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General Board / Re: Roman Catholic Church and child sex abuse.
« on: September 16, 2019, 01:16:29 AM »

General Board / Roman Catholic Church and child sex abuse.
« on: October 27, 2005, 01:26:16 AM »
:D  :D  :D , C'mon admin !!!!!!  talk about censorship !!!!! who says P?nis is a curse word? I cant believe ya'll altered that ?????????? I think we are all adults in here right ?  :D  :D  :D  :D this beats me. Hey I challenge that. I want my rights to self expression  :lol:  :lol: I meen ya'll need to take things in context.  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

I think the word "thingy" is much more vulgar than "P?nis"  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

General Board / Roman Catholic Church and child sex abuse.
« on: October 27, 2005, 01:17:16 AM »
Brother Waziri

I find myself utterly incapable of surmounting the urge to always respond to your opinions  :)  You are simply irresistible!

Shall we?
You remarked: ?But what I successfully did above was to question the basis of that belief which I called assumption.?

In contrast, the only thing you successfully did was to land yourself yet in another quagmire of contradiction, all the while failing to address any of the grave concerns I sought to bring to light.

I tried to stress the point that; I do not give two damns about where and how the practice of child abuse occurs, long as it does, that my concerns are solely and entirely rooted in the mental and physical consequences of the practice, that the molestation of an 11year old is equally (in my eyes) as condemnable in a Liverpool back alley as it is in the confines of a husband?s home in Zaria.

I also find it equally appalling and mind boggling that you question my reasons on the basis that; ?If an eleven year old can have sex and conceive leading to safe delivery why must we consider it an aberration to give out an 11 year old out in marriage??. This in itself is an alarming ?flat categorisation? a perilous one at that, because you are quite simply restricting the function of the female gender within our society to sexual pleasure and reproductive purposes. In the very same machismo manner that initially denied the woman the right to make decisions about the usage of her own body!!!.

This gives birth to many questions including;
1-   If an 11 year old can even give an informed consent on such life impacting decisions as Marriage and Sex?
2-   While an 11 year old is ?technically? able to voice consent, shall any sound thinking adult trust the 11 year olds mental and experiential capacity to process and comprehend the magnitude of what she/he is consenting to?
3-   The great Age disparities that are often characteristic of such ceremonies cause one to wonder if there can ever be justice and balance in such a relationship.
4-   (As I pointed out earlier) sexual activity in young girls has been linked to such devastating upshots like irregular pap smears, cervical cancer later in adulthood, excessive difficulty at child delivery due to poor or under development of certain body parts, undue suffering during pregnancy etc??.so are we to accept that since there are isolated cases where the above did not happen, we can qualify all 11 year olds to be eligible for sexual intercourse?
5-   Also while an 11 year old female might be physically able to accommodate an adult?s penis, does she posses the emotional development to deal with the many connotations that accompany it?
6-   Let?s not overlook the fact that social and religious settings often prevent a thorough scientific inquiry into the victims as exemplified by the condemnation of the US Congress of Rind et al.


Its amazing that you do not notice the inconsistency in your statements bro. would you please point out the difference between; ?forcing an 11 year old into marriage? and ?GIVING her out in marriage? because I see no difference whatsoever. Both you and I are aware that; 11 year olds in Nigeria are not customarily allowed the privilege to be as defiant as to refuse a chosen husband. And to ?give out? something suggest ownership of that thing. So why pretend that 11 year old girls have any rights to self determination? Why not just come out and say: Yes our society grants no rights to 11 year old girls? including the right to determine the direction of their lives.  

Another thing is (and this is absolutely besides the point) I notice how you repeatedly seek to find flaws in the so called ?Western? way of life and highlight them for me in our many discourses. I have said this before, and will continue saying it for as long as it persists; Maqari does not represent or advocate any cultural ideology or condone such easy tendencies. I simply take and try to use what I find virtuous, and denounce what is contrary, from the diverse cultures I?m exposed to, be it Western, Eastern, Confucian or Slavic, point blank.

And of course I apologize if I?m mistaken in the above assumption.

