exploitation
of people its supposed to protect and serve with integrity.

Wallahi there are instances were kurukuru, ido na ganin
ido injustice which the ordinary man cannot help but burst
out in tears kuma yaja Allah ya isa - thats the end of the

The Nigerian Police is expected to protect the citizenry
against crimininals and to defend the rights of the masses.
But the story in Nigeria is different.

Check out this Diary

In July 2005, the much celebrated case of the Apo SIX where six promising young men were brutally murdered by a gang of police patrol team in the fabricated tale that they were thieves when it came to the limelight.

Also, the brutal clash between the police and the Army in Ojuelegba area of Lagos left much to be desired from forces that lack the credibility and public confidence to operate in any civil society.

A drive along major Nigerian cities will give much evidence to the sorry sight of the men in black propping their guns at drivers, demanding for particulars that they are not too particular about. Their key interest is in the pockets of drivers, to dig deep into their pockets and dole out naira notes for as little as 20 naira for the most paperless driver to pass through and for the most paperful drivers to be kept haggling and prancing with the cliché: “do you know who I am?” The several road blocks on Nigerian major streets are of little use as the police are only there to enrich themselves and their bosses who post them there to get the returns for such lucrative postings!

To take a case to the police station is like adding gun powder to an already loaded gun. Most people quickly shy away from taking their problems to the police station because it only means more cost for them. One needs to pay for a case file for as high as 2000 naira before the police will even desire to take up the case. Even when they reluctantly do so, they treat the suspect as well as the prosecutor as if it were a favour. Rather than see it as their rightful duty, the police treat cases with an air of nonchalance and undue favouritism that leaves one dismayed. The Police extort monies from all the parties involved in the guise of meting out justice and this scares the populace from ever taking a future case to the police even when it becomes expedient. The Police have become a measure of last resort to Nigerians as the panacea to their problems.

We should learn to first walk within the confines of the law;
for it is only when one is innocent that one can boldly defend
his or her right. In as much as we know that the police are
also capable of abusing such rights of the innocent,
it is still advisable that keeping the law by all and sundry
is a welcome start. When this is done, we should learn
to take up issues involving any police excess brutal behaviour
to a higher authority. Report cases of police abuse directly to
the DPO, the divisional headquarters or even the Commissioner
of police. It will surprise some of us to know that most of these
police abuses are kept from the knowledge of these higher
authorities. People usually think that taking up such cases
further is futile but the contrary is the case. Those high
up in rank feel more of the consequences than those below,
so they take such reports more serious than we can imagine.
It is this negligence by the populace to report such excesses
that has also contributed to the persistence of this police
abuse of power.

So tell me Kliners, any first hand experience on Nigerian
Police Brutality?

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