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Mirror,I see my picture.
It moves by touching,
but not with legs.
It washes all,
not using hands.
It heals ailement,
no need to research.
Seeing helps the eyes,
here is a vision.
I see many,
far and near.
It carries on its own,
light and heavy.
In it many dies,
and alot are living
with out you we die,
FREIND for ever !!!


Gyrating, side walking the car creeps.

Like     a   cat          it            moves,

Creaky, the hinge of an old   door.

Its       engine     is     a        trumpet,

Waving trees are lost from sight


Pungent, smelling of dead bodies

Congested mucus fills     my nose.

My    ear?s   insensitive to touch,

The dusty wind blows     us     all-

Imponderable sufferings all alone


Complaining of the walk I?m tired,

Meekly myself, I am a pure boy,

Scorched by heat.

Crying bitterly for my soul,

This journey will never END!

:shock:  :roll:


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