Peace, One.

PS. As much as I despise the bush Family (and would have loved your claim above to be true 8) ) I must point out that public records have the marriage date of George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara Pierce (the mother of George W Bush) as; January 6, 1945. while a different entry has her birth date as June 8, 1925. Making her exactly one year the former president?s junior. You do the math.

Aright this is starting to feel more like a Trivial Pursuit than a convo? so??????

Peace ya?ll, ONE. mo? time

General Board / Roman Catholic Church and child sex abuse.
« on: October 23, 2005, 03:44:56 PM »
Moray, Thanks for the kind response. I'm glad we got that cleared.

I do not in any sense undermine the perversive problems concerning the issue of celibacy and the Catholic Church. however I'm not so sure that the muslim communities are innocent. the case of Mallam Musa is a fictional example of the situation not a real occurrance. but trust me, I have witnessed much more often than I'm proud of; a  prepubescent/adolescent child getting groomed and sent on her way to the dungeons of marriage in my own extended family. and YES nothing was done about it. so quite frankly, Yes. the problem of pedophilia is existent as much within the mentality of the elderly husband as it is within the mind of the lonely priest.

as you noted; Two wrongs do not make one right. but dwelling on somebody else's wrongs is; as equally distracting from correcting our own flaws.

Peace, ONE

General Board / America:Btw. politico-religious separation and terror.
« on: October 23, 2005, 03:14:19 PM »
Damn! I can't believe I missed this one ??????????


Call it "arrogance", call it "utopianism", or you can call it "secularism" for all I care, but the fact remains; your article is plagued with more contradiction than speaches of pro lifers who support the death penalty. Mallam was indeed very kind in his responses. in any other true intellectual debate your premisses would have been simply inadmissable and unfit for consideration.


Billy Graham's daughter is not exactly what I would call a neutral ice breaker for this particular thread. nuff said.


As usual, you made some really interesting and insightful remarks. from my personal observations, your level of tolerence and persistance in some of the thorniest topics of these forums indicate a great deal of sincerity of your intentions to better our communities. and for that I salute you bro.

However, there is a minor Chronological detail in one of your above posts that I think requires correction and or discussion, at the least. you asserted; "also remember that the originators of democracy were romans (i stand to be corrected)"

actually the first recorded and arguably the most successful and significant Democracy in the ancient times was; that of Athens. not Rome as you stated. A look at the word "democracy" itself will reveal it's rather Greek origins. the word "δημοκρατία"= Dee-muk-ra-tee-ya, was coined by the Athenians to describe their system of governance. furthermore, it was pretty much the first and last example of "Direct Democracy". A system that runs on decisions by majority rule not selected officials because of the then conventional belief that; the latter would empoverish the power of the people and morph into an oligarchy. albeit the system could be viewed to have been only half functional because  of the highly ristricted citezenship and the Macho nature of the elctorate, it still remains the best example.

in fact it was not until the 5th Century BC. after the Peloponnesian War, the division of the Greek states and Spartan's repression of Democratic Ideas, that the Roman Republic later adopted some sort of a dysfunctional semi-repesentative-democratic system that was highly rigged in favor of the popular assemblies passing laws that ultimately just serve the interest of the wealthy and "well born" from whom the elected leaders came anyways. thus, many intellectuals and historians of the subject dismiss the Roman Republic as "undemocratic".

in retrospect you your statement is ironically somewhat true in respect that; our modern day democracies tend to resemble more the Roman system than the original Greek model. but then our politicians are neither historians nor intellectuals :lol:  :lol:  :lol: .

Back to the original subject.......... 'In my opinion' for any Muslim (or anyone else) to claim that; its only through strict religious alliegence that one can forge a sense of morality, its to contradict what I found in the Qu'an to be the most fundamental nature of moral.= Its Virtue.

In Surat-ul-Rahman = " Chapter of the Merciful" after a lengthy discussion on cause and effect, actions and their consequences, a verse concluded; "wa hal jazaa'ul Ihsaani illal Ihsan?" = "and (afterall) isn't virtue a reward in itself?" it's my personal favorite in the Qur'an.  

