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« on: August 31, 2009, 10:48:54 PM »

I mean: ina da ta cewa but I'd better be silent. :)
;D ;D ;D Duk da silence dinka Muhsin, sai da ka yi drawing flaks! No escape here...

Ina fata mun sha ruwa lafiya. Allah(SWT) Ya samu cikin wadanda za'a gafartama, Yasa  addu'armu karbabbace, Yasamu cikin 'yantattu, ameen.

General Board / Re: Gyaran chikin birnin kano............
« on: August 11, 2009, 10:16:51 PM »
NSE, COREN, etc, Kano state chapter, ga babban challenge! Ya kamata a samu injiniyoyi, architects, town planners, etc, da za su yi forming din think-tank on the modernization of Kano City. Wannan aikin na bukatan careful planning. Acceptance to implement the resulting blueprint sai ya zama prerequisite din zaben duk mai son zama gwamna nan gaba. (pls forgive the rusty (modernized?!) hausa  ;D)

General Board / Re: Video of Boko Haram Leader Being Interrogated
« on: August 09, 2009, 12:37:02 AM »

Indeed the govt is doing something. it is snoozing after that satiating bloodbath

Interesting....reminds me of a motorpack theory I once overhead in the heydays of OBJ about car accidents, air mishaps, communal clashes,etc being spearheaded by people in high places tasty for blood. Utter nonsense of course to muslims imbued with tawhid.

General Board / Re: Video of Boko Haram Leader Being Interrogated
« on: August 08, 2009, 05:40:13 PM »

Any way, why do you think that actually matters? The man is dead...and it’s Nigeria. I don't think gov't would do a thing.

Correction, Muhsin.  Governmnent'll do a thing.  Actually, they are doing it already: a panel has been set up. In due time a report will be submitted amidst dogon turanci speeches. Thereafter, the report will find itself nestled among countless others b4 it, on a shelf to gather dust. Well, that's something, abi?

You may be right Dave, when speaking of those violently agitating for sharia for reasons aptly captured by Cekenah. But as Gogannaka tried to point out, such people constitute only a tiny fraction of the muslim population and one should resist the temptation to generalize.

The mainstream muslim population is law-abiding and accept democratic government with its inherent imperfections as presently practiced but certainly not at the expense of sharia which is their reason d'être. Is sharia necessarily mutually exclusive with democracy?

Usman11, I fail to see any reason for your smugness and "i told you so" euphoria. OK, extremists have surfaced several times from OUR "enclave" and rendered havoc culminating in loss of lives and property. Is that enough reason to lambast all muslims?  Do such extremists spare other muslims? Are their actions supported or even encouraged by other muslims? Problem with most of your type is ingrained hatred for sharia and its adherents which colors all your perceptions.  Sure, every true muslim leader will like to see sharia adopted, but only for muslims. Even the politicians who exploited this desire make this distinction. But somehow, you guys extrapolate this desire to mean islamization of Nigeria, whatever that means.

If bad elements in any society are left to wreak havoc, who else is there to blame than the government and its security agencies?  And how can anyone claim that joblessness, ignorance, etc are not factors?  Do you know the genesis of this group? Please checkout Dan-Borno's post on

Well, here is some "good" news for you: so long as the situation remains unchanged and we continue to have self-serving, incompetent leaders in place, its only a matter of time before another set of wildcats will arise to give you a chance to "enjoy the fun".

Of course the so-called world media which the southern press apes will have a field day. So what? That's nothing new, bad news sells, and nothing gets reported from our side of the planet but the very worst.  You are right on one thing though, that's shouldn't be our concern.  But our concern (at least mine) is definitely not "lords of the north" who dared to introduce sharia no matter what their motives could be. No, the greater concern is for the sorry state we are in as a result of collective failure, corruption, etc.  This is the bed that we, including you Usman11, must continue to lie on.

Husnaa, with my head buried in shame, I must admit that we gave them the fodder and, sadly, we continue to do so.  I have developed a thick skin too but can't help the occasional pain.  But is the situation so hopeless? Is it beyond redemption - i mean, other than our oft-repeated mantra of "Allah(SWT) Ya kiyaye", etc?

