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General Board / Let the Igbos have the presidency in 2007!
« on: September 03, 2005, 05:31:47 PM »
that is nonsense, Nobody is stopping the igbo to be president. If they want to be president , let them run 2007. I believe they should be no zoning. Let  people run based on thier merit, and not based on thier tribe.  if any igbo want to run for election let them go ahead. No one can hand over the presidency to anyone. Obasanjo is not president because yorubas voted for him. He is not running the yoruba term, he is running his term. Let people stop using tribe as a means of getting power, let bring it to the person.

watch Daily NTA news and other nigeriamovies and  and listen to radio in 16 station ..  on and hausa radio





General Board / Re: Resource Control: MY silly solution!?!
« on: July 07, 2005, 05:51:47 PM »
Quote from: "alhaji_aminu"
Salam all.
Its myadudu. I have changed my screen name to alhaji_aminu
I'll go right to the point. The NPRC is experiencing a crises which seems to defy a negotiated solution. The key sticking point, as most will guess, is money- the money derived from OIL. Our brothers in the Niger Delta are clamoring for an increase in the derivation formula (from 13% to 25%). The northern delegates are opposed to such an increase.

What I have realised is that both sides have valid arguments. On the side of the South-South, they feel, and rightly so, that resources found in "their" backyard are not benefitting them as they should; showing enironmental degradation and pollution to prove their case.
The Northerners on the other hand are saying, these resource belong to the federal governemnt and the current 13% regime is doing enough to alleviate what ever suffering they endure as  a result of the oil mining. They also say, increasing the derivation formula to say, 25% will cause serious injuries to the effective governance of their states.

My take on the situation is that, the oil producing communities do deserve better why? because the acceptable practice the world over is for the people located closest to a mineral resource to derive the most benefit from it. And how, you might ask, can we ensure this in NIgeria?

 The answer is simple. We need to abolish the 13% derivation formula and desolve the NDDC. We then replace them with a "20%" package targeted specifically at the communities. The 20% should come directly from the federal government share of the revenue.  

The North and the nation will not be adversely affected by this. In the mean time, the governement must put in concerted efforts towards reviving the neglected agricultural sector in Nigeria. And by putting concerted effort, I mean allocating 15% of our budget towards the sector in the form of subsidies and infrastructure. The north should insist on having the FSPC plant in Kaduna and NAFCON in porthacourt  rehabilitated to supply fertilizers to the farmers. The north should also make sure that the steyr plant in Bauchi is put back into operation and subsequently provide 100 tractors for every local government area.

I think if these recommendations are considered, we might witness the much sought agricultural revolution in NIgeria.

So what do you think of the current impasse? is there a way out?

ps: before you start cracking, think of you'll do if oil was found in your back yard- Ie think objectively.


Really I believe you are right, but I would like to give another solution..

Let us give them 40% .on offshore production. and the govt keep 100% for onshore..  we only produce 25% offshore.. and 75% of onshore.
And the money should not be given to the state, but be shared to oil producing local govt, and NOT community.  NDDC is nonsence just so big men stealling money..

listen to nigeria first online Television and Nigeria radio, and 30 more Tv station

listen to nigeria first online Television and Nigeria radio, and 12 more Tv station

Quote from: "Abduldansadau"
Plz Let we Northerners have admission in any of our northern Universities which enable us to progress morethan the present day we are.
Because we northerners for some time we are facing a problem when we want to join some university like ABU Zaria,BUK kano, UDUS etc if we go for either Undergraduate or Graduate course, why?

with your english Brother you need alot of work to get into the university. Take time to improve your self, then you would get in. even in one of the good school in the south, The problem is not that you are from the north, but that you need to work on yourself.

General Board / reply now
« on: May 03, 2005, 04:24:56 PM »
Nuruddeen, You did not have reply  to my question

When are your figure, did you start from the start and see how i was able to proof my fact.

Watch  nigeria first online Television  and Nigeria radio, and 60 more Tv station around the world.

Watch  nigeria first online Television  and Nigeria radio, and 60 more Tv station around the world.[/quote]

Quote from: "Nuruddeen"
The guy who initiated this topic is dead wrong. He is just trying to play to the gallery but I will soon furnish him with the correct figures.