Peace, ONE

« on: October 20, 2005, 09:48:22 PM »
Mr. Zizo, Some really wise points you raised there.

General Board / The One Million Naira Question...
« on: October 20, 2005, 09:44:55 PM »
Hopla !!! :o  :o  there go the economical heavy weighters. it would have taken me a few to come up with half of that. impressive really how certain heads understand money.

General Board / Roman Catholic Church and child sex abuse.
« on: October 20, 2005, 09:20:23 PM »
Alright Moray, let us set the terms straight (clearly so) to avoid further complications.

First of all, I do not for an instance think that there is anything humorous about ?child abuse? whatever be its nature. Second, the practice shall and must be (for the lack of better word) condemned and punished accordingly when and where ever it occurs.

I hope we are clear? Now, what caused me to laugh was rather: the clumsy way in which you went about forming your argument. As you noted; one first needs suspicion to launch an investigation. Yet you failed to mention that this suspicion begs to be supplemented with a cause and or reasons much firmer than the inadmissible assumption that; if certain groups are known to be alike in some respect, then they must certainly Also be alike in all others, because this simply just isn?t true.

And yes sexual abstinence that is coerced from repression of natural desires could (and in many cases did) ?ironically? mutate into some gravely undesirable tendencies. And that; the many ?incidents? within The Catholic Church at the places mentioned afore are blatant examples of the problem. Still this does not provide you with enough grounds to accuse Nigerian Priests of the practice. Your point of attack is the principle of celibacy, which (from my non Christian understanding) does not always necessarily lead to ?child abuse? and when well practiced can be a respectable discipline that allows the practitioner to devout greater energy towards the service of their people.  

Assuming that by ?child abuse? you specifically mean those cases in relation to sex or (to be precise) Pedophilia. I shall add that: In decrying the practice I?m in no way pushing for one religious belief to police the other because it disagrees with some of the other?s constituent parts.

I decry it because the practice targets children, who are yet to develop any tangible understanding of the putative physical, medical, emotional, and social upshots of sexual intercourse.
Because of the terminal-damaging effects on the victim, as can only come from such inhumane abuse of position and power. Furthermore, sexual intercourse with pre-pubescent females is been strongly suspected to be linked with cervical cancer.

The above reasons then compel me to ask you; if your concern is genuine, what then do you say about our communities that often set the age of consent so low that it practically encompasses every single one of the concerns I mentioned?

Shouldn?t you be more worried about (for example) Mallam Musa who marries off his 11 year old daughter to the elderly wealthy local merchant in order to win himself some favors from the latter?

because doing otherwise will be the equivalent of saying;  "child abuse" is evil 'unless' with social and parental agreement.

Peace, ONE

General Board / Roman Catholic Church and child sex abuse.
« on: October 19, 2005, 01:34:21 AM »
:lol:  :lol:  :lol: @ Mr Moray, You appear to have gotten the legal procedure backwards ! (one first needs a reason to investigate a situation) there is enough crime to prosecute as it is buddy, and no need whatsoever to invent some new ones.

the problem you referred to in your post is neither endemic nor exclusive of any set of religious belief system. it's a personal failure of an individual to triumph his/her reason and moral over desire and can be (in fact it is) found within any society regardless of its conventional princples.

at the very least though, the post was sort of amusing lol.

Peace bro, ONE

General Board / what do you want to know about new york????????????????
« on: October 09, 2005, 07:43:19 AM »
Alhj. Aminu

     LOL. Sounds like the good Ol? boogie down traumatized you (you should've accepted my offer on the phone and stayed at the safer Williamsburg) if I was you I?d do what Americans do best and ?sue the bastards? I?d take Pataki or Bloomberg straight to Bleeker and start making all sorts of liability demands  :) ???I do have to admit that the roaches jab is both true and hilarious!   :D  I promise you, the city hasn?t always been that way, they only brought in the roaches in the early 80?s (along with crack) to combat, the then ?growing concern about the NY Rat population? that was starting to exceed ?in overwhelming numbers? the human inhabitans of the city. It was an ingenious initiative. the roaches soon multiplied and ran the rats out of town. Aright I?m just ?bugging? but seriously someone does need to do something about that.

