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« on: June 06, 2003, 03:01:21 AM »
I dont think babaric is the right word to descrite child beating that's a strong or rather harsh word.Sometimes one dosen't know when he/she loses temper which results to beating most of the time..At times when someone beats a child unnecessarily he/ she regrets and at times apologises,but if the child really deserves spanking he really shud be spanked b'cos there r things that when a child does shud be punisshed severely.For example when a child abuses an elderly person he shud be punished else he'll/she'll adopt the habit..
I strongly believe that the best way to raise up a moral child is to ask God almiighty 4 assistance and the mother shud always pray 4 the child to be of good morals;since the mother's du'a is very important......allah ya bamu yaya' masu albarka kuma ya albarkaci zuriyar mu..ameen..
one thing i 4got (this is to my brothers out there)"when looking 4 a wife ku zaabo wadda take da tarbiyya +good upbringing that way u're assured of your children's good upbringing inshaallah

Pages: 1 ... 245 246 [247]

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