When are your figure, did you start from the start and see how i was able to proof my fact.

listen to nigeria first online Television  and Nigeria radio, and 12 more Tv station

listen to nigeria first online Television  and Nigeria radio, and 12 more Tv station

General Board / North and 2007 Election
« on: March 14, 2005, 06:10:17 PM »
So what is your point

thank you too

listen to nigeria radio and watch television live

listen to nigeria radio and watch television live

General Board / From katsina
« on: March 03, 2005, 06:13:17 PM »
Quote from: "meg"
Thank you everyone for responding and sharing your route experiences with me   :D  

very much appreciated.

thank you too

listen to nigeria radio and watch television live

listen to nigeria radio and watch television live

Census 2005: What Makes Nigerians Wary

Hassan S. Indabawa


Ordinarily no one should be wary by the Government?s attempt to conduct a head count exercise. Not so in Nigeria . And indeed not under the tutelage of the present Obasanjo administration.

It should however be noted that no one is implying that Obasanjo administration cannot conduct a successful headcount. Far from it. What is obvious from obasanjo?s antecedent is that his administration, whose legality is being challenged before the courts of law, cannot conduct a credible and acceptable population census.


Even though that all the past exercises were also marred by controversies and unacceptability, the 2005 census exercise would unarguably end up in a like manner, despite all the ?promises? by the organizers, that they hope to break this trend by using ?Satellite imaging not only to count people, but also dwellings in Nigeria?.


Curiously, it is the planned deployment of this satellite technology that made most observers to be skeptical about the whole exercise.


The Government has reportedly directed the National population commission (NPC) to use images from the NigeriaSat-1 satellite to reduce ?human error? in 2005 National population census.


The Director-General of the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), Professor Ajayi Boroffice, on 4th May last year, has said that this collaboration is important because only space maps would produce ?reliable? results in delineation of several settlements scattered across large expanse of land in the country.


However Prof. Boroffice?s pronouncement only amplifies the persistent argument of some hard line Southern elites, which have been becoming more strident over the past one year. Indeed, even president Obasanjo has lent his support to this line of thinking by implying that the data and image to be used in capturing ?rooftops? of villages that cluster each location of the country, would be used to determine the actual population of these settlements.


Good, one would say. But why do Obasanjo administration appears to be so eager to use satellite imaging in determining the actual population figure of Nigerians? More so, why do Southern elite, particularly Christian South, are so keen in applauding the imaging system as a panacea to an in-accurate census figure?


The answer to these innocuous questions is not far fetched: The census figures since 1952, has always been contested by the South. This is because as we all know, population figure largely determines the distribution of fiscal allocation and political power.


It is on this premise that population of a particular group can to a large extent, enhance it?s stake on the political power play of the nation. This realization ostensibly galvanized the South in to hammering in to the ears of all those who care to listen, that all the past census exercises were deliberately skewed to favour the North.


And now that the South has tasted power by Obasanjo presidency, the Southern elite are hell bent in reversing the demographic representation of Nigeria . This, they would do by decapitating the supremacy of an established Northern population.


Thus, the debut of the NigeriaSat-1 satellite programme that would provide ?sharp and accurate? data and image of estimated 47,032 towns and settlements that dots the Nigerian landscape. The NigeriaSat-1 satellite was nonetheless launched on 27 September, 2003 .


However, any keen and dispassionate observer can easily understand that there is more to the programme than what appears to be on the surface. The South, characteristically rallied behind, and applauded president Obasanjo for finally resolving to address the ?National Question?. Infact, the census was supposed to be conducted in 2001, but OBJ inexplicably refuses which clearly contravenes the Nigerian constitution.


Then if the rooftop images are going to be the determining factor in ascertaining the population density of a settlement, as asserted by president Obasanjo in May last year, and vociferously expounded by some notable southern elite, then there is indeed a plan to rig the forth coming census exercise (as they did the 2003 General elections).


The president had made an impression that it would be impossible for any one [from the North?] to ascribe a population of lets say ? 10,000 people to a village shown on the satellite monitor to posses not more than 30 rooftops.


Pre-empting the public consciousness that satellite images so far recorded had indicated that South is more densely populated than the North, is also a pointer to the insidious plan of Obasanjo administration to tinker with the 2005 National population figure.


And also this is why the North should naturally suspect the motive behind being so enthusiastic by the Obasanjo apologists, in flaunting the imaging system as a determinant in aggregate demographic representation of Nigerians.


Paucity of their reasoning presumably even emboldened them to claimed that the whole North-West comprises of only 8632 towns and cities in a country of 47000 settlement, thus representing only 18.38% of the Nigerian land mass. Whereas the South-West have 14403 settlements representing 30.6% of Nigeria land mass with a population making up of 29.57 million as against the North-West?s 16.47% million!