On a more serious tone though I guess my whole point (which I thought I made lucidly clear) was: one city is just as good as the next (as clich? as that sounds). It?s totally dependant on your personal experience and how you interpret them. I have just as much cherished memories from Cairo, Frankfurt or Katsina as I do from NY. Besides both you and I know that NY isn?t the worst place to live in the US. I?ve been to parts of this country (namely in the south) that challenged everything I thought I knew about the ?developed world?.  

As I?m sure there are people living in Kandahar Afghanistan that would rather tough it out through amazing calamities than abandon their beloved city. I personally am extremely curious about the myriad of diversities in the world, hence I rather try to just learn, socialize and enjoy my visits and residency at any host place I find myself hurled to, than: insistently grouch about their short comings. There is a beautiful verse from the Koran in the topic of traveling that concludes ?Famshu fiy Manaakibihaa wa Kulu min rizqih? = ?thus traverse on her (the world) tracts and nourish from the variety of her wealth?. Call me an ?internationalist?.

you offered your opinions on the city from your stand point and I did from mine. thats all there is to it.

Peace, One

  Hafsy_Lady.  99.9 percent of your post above has zero relevancy to this particular thread. The issue at discourse here (at least as I thought) is explicitly: people?s ?personal experience? with a distinct city in the United States. Not the political hegemony of America as an Imperial State. You and I (as you indicated) have been in the forums long enough to know that: discussing the latter would only amass a series of agreement from the majority of the forumites (including myself). This, in conversations, is customarily referred to as ?Intellectual Masturbation?, in which I have no wish to indulge.

By all means though if you want to discuss CondoLEEZZA Rice, the Iraqi Ordeal, Katrina's aftermath, Bush or anybody else from the administration for that matter (and NO everything does not relate to that), I ?personally? have no objections. but I think you should make that cohesively clear to the fellow forumites, if only to deflect confusion.

General Board / what do you want to know about new york????????????????
« on: October 08, 2005, 08:45:43 AM »
Oops!! That must've struck a nerve, aight Naijagal (although I dont know what I'm apologizing for) my bad for making you upset. it really was'nt my intention. It must be the French humor starting to take a hold of me.

on the flip side though.............. you seem not to get my drift on the transexual issue. not to be blunt, but I'm trying to give you a "heads up !" on a blatant contradiction in your post, you claimed "not to be a basher on trangenders" then in the very next sentence you say "but im speaking of some of the flaws your city has" so why am I the only one among the two of us that appears to notice the inconsistency? on one hand you assert not to have any problems with homosexuals and on the other you regard their presence in a city as a "flaw" ? please do elaborate.............

General Board / what do you want to know about new york????????????????
« on: October 08, 2005, 04:03:17 AM »

have you ever come across the old saying "oftentimes its best to remain silent and be thought stupid, than speak and remove all doubts" ? perhaps you should heed to that.

how can you 'in the same breath' accuse someone of manifesting hatred then turn around and rebuke a city on basis of the lifestyle of certain inhabitants ? something just dosen't add up here  :? in case you never considered the odds, gay bashing is and will continue to be 'Hatred' in it's most blatant form.

but then deducing from your comment "dont be mad when one day im the one who will be signing your checks" things seem to only make a tangible sense to you in terms of monetary sums. in which case you should seriously consider a new hang out. I will suggest the over pricey restaurants on Rector and Nassau streets for apparent reasons, lots of preppy "golden boys/girls" and It's within walking proximity of the financial district. but most certainly not Hausa fulani forums, you are a long way from wall street here buddy.

Peace, One

General Board / what do you want to know about new york????????????????
« on: October 07, 2005, 05:14:55 AM »
Alhj. Aminu

I don?t know when the issue of residential location started commanding such relevancy but I do have a couple of things to say in regard to your comments.

