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Started by figorms, February 22, 2004, 11:22:02 PM

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The call has continued to go out for Nigerians in the diaspora to return home to Nigeria and share or contribute to the growth of the Country.Many are really answering the call while some are still arming themselves with the necessary tools that they require to effect such positive change in a country dogged with political,religions, and social upheavals.There are still others who have relegated Nigeria to the background as a secondary society that may not even be returned to or even visited again.The latter category includes critics and believers in the barrage of negative criticism leveled against Nigeria and Nigerians.It is supposed to be a free world and each individual is entitled to decide the priority of his own national,political,or societal allegiance.Yet,it must be maintained that there is quiet a substancial good side to the story of Nigeria and Nigerians,notwithstanding the barrage of incidents that continue to smear the prestige and integrity of that great Country.

For one to know that Nigerian names over-whelmingly dominate the New York State and New York city professional and graduate employees of non- American origin.Check this out for yourself.Just type in a Nigerian last name(Yoruba,ibo,etc,) into the city employees mailing or e-mail address book and you will be amazed by the dominance of Nigerians listed in the directory.Not only in New York,but in London,Europe and other parts of the world,Nigerians in Diapora continue to excel in their various fields of endeavour whether it is academics,business, administration,arts,or otherwise.Yet,some choose to remember Nigerians only by the occational negative news that hit the Television or radio transmitters.

It is therefore understandable perhaps,why many Nigerians in Diapora are reluctant to say that they are from Nigeria when asked where they come from.Some of them believe they could lose an interview,lose their honour,or perhaps get treated unfairly differently,if they indentify with being a Nigerian.Obviously,many Nigerians the world over have been identified with various sorts of fraud and crime.Unfortunately,negative news travels faster than good news,and it definitely leaves a stigma even after the news seemed to have passed.Regardless,the fact remains that those Nigerians who go around tarnishing the image of Nigeria and Nigerians are always in the minority.The majority of Nigerians are very good people.They are very hardworking,respectful,resourceful,ambitious,and serious minded individuals.I am not just saying this,it is fact and this can be seen with top foreign firms and international organizations that continue to engage Nigerians despite the negative rap we get from all corners.

Incidentally,those in Nigeria who believe that they are more devoted than others in their tribal and/or religious beliefs have not helped matters by their continual commitment to riot and kill fellow Nigerians at the slightest provocation.But must some of us continue to dig graves that are so wide and deep as to take everyone along with them?Some of our Nigerian leaders continue to take actions that inevitably attract worldwide condemnation,and further degredation of the Nigerian entity.It seems that for some reasons,some Nigerians seem to enjoy the propagation of negativism about Nigeria.I will recount no further,but the question will not go away.What is the cause of this seeming joy of bathing in the aura of negative impressionism?Is it out of a selfish desire to survive at all cost,or as a result of biased influence and orientation?The question continues to linger,but it has to be answered,if we really intend to make progress.

knowing some that have been exposed to a different ways of doing things in the Dispora,some of them actually return to Nigeria to help improve things while others simply go back and get sucked in and influenced by the pending disrepute alleged by critics of Nigeria and Nigerians.Many of them who return to Nigeria go ahead to jettison whatever little enlightenment they have obtained,and they carelessly dash the hopes of those Nigerians at home who have hoped that they could make a different.They refuse to let their light shine.The present political dispensation in Nigeria includes various returnee Nigerians.How do we rate the contribution of these returnee Nigerians?Whether it is been positive,or negative,is a toipc that requires the devotion of another write-up.

While the call for the return of Nigerians in the Diaspora continues to ring,Nigerians in Diaspora could do alot to help matters even if they are not ready to return to Nigeria at the moment.Being proud of Nigeria and being a good ambassador of Nigeria anywhere the Nigerian finds himself in the world could go along way to help.This does not have to involve a mammoth task.It could be as simple as not being ashamed of owning up to being a Nigerian,or simply proving the critics wrong when they expect some negative behaviour from the Nigerian.This is not a call for moral revolution(although that would be interesting). It is rather a simple restatement of our civic duty to promote the goodwill our fatherland.

To those who have done a lot and have remained in the forefront of promoting the positive attributes of Nigeria and Nigerians,the comment would be for them to keep up the good work.I am not a crusader and i have nothing to say to those who continue to pull the name of the country down for reasons best known to them.They will decide for themselves at the right time.However,to those who are not sure of Nigeria and Nigerians,i would make an appeal for them to please give Nigeria and Nigerians a chance devoid of prejudicial assesment.A simple request to be treated with an open heart,not with a preconceived impression.

But what chance do we Nigerians give ourselves?how do we respect our honour and integrity when tested by situations that tell the kind of stuff that we are made of?If NIgerian is not proud enough to stand up for one single fellow Nigerian out there whether at home or abroad,how could he contribute to the betterment of the nation as a larger entity?
at u see is wat u get........................RMS

alimsuf be like say U de receive some powerful inspiration for all these ur admonition about Nija...

I agree with u, but unless the Nijerians in Nija are able to re-fix the Ship's rudder, then Nijas from all over the world will come back home and estabilsh a course to steer the nation and navigate the nations affairs safely and proficiently.

The Nija's leaving abroad are all willing to come home but to come and die for now or whattin???Just last years summer, a friend,medical doctor that had worked several years here in UK, decided to go back to Nija and contribute his quata to its development....As he reaches Nija, no equipment to work with in govt. hospital, therefore he become like a soldier in a war front without gun, even his salary which is the only means for the survival him and his family are not paid after working for 3 months...He is now some one be helped. He is from extended family, he provides for the family's survival and his youngers skooling beforte....and every thing stucked for the family. At last, he returns Uk disappointed with Nija for hissurvival and that of his entire family...

Nigerians british high commission receives highest visa application in Nija than any where in the world...ppl sleeps all time at the High commission...the crowd at the front door, as if it is a hajj see the level how worst is that country.....As may go back, but never now, if now  but for revolution...I am ready to sacrifice my life for that crusade.