Not only that, they have already ?analyzed? and got hold of an ?accurate? 2005 census figure in advance. According to these ?pundits?, if Prof. Ajayi Boroffice?s (also a Yoruba Southern xtian) satellite images and data are correct, the order of Nigeria ?s population according to state by state, should be in this order:


1]       Lagos                    13]     Osun           25]     Abia            

2]       Oyo                      14]     Edo              26]     Jigawa

3]       Ogun                     15]     Delta            27]     Ekiti

4]       Kaduna                  16]     River           28]     Zamfara

5]       Ondo                    17]     Borno                   29]     Sokoto

6]       Kwara                   18]     Imo             30]     Taraba

7]       Benue                     19]     Anambra      31]     Nassarawa

8]       Kogi                      20]     Plateu          32]     Ebonyi

9]       Kano                      21]     Niger            33]     Kebbi

10]     Adamawa              22]     Enugu           34]     Gombe

11]     Bauchi                   23]     Katsina        35]     Bayelsa

12]     Cross river            24]     Akwa Ibom  36]     Yobe



These enigmatic projections are by all means ridiculous, as they are also laughable. However, they actually represent the mindset of typical southern chauvinists. Therefore, my sincere advice is that if nothing else was done to frustrate this reckless balderdash, president Obasanjo in his usual guile effrontery, would present Nigerians with these egregious claims as ?accurate facts?.


Another issue that would make Nigerian Muslims to be skeptical about Obasanjo?s sincerity in conducting a credible population head count, is his perceived Christinasation agenda of Nigeria . Despite the fact that Muslims in Nigeria constitute the majority in population, Obasanjo is seen to be marginalizing Nigerian Muslims in most of the Federal appointments.


Recently, some notable Islamic organizations had to come out openly and cautioned him on his ?creeping marginalizition? of Nigerian Muslims. They cited as injustice; his lopsided appointments in to federal cabinet and other key federal positions. Indeed since the advent of Obasanjo?s second term tenure, there seem to be an orchestrated design to subdue Islam, which has already manifested in his recent appointment of advisers and certain key positions.


Therefore, it is logical for the Muslims to be wary of the whole exercise, as the administration could consider disfavouring Muslims, by tilting the census figure to their detriment. Even though Gov. Ahmed Makarfi of Kaduna State has threatened to mount a boycott if the issue of religion and ethnicity were included in the questionnaire, the last of this issue may not have come to a definite end. Surprisingly, the NPC Chairman Mr. Sama?ila Makama also appeared to be convinced by this argument, he noted; ?Since each religious and ethnic group would prefer numerical superiority over the other, it might be safer to ignore religion and ethnicity since there would be the temptation by each group to explore ways to have an edge over the other.?


The National Council of State, a body which includes the president, the 36 state governors and former heads of state also decided to approve the avoidance of religious and ethnic affiliation of respondents to the questionnaire.


The United Nations however believed otherwise. The international body recommends that census forms must include questions on these issues. So was Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).  Therefore, it remains to be seen on how our president, who is ever eager to kowtow to international biddings and bend to the wishes of his Christian brethren would wriggle out of this ephemeral cul-de-sac.


One does not need a crystal ball to foretell the probable action of President Obasanjo. Despite the Federal Government budgeting of N40 billion for the exercise, some international organizations and foreign countries have already pledged to assist.


Britain ?s Department for International Development is providing satellite imaging at a cost of almost $60,000. The European Union (EU) is also supporting the head count with funding of 113.5m euros to aid the ?successful? implementation of the census. United Nations population fund, USAID, DFID and UNDP have also all pledged ?assistance? with the census. And president Obasanjo had given them an assurance that the funds would be utilize to ensure ?value for money?.


From the foregoing, we can safely conclude that the 2005 National population headcount may after all end up being controversial and may as well spark off law suits just like the past census exercises.


The Obasanjo administration for being openly unfair to the Muslims, is not best suited to conduct a credible and acceptable National head count at the moment.


What is now required of the Muslim leaders, and their organizations is to reach out to other patriotic Nigerians and civil organizations in order to put a keen eye on the conduct of the whole exercise. This should be concerted and absolute. Their uncompromising participation could go a long way in obtaining an independent view on the collation and interpretation of the demographic data.


Nevertheless, president Obasanjo?s inexplicable shifting of the time-table for the exercise from 2001 to the present; in which most of the fundamental economic and political restructuring is being tailored, had cast aspersions on the census exercise, just like his other programmes which were widely perceived to be a well laid out plan, being unfolded to permanently re-draw the politico-economic landscape of Nigeria.