When I heard the BBC interview with the leader of the group where he said that they were against western education and cited the example of its teaching that rain comes from condensation of evaporated vapors instead of "being sent by Allah(SWT)", I simply did not know what to think! This is a western-educated man who should know that at least in this case, there is no conflict between the "western" teaching and Islam. It seems that some people will use any means necessary to support their cause however ill-conceived. Worst, they will always get followers from the products of our (?) society.

As you so succinctly put it, this is the bed we have made over the years and we must lie on it. Remaking this bed is a herculean task and for now, what can we mere mortals do but supplicate, em, Allah(SWT) Ya kiyaye mana fitina, amin. (even if, mu, ba mu kiyaye wa kanmu ba).

Amin, summa amin, EMTL. And in the meantime, more fodder for the hungry anti-north/anti-islamic press! I'm sure these unfortunate incidents will be twisted out of proportion and context. Hmm, big pity... :'(

From News Sources / Re: Suspected killer of Sheikh Jaafar arrested
« on: July 04, 2009, 05:45:30 PM »
News update form :

Sheik Ja’afar’s murder: Shekarau, Kano Emirate, Freedom Radio cleared

Inspector General of Police

The police in Abuja yesterday said Governor Ibrahim Shekarau of Kano State, the Kano Emirate Council and the Freedom Radio Kano have no case to answer on the murder of a prominent Kano based Islamic cleric, Sheik Ja’afar Mahmud Adam two years a ago.
 Inspector General of Police Mike Okiro, represented by the Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of ‘D’ Department (Investigation) made the assertion at a press conference in Abuja. He said police investigation has revealed that Governor Shekarau, the Emirate Council and the Freedom Radio were not behind the killing of Sheik Ja’afar. “There is no iota of evidence of the involvement of Governor Ibrahim Shekarau and the Kano Emirate Council in the killing of Sheik Ja’afar Adam. Again, Freedom Radio is not in any way linked to the murder of the late Sheik as the police have no evidence in that direction,” the IGP said.

 He said the deceased was killed by four assailants while he was leading morning prayer at Dorayi Juma’at Mosque in Kano on April 13th 2007.

 He said police investigation has revealed that prior to the death of the Sheik; he had received series of death threats from different quarters both written and verbal, including the receipt of a shroud (burial cloth). He said the threats were extended to his followers too. He said the Sheik was also alleged to have been attacked in June 2006 while preaching at Indimi Mosque in Maiduguri, Borno State.

“On April 18, 2007 police officers were detailed to uncover the identity of the murderers who have obtained statement from eye witnesses. Other relevant evidences such as expended empty shells of ammunition and copies of letters of complaints and threats to the Sheik’s life were recovered. The investigators also visited Sharada Divisional Police Headquarters, attacked by some unidentified armed men who killed two policemen and made away with some fire arms and ammunition on April 11th, 2007,” he said.

He said the police have arrested seven people including a Nigerien based on information received during investigation as prime suspects in the murder case. He said police detectives visited relevant towns and places, including Dakin-Gari in Kebbi State, the Embassy of Niger Republic in Abuja, Maiduguri and the headquarters of the State Security Service (SSS), Kano to ascertain claims that some suspects in the SSS custody who were arrested over an incident in Panshekara Kano, by a joint police and military team have confessed to the killing of the Sheik.

“The following facts emerged after painstaking investigation. (1) That the Sheik was attacked and killed at about 5:30pm on April 13th 2007 by gunmen at Almuntada Jumuat Mosque, Dorayi Kano while leading Morning Prayer. (2) During the attack on the Sheik, one Jamilu was killed while Abdullahi Abubakar and Malam Hamisu Mansur sustained bulled wounds. (3) Evidence eventually linked the killing of the Sheik to serial killings committed in Kano between April 1 and 17 2007, by some fundamentalists. It is our strong belief that these fundamentalists were likely to be among the killers of the Sheik because some of the arms stolen from the police station attacked were recovered from their hide out in a shootout with the joint military/police team during which 24 of them died,” he said. He said the suspects arrested in 2007 were released on bail in view of the fact that there was no evidence to prosecute them. The IGP said some time this year, there were some stories on the internet by the Sahara Reporters and the Desert Herald accusing the Kano State Governor, Ibrahim Shekarau, his Aide de Camp (ADC) and the Kano Emirate Council of involvement in the killing of the Sheik. He said the internet publication alleged that one Tijjani Garba received the sum of N50 million from Kano State Governor in conspiracy with the Kano Emirate to kill the Sheik. He said the publication further claimed that the students of late Sheik Ja’afar jointly signed a document demanding the investigation of the allegations on the internet.

