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the chillin ones
« on: November 21, 2002, 01:58:51 AM »
8)it's saturday night and u r driving ur car
u can only have three other people in the car with u
as u drive u and ur friends start chillin with somemusic
so,there u r chillin with some music with three other people
all of a sudden this reckless driver hits u in the back
the car goes out of control,hit a speed bump and the car flips upside down beside the roadu lay there crying coz u r in so much pain,u hear nuthin but silence,u try to yall out to ur friens,but u r in so much pain and shock,yhe words cant come out,u lay there for about 2 mins,but to u it seems like 120 mins,u finally hear something,u hear the ambulance and u have never felt more relieved,u lay there in the ambulance thinking about ur family,friends,skool,old friends,lovers,past holidays,u start to pray for the other ppl in the car and ur self,u start thinkin,am i going to die.'where r ma friends are they going to die,wats  hapenning to me,u never get to see them for u, u died too,u start thinking,the car was the last car you were ever in with ur friends,the three ppl were the last ppl u ever saw,the song u were chillin to was the last song u ever heard,u wished u could have the chance to tell every1 u loved them?u wished u could have told ur parents u loved them one last time?don't u wish u could have kissed ur girlfriend one last time,dont u wish u could have hug ur girlfriend one last time.


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