Dear Indabawa, I hope you read this, it would not cost your people hausa/fulani less than $30,000. to go to china or india and get the satellite imagine of nigeria, If Prof Ajayi manupulate the satellite images, I would think the chinesse or indian would not do so.... Indabawa put sentiment apart and face the truth, our people says the truth is bitter.. You can only cheat people for a while, you can not cheat them for a life time...

listen to nigeria radio

listen to nigeria radio

General Board / OBJ's Unfair treatment of Al Mustapha & others
« on: March 02, 2005, 12:29:14 AM »
Mallam, I do not find anything wrong in granting them bail.. but we all know that they would run away from the nigeria or would plan a coup against the country..this men are dangerous... I think they should stop this idea of bail , and we should concsntrated on the really issue, those that they kill.. Islamic is against killing , or as Islamic law change just because they are from the north?.

listen to nigeria radio and watch television live

listen to nigeria radio and watch television live

General Board / OBJ's Unfair treatment of Al Mustapha & others
« on: March 01, 2005, 02:46:22 AM »
Quote from: "myadudu"
guest33. It is precisely what you said that makes this trial suspect. You said,"Their actions were undertaken to preserve one man's hold on power but I still believe that they have the right to a free and fair trial.". How can you say what they have done, when it is not proven that they have done so,  is meant to preserve one man's power grab?
Of what point is conducting the free and fair trial if people, like yourself, have already made up their minds as to whether or not the accused committed that crime? A trial can only be free and fair if the judges have not already commited their attention to only one line of reasoning.  And that, many have already done in Lagos.

Almustapha and co have argued for a change of venue on account of the crime they are alleged to have committed is a federal offence. The fact that it occured in Lagos is irrelavant to the extent that they will have a free and fair trial elsewhere, say Warri, Makudi or Nguru.
They have also alleged that some of the judges have requested bribe from them which they refused. They say no Judge is disposed towards adjudicating a case in which he is snubbed for requesting  bribes. The Judges have not filed a libel case against the accused which gives some truth to their allegations.
It should be noted that one judge recused himself from the trial....

It is OK not to symphasize with them. That is one of your prerogatives in a democratic setting: to defend your freedom of speech and expression. But the same democracy grants Almustapha and co the right to a free and fair trial which they think its denied them.

Guest33 must be commended for not responding in the manner  Nurudeen wrote. But, guest33 should realise this is what people feel and the evidence exist in how Bamaiyi is tried. They point to how Omisore is tried for murdering Bola Ige.....

I will respond to the accountability thing when next i have time to write.
in the meantime, guest33 take care of yourself.

mydudu , in law, you are only trialed in the state where you commited the crime.. you can not commit a crime in new york and be trial in dallas..

listen to nigeria radio and watch television live

listen to nigeria radio and watch television live

General Board / answer
« on: February 24, 2005, 09:55:01 PM »
EMTL and dudu, I am shock that you would support a man with little integrate like Al mutaph... Why ? is it because of where they come from... this men would run out of the country if they are release, all proof show that they did  it.. Do you want criminal to go on the street... Let be fair...  Omisore who is yoruba was in jail too, but release, let al mu and co stop going for their release which delay the court process and the court could quickly reach a decision.. I would say, their lawyer is a smart man.. he know they may get hang , and he is trying to delay their life....

listen to nigeria radio and watch television live

listen to nigeria radio and watch television live

General Board / answer
« on: February 22, 2005, 04:24:45 PM »
The issue is not the fault line, but way forward.. that why I believe people like IBB and buhari and others who have been in govt in the past should not be allow to run... they are greed men looking for power and money...

listen to nigeria radio and watch television live

listen to nigeria radio and watch television live

General Board / answer
« on: February 22, 2005, 04:17:15 PM »
The issue is not the fault line, but way forward.. that why I believe people like IBB and buhari and others who have been in govt in the past should not be allow to run... they are greed men looking for power and money...

listen to nigeria radio and watch television live

listen to nigeria radio and watch television live

General Board / Re: The assault on democracy by House members.
« on: February 18, 2005, 03:56:45 PM »
that is realy bad, what is MTN up to now

listen to nigeria radio and watch television live

listen to nigeria radio and watch television live

General Board / Re: rep
« on: February 17, 2005, 04:20:44 PM »
that is nice

listen to nigeria radio and watch television live

listen to nigeria radio and watch television live

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