“The police investigated the matter during which all the personalities mentioned in the publication made written statements to the police investigation team led by a senior officer. The investigation revealed the following facts. (1) The internet publication was authored by a faceless writer, as the Islamic body alleged to have originated it dissociated itself from it completely. (2) All the signatories to the document who claimed to be students and sympathizers of late Sheik Ja’afar do not exist as efforts made to contact them yielded no positive results while none of them is known to the Usman bn Affan Islamic Trust of the late Sheik. (3) The alleged confessional statement by the faceless Tijjani Garba is a false document, as it bore no address and was neither on a police statement form nor endorsed by any police officer,” he said.

He said the characters referred to as Alhaji Abba Gana and Malam Tijjani Garba cannot be traced, pointing to the fact that the interned publication was sponsored merely to create an atmosphere of tension and chaos in Kano. He said for the purpose of emphasis, the nexus between the magazine of the berretta pistol recovered at the scene were late Ja’afar was killed and the berretta pistol without magazine recovered from the enclave at Panshekara Kano where the rampaging suspected fundamentalists were overpowered by the joint military and police team, strongly supports the interference that Sheik Ja’afar killers were among those killed by the joint military/police team at the fundamentalist’s enclave. 

The IGP said the arrest of the Vice Chairman of Radio Freedom has nothing to do with the murder.

General Board / Re: The revolutionary.............Blackberry Storm
« on: July 04, 2009, 11:44:06 AM »
lol. H, if you take the Certified Geek Test, I'm sure you'll turn out more geeky than you thought! ;D

Indeed I am and its a welcome development that more and more people are becoming idealistic. Its just that the mainstream scientific community still regard this theory(albeit with revisions here and there) as facts. Doubts about evolution began with Darwin himself and even more so with Darwin's co-discoverer, Alfred Russel Wallace, who thought that evolution and creation/intelligent design were not completely mutually exclusive.

I hope that skepticism of Darwin's theory will continue to grow until one day textbooks will be revised. Hmmm, that will be the day!

Thanks a lot Mallam Abbas for an interesting and informative post! As a renewable energy enthusiast myself I find this totally mind-boggling! Finally, noise will have some use! imagine how much energy you can generate in a typical market or gareji! Maybe in our lifetime, we'll see this wonderful revolution take place. Of course, the initial cost will be high - until some Taiwanese reverse-engineers the whole thing. Even then, the cost will be justified for many applications. Good food for thought...

Fascinating stuff! and the practical applications are potentially beneficial too. What irks me is that everything has to be explained using evolutionary adaptation, survival, etc. Mu, musulmai know better. Long before these discoveries, the Author of creation has explained it all. He created every living thing and gave each the means of survival. There's no evolution involved. It was a 'simple' matter of kun! fa yakun.

While its good to delve into Allah's creation to discover how they work and put them to good use, its the height of ignorance to try and invent fictitious theories on how they come about in the first place. well, in a world dominated by western education, we've had the theory of evolution forced upon us while in school and how could you hope to pass the exams if you did not regurgitate such utter nonsense? Its a welcome development that some people are clamoring for the inclusion of creation theory in schools. 

Yes, it could be from the smell of lubricants or vanish on the transformer windings - especially if the smells are within the first few days of purchase. If however, the smells persist, the culprits could be spilled oils, fats, etc. But it could be a sign of over-heating somewhere, maybe in the circuitry or transformer... My advice? play it safe, call a technician ASAP to check it out. Better still, if it is still within warranty period, simply return it.

From News Sources / Re: Indian Court Overturns Gay Sex Ban
« on: July 04, 2009, 01:38:26 AM »
This is another glaring evidence of the pervasive results of so-called modern secular laws which over-emphasize the rights of the individual at the expense of the greater society. Haba! Its a long time since i read the Bhagavad Gita but I seem to remember that it frowns on homosexuality. But then, this is India, why should anyone be surprised? After-all its already commonplace elsewhere that people supposedly worship "God". Allah (SWT), mun gode maKa da rahamarKa. Allah (SWT) Ka sa mu mutu cikin musuluncin,mu cika da imani, amin.

Here are some interesting links I googled up b4 posting:

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