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Evidence for the prohibition of smoking

   There are many reasons, any one of which is sufficient to rule smoking prohibited. These reasons or proofs are either verses from the Holy Qur’aan or narrations of Nabi Mohammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam:

Haraam to the Deen

   Smoking spoils a person’s acts of worship and reduces their rewards. For instance, it spoils the prayer, which is one of the five pillars of Deen. Allah’s messenger, Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Whoever eats garlic or onion (raw), let him avoid us and our masjid (mosque), and stay in his home. The angels are surely hurt by things that hurt the human beings” [Al-Bukhaari and Muslim, from Jabir and other Sahaabah (May Allah be pleased with them)].
   Those with clean  and undefiled fitrah (nature) have no doubt, that the smell emanating from the mouth of a smoker is worse and more foul than that from the mouth of one who ate raw garlic or onion. Thus, a smoker is in between two options, either to harm the praying people and the angels with his foul smell, or miss the prayer in jama’ah. Smoking is purely a conglomeration of harming oneself and causing harm to others. A Hadith of Nabi Mohammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam states that: “A person should not commit such acts which are harmful and cause harm to others”
Harm to the Human Body

   No one can deny the harm of smoking to the human body (see chapter four). The medical evidence for this is well established and overwhelming. Islam teaches us to take care of our health and not to destroy it. By smoking, we are causing our own destruction, and Allah’s order in the Qur’aan is clear: “Do not cause your own destruction” (Al-Baqarah Qur’aan 2: 195); “Do not kill yourself, for verily God is ever Merciful towards you” (An-Nisaa’ Qur’aan 2: 29).

Harm to the Mind and Will power

   Although some studies [Rezvani, & Levin. (2001); Gilbert. (1979); Rose,  Anada, Jacqueline  Hart. (2004) & Jarvik (1983)] reported that nicotine and other nicotinic agonists have been found to improve performance on attention, memory tasks, and reduction of stress, smoking is harmful to the human mind and the ability to reason. An obvious demonstration of this is that one who is addicted to it passes through periods of severe craving (see chapter six), making it hard for him to think, concentrate, solve a problem, or do any important task, until he smokes.
   When one smokes, his muscles slacken, and he passes through a brief period of delirium that curtails the thought. His digestive system is also affected, causing him frequent nervousness and trembling of the hands. He passes through periods of excitability, imitation, and insomnia.
Thus, instead of being Allah’s slave, a smoker becomes a slave to his cigarette. He develops a weaker control of his sense and reasoning. The faculty of reasoning, clear and unobstructed, is one of Allah’s great bounties on people. He (SWT) praised it in numerous places of the Qur’aan; He called people to use it to see the truth and obey Him in a better way. He (SWT) said:
           “Allah (SWT) wants to let you into His mercy, whereas
           those who follow the desires want you to drift far away
           (From the right path)” (An-Nisaa’ Qur’aan 4: 27).

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