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DISCLAIMER: {This web site contains information about and regarding among others, present-day Kano State of Nigeria. However, the information here is not necessarily sanctioned by or is not an official information from the Government of Kano State of Nigeria.}

Brief information

Kano started as far back as the 6th century A. D. after some Maguzawa settled around the Dala, Gwauron Dutse and Fanisau hills.

The first haɓe ruler of Kano was Bagauda, who ruled for about 66 years, was the son of Bawo and grandson of Bayajidda.

During the reign of the 11th Haɓe ruler, Yaji (1359-1385), Kano witnessed an era of prosperity. It was at that time that the Wangara merchants and Islamic scholars introduced Islam.

During the reign of Muhammadu Rumfa (1463-1499), Islam consolidated and it was at that time that the first Kano central mosque was build.

In the early 19th century, the Fulani Jihad (Islamic holy war) was waged against Kano by Usman [an fodio and that ended the Ha~e dynasty and brought the establishment of the Fulani dynasty. Sulaiman (1805-1819) was the first Fulani Emir and Alhaji Ado Bayero came to the throne in 1963, is the 13th Fulani Emir of Kano.

The British, under the command of Col. Morland with about 800 soldiers attacked and occupied Kano on the 2nd of February 1903. The 7th emir of Kano Alu, was away to Sokoto when Kano was occupied; he was captured, dethroned and exiled to Lokoja where he died in 1926.

When modern Kano State was created in 1967 and formally came in to being on April 1st 1968, it had a population of over 11 million, covered an area of about 16,630 square miles and had four separate emirates Kano, Ha]ejia, Gumel & Kazaure. Today, because of Jigawa State being carved out of Kano State, the population is 5.6 Million (1991), cover an area of 20,760 Sq. Km and has one emirate Kano.

Ethnic composition: Mostly Hausa and Fulani; others include the Ibos, Yoruba, Kanuri, Arabs, Nupe, and Tiv.
Languages: Hausa predominates. English is the official language. Arabic is also spoken.
Religion: Islam is the principal religion.
Population: 5.8 Million (1991), 9.4 Million (1991).

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