As a young man who spent ?literary? the bulk of his life on the road I couldn?t afford the luxury of pledging allegiance to any one place, nor do I harbor the desire to. For No flourishing oasis has yet been able to quench with finality my thirst for the desert heat, nor has any tropical aroma ever managed to terminally cure my nostrils from their addiction to the oily metallic scent of a Brooklyn bound L train, and vis-?-vis.
But as someone who spent the last five years living and working in New York, I couldn?t possibly remain silent at your stereo typical conclusions on the city.

See, us New Yorkers (with the suggested exclusion of Naijagal :) ) love ?the rotten apple? sweet and bruised, sinister and romantic (and NO I don?t mean Frank Sinatra or those touristy horse and carriage rides through Central Park). Its exactly those contrasting qualities that make living in Gotham such a rollercoaster. For me, it?s the shear velocity of life her Cosmopolitan streets and the tranquility of a simple walk with a friend along the Hudson's muddy banks, its the energy that radiates from Franklin avenue in one of those Brooklyn summer afternoons and the jazzy Spanish Harlem nights, it?s the old timers playing chess on tenement benches and schooling us on the low key record stores, the occasional debates with conservative professors at Union Square, the simmering hot days of Astoria Queens with elders lounging on the front stoop watching young kids busting fire hydrants. The Icy cold night freestyle sessions in front of the Nuyorican Caf?, its digging through crates of second hand books (that stretch for miles) at the Strand book store, it?s the acoustic of The Carnegie Hall while listening to Ashkenazy play the Beethoven's Eroica 3, the delicateness and vigor of a talented single mother trying to survive on America?s fastest playground, the miraculous resilience of the working class within the most capitalistic city on the planet, the fight 'with uncompromising fervor' of the gifted aspiring minds to maintain within a city that bares its snister claws at them in a perpetual pushfoward to make profit, the  the grimy streets of south Bronx, Italian icies and sundaes, its that new york state of mind, that gritty integrity, the youthfully radical Art scenes of Williamsburg, its Andy Warhol, its Fat Beats, It?s the exhibitions on Chelsea and Soho (not to be confused with the trendy-trust fund- mid town-hipster-stuff. I'm talking about the raw uncut shyt.) , and for many, it?s the memory of what and how it was.

it would be an understatement to say that New York has it?s fair share of the dramatic crime rate in the US but c?mon akh! Philly? You kidding me ? my crew and I did a mural last year as a part of the city?s famed Mural Arts Program in north Philly at Cecil B Moore and Germantown to be exact, and almost got killed working. One of my colleagues had a fully loaded 45 pulled at him on a different occasion and another was seriously wounded from a stray shot. Being in South Philly is like a bid in Fallujah when it comes to gun play. Don?t know much about Boston but from what I heard it isn?t a vacation to the Bahamas either. Albeit I have to admit that I love Frisco but knowing how homophobic you are I?d say you might want to review that choice as well.

the bit about your car almost being jacked in the boogie down was awful, That would?ve sucked.

Peace, ONE.

PS. this is totally off topic ranting but........ I just read about this off the wall law that was passed in FL. about the right  of the state's arm bearing citezens to fire at suspects with intention to kill if they feel thretened in what they term "meet force with force" including deadly force. as opposed to the precedent law that advices would-be victims to flee when possible. the law also asks that prosecutors must automatically presume that would-be victims feared for their lives if attacked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????? must've took some serious facist NRA lobbyist pyramids of leagal paper work and a few million dollars. my question is: in the wake of Katrina's violent outburst, how can any US state legislate or even consider giving its citezen the right not just to bear arms but also legally use them in a criterion as abstract as "feeling threatened"? I dont think it gets more mind boggling.

« on: October 06, 2005, 03:42:40 AM »

General Board / what do you want to know about new york????????????????
« on: October 06, 2005, 03:20:18 AM »
:lol: This is sort of amusing, In a mid-townish kind of way, I can almost hear that annoying voice on WBLS singing "EXPEEDIA DOT COMMMMMMMM" when did Travel Agencies decide to improve their PR services by participating in cyber forums ?  :)

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