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chit-chat / Post Card to k-onliners from Mr and Mrs Aliyu :D
« on: June 07, 2008, 06:43:17 PM »
Helloooooooo it has come to my attention that neither I nor Ibro have come to the forum to grant you with our presence. Now for all you confused looking faces out there we were totally lost in our long VERY LONG extended HONEYMOON!!!!!  ;D

So today after recieving an email from the honourable DB we decided to post you all an E-CARD FROM TOKYO!!! HOME ALL ANIME!!!!!

Love you ppl out there mwah xxxxx :-*

chit-chat / Most strangest thing ever
« on: February 27, 2008, 11:56:31 PM »
Recently 2 earthquakes have happened in England which is jus so wierd considering we're no where near any plate boundaries. one happened just last nite at 1 am the north of England and another one happened last yr in december (i think), in the county i live in but dont worry guys I wasnt effected since i live on da other side of Kent

its jus so wierd EARTHQUAKES! IN ENGLAND?!

« on: February 19, 2008, 11:18:59 PM »
I know its ridiculous.

I read in the newspaper the metro BEST NEWSPAPER EVER (coz its free lol) that this Abu Dhabi business man paid 7.1 million pounds for a number plate with jus the number 1. When I read that I thought it was such a waste of money and with all that money so much more could've been done. if it was an auction for charity I wud understand but it wasnt.

Literature / Another Woman
« on: January 19, 2008, 03:29:36 PM »
Hey guys this is a short descriptive story that i had written about a woman who is married but jealous of his dead wife and dead son its all about jealousy, guilt and revenge enjoy!!!! :D

He took her out onto the terrance in the early morning sunshine and held her hand while he spoke of what had happened in Sicily seven years ago. Hannah listened, watching his face, judging every inotation in his voice. She saw the pain in his eyes as he relived the nightmare of teh devastated hospital. When he spoke of finding the bracelet with her bloodstains dried on it, he looked away.

"Nobody told my father about this, " she said. "That wasn't very honourable."

"Nobody knew," Andrew protested. "You are the only person in the world I've told about it. They're dead and it's over. I love you Hannah. I don't know how it ahppened last night, but you've got to forget it."

"You didn't have to marry her." She spoke quite coldly now. "She wasn't Sicilian. How did you know the child was yours? How many other men did she bed besides you?"

He felt a sudden flare of anger. "Don't ever talk about her that way, Hannah. I've told you, she's dead and you don't need to be jealous. Now get changed we'll go for a walk.

"What did she look like?"
He felt the anger come again at her persistence. He wanted to hurt her for what she had said about Vanessa and teh child. "Not like you. Blonde and blue-eyed. Very pretty." He turned to go inside. "I've told you to get changed."

I don't have to be jealous she told herself. She's dead, she and her child. But I heard her her name cried out instead of mine and I saw the look on his face when he talked about her. I could go to my father and he'd know what to do. But she's dead, and I can't touch her...

They sailed to Europe on a private ship called The Waves. They were reconciled because they had to be. There was too much at stake beyond their personal happiness and they accepted this in their different ways.

Andrew argued with himself that Hannah was still very young and her parenst ahd spoiled her rotten. But she loved him and he knew he must come to terms with her jealousy. It would pass in time as she matured and her self-confidence grew.
She was a child at heart, he thought; extravagant, impulsive, demanding. The extremes of her nature suprised him. underneath the facade of culture and education there lurked a primitive Italian woman, single-minded in her love, black-hearted in her hatred. Also clever.

It all went wrong in Monte Carlo. Hannah accused Andrew about staring at a woman at the casino they had gone to. Back at the hotel she tore off her necklace and earrings and threw them wildly accross the room. "You stood there staring at that B....," she shouted. "I saw you! Blonde like that other W....!"

He didnt slap her. He didnt trust himself. He looked at the screaming fury a few feet away from him, then turned and walked out of the bedroom.
He heard something smash as he closed the door. He went downstairs to the bar.
The abr was quite full. He wasn't interested in the people. He needed to sit somehwere alone and put down the drink as fast as possible. What the hell am I doing with her he asked himself. He thought he was in love with her; he wasn't. He had blinded himself with the desire and advantages of combining forces with the Fabrizzi family. And with her female instinct she divined the truth. A life of hell yawned at their feet unless something could be done. He hated her jelousy that exploded into violent temper; in a few years she would be a shrew.

Hannah suffered. Her life had been protected against the least disappointment or frustration. Now she was driven mad by teh pain of loving her husband and not possesing him entirely. Suspicion tortured her, so that she watched him constantly. She tried to please him and was never sure she had suceeded. The ghost of a dead woman mocked her in Andrew's arms. Also the ghost of a dead child. She would have to win Andrew and teh way to do it was to give him a son as quickly as she could.

Hope you guys enjoyed it :D

chit-chat / what is your all time favourite movie?
« on: January 19, 2008, 12:39:55 AM »
Mine has to be Edward Scissor Hands its brilliant and my favourite actor is in it too Johnny Depp. This film has laughs aswell as a sad tradegy

So what are yours?

chit-chat / A MUST READ!!!!!!!
« on: January 16, 2008, 06:20:42 PM »

if u havent read this already u shud it is a must read a true story about an egyptian woman Zainab Al-Ghazali who suffered so much brutality for preaching the words of Allah and to renew islam. she was treated worse than a dog.

ppl buy this book or borrow it fromt he library it is a must read

« on: January 16, 2008, 12:23:53 AM »
hi everyone how u ppl hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ibrahim u der????? ;D

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