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We are among the smartest on earth yet doomed

Started by Larinski, October 24, 2002, 06:21:21 PM

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This is because, in truth we are not as smart as we make out. We 've been told we are, we seem to have evidence that suggest so, but we are not as smart. Our smartness is selfish, self-defeatist, largely negative and devoid of any sense of altruism. We want to use whatever knowledge we have got for our family alone and ourselves alone. We want to use whatever iota of smartness we have got to swindle, to cut corners, to cause harm to the next mugun. Nigeria therefore is not our business - it's an orphan, someone else's baby. We do not understand what it means to contribute to a nation. In our myopic smartness, we cannot understand that the fight for national redemption depends on each and every one of us. We sit there calling on God and praying hard, but hardly moving our butts. And if you dare move your butt, another smart fellow by your side will convince you of your acute madness. Nigeria is beyond redemption, they will tell you and the evidence so far is that these smart fellows are winning the argument. We may be smart, but we lack courage. The inept and the corrupt sense our prevarication, they smell our blood and simply cash in on our folly. They are the smart ones, you see, because they are beneficiaries of our stupidity.


hmmm.... na u be doomed oh!... i know i'm not doomed... hehe.. ok... xcuse meeh... but ur generalizin'.... i know it seems as if humans are doomed... but if u get imani... its all good...
and iman as in... u actually do things for the cause of God... but the day people will realize that..... Allah ya kai mu...

and are u talkin' about the human race or whut? or specifically naija peeps.?

ps...i'm on stryke....
da Hunniez Gettin Money Playin Niggaz Like Dummy


Yes we Nigerians (I assume you mean us) have beaucoup problems but half the battle is just acknowledging them and I think most Nigerians do know the issues we have, so talking about it generally goes nowhere.

What we need are plans, goals, some caring people and a little bit of action (okay a lot wouldn't hurt either). This has little to do with being smart and a lot more to do with ole-fashioned common sense and the desire to change the status quo.  

Yes, thank God we have faith but lets not hide behind it and throw our hands in the air (wave like you just don't care!) and do nothing. And I must admit there are people in Nigeria (a small minority) who care and are giving of their time and money selflessly towards nation building fi sabilillah.

So let's think of some specific actions to take if, for example, we were elected president of Nigeria tomorrow. What exactly would we do to fix things ? Or maybe, you didn't get that far. How about if you got the plum job of State Commisioner for Water or Education or Health Care ?  Or maybe things you could do in your local communities...

Ideas, plans, ACTION!

Haba Aunty Fyne Dyme which kind strike you dey ? Abi na yaji ? To a yi hakuri !


da Hunniez Gettin Money Playin Niggaz Like Dummy


These are the exact gospels I need preached. and let me answer that seniorita, If I were the president, I`m gonna post it when next I come in but I warn, Nija will be best, or will be war. If I will be...
Safety and Peace

Maleeq katsinian start planning right away

                  i'm out ;) :D
akavelli da don till I`m gone!!!


thats it my friend ,u see our main prob is the bunch of greedy ppl we gat in this country


Safety and Peace


Well what r the remedies larinski? You see  believe in the survival of this enterprise called Nigeria. But I hasten to say here that things are only working good for a very few while the majority are wallowing in abject poverty, religious and civil strifes, day light highway robbery etc. Isn't it time the government starts thinking that the welfare of its citizens MUST be paramount to it?


Which Nija'n enterprise Guduma. Nija is nation in nothing but a name. No provision for education, heathcare, roads and water, even for the fortunate ones that go to school, no job for in such a condition what sort of patriotism???...To hell with that patroitism..

In Nija today, its survival for the fittest, I am not in any way supporting it,but even if U are Mr. Imani, U can not do any thing to solve the problem of Nija. The Ship is rudderless and has long ago lost it compass, talkess of finding its bearing and no one can tell about its destination....Infact, Nija is a land of no tomorrow...

Unless we are fortunate to have a good leader, then his action will influence that of the subjects otherwise, If U care to bother about Nija problem, U will be infected with Nija'n syndrom, which is  infectious than AIDS.

Lets start with individual self discipline, be paryerful and struggle to place the right people to lead us.


"Lets start with individual self-discipline." True!