Author Topic: Gunmen kill 8 policemen in Delta CP’s convoy  (Read 2497 times)

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Gunmen kill 8 policemen in Delta CP’s convoy
« on: March 26, 2009, 04:10:33 PM »
Eight policemen attached to the convoy of the Delta State Commissioner of Police, Mr Jacob Oshiomogor, were killed yesterday during an exchange of gunfire with armed robbers.

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Mr Oshiomogho, however, escaped death by the whiskers. The attack took place at Ekpon, Igueben Local Government Council of Edo State, near Agbor, in Delta State. 

Initially, the whereabouts of the Police chief could not be ascertained, but the Force Public Relations Officer, an ACP (ACP), Emmanuel Ojukwu, who confirmed the incident in Abuja, said Oshiomogho was alive and safe. He, however, could not confirm the number of casualties. 

Oshiomogho who spoke from Police Headquarters in Asaba said that he could not comment on the incident as he was in an emergency meeting.

"I can't talk now because of what happened to me today. I will talk later," he said.

The Command’s Spokesman, Charles Muka, also declined to speak, saying that he was in a meeting.

Oshiomogho, who hails from Ogbona, Etsako Central Local Government Council of Edo State was attacked in his home state as he was returning from Abuja.

  A Police source at the Asaba Police Command Headquarters who pleaded anonymity said the robbers opened fire on the Commissioner’s convoy as soon as they drove by. In the ensuing crossfire, the escort pickup van, which was fully loaded with his security details, was hit.

  "I don't have the full details but I know that he was attacked by robbers and about eight policemen died," the source said.

  Two of the wounded policemen are reportedly receiving treatment in an undisclosed hospital in Delta State.

  At the Delta State Police Headquarters on Okpanam Road, Asaba, all was quiet last night. Two police sentry stood guard while some other policemen were seen discussing the incidence in hushed tone.

  The gunmen are suspected to be robbers whose attempts to rob a bullion van was foiled along the same route earlier in the day.

  Though no official reaction was issued by the Police in Edo State, THISDAY Checks showed that there were blood stains all over the place where the incident occurred.

  Calls put across to the Edo Police Public Relations Officer, Peter Ogboi and the Zone’s Assistant Inspector-General of Police spokesperson, Ebi Erubiri, were not picked. Even the telephone lines of the State Commissioner, Danlami Yar’Adua, were switched off.

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Re: Gunmen kill 8 policemen in Delta CP’s convoy
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2009, 05:11:11 PM »
It is always very interesting to note how senior police officers are never available for comment after incidents like this occur. The press as seen in the article tried so hard to get a hold of Senior law enforcement personnel, but they couldn't. It is almost as if they all went into hiding. They won't even take calls to their cell phones. The entire situation is odd. After such a daring gun fight in which police officers were fatally shot, you would expect such a visible and high profile press conference by joint divisions of law enforcement. One would expect a statewide manhunt for the gunmen, and a minute to minute update by the press alongside the police till the culprits are apprehended.

If gunmen can very daringly engage the Police Commissioner's convoy, that should tell law enforcement that such men/women are extremely dangerous and should be taken off our streets immediately. What prevents such gunmen from killing anyone that stands in their way? The Police is supposed to be in control of public safety and not cede that control to criminals. Given this incident, the public is probably living in a state of panic, yet the police has failed to offer any kind of safety assurances or calm their fears.

In some ways I feel for the Policemen and women out there working in less than ideal conditions. The news story says the police convoy in a pick up truck was hit by rounds of bullets. I must say, having your policemen driving in the back of Nissan pick up trucks as patrol vehicle is not a very smart thing to do. They are essentially moving targets for any group of armed bandits willing and ready eliminate law enforcement personnel. Driving in the backs of pick up vehicles is a safety hazard as well.

I believe it is about time to dismantle the Nigerian police force and cede the authority of creating law enforcement units to the states. This way, each state becomes responsible for hiring, maintaining, equipping, training, and paying its own law enforcement agency. However, the Federal government should maintain a measure of Federal jurisdiction and internal oversight over certain operational and even administrative areas. The Federal policing system is clearly not working. The police is not winning the war against crime, and it is time to rethink the organizational overhaul of this very ineffective and inefficient agency.   


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