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..nice guy

Started by nustra, January 05, 2004, 08:54:43 PM

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aAmina : rabiu miss u know sai yesterday ifound dt i lost my peroid den i came to realised dt im pregnant.

Rabui mss; hum u wanna say dt im responsible for dt?

Amina: ofcourse ur de one coz no climbs me.

Rabiu miss:u better find de man for bobo.

Amina: what r u suggesting now?

Rabiu miss:hum any way there is a way out.

Amina:pls darling show me.

Rabiu miss:im give u money so dt u go to ZANFARA state and meet de Emir or SHERIYA'shood and tell dt ur an indigine of Zanfara so it happen to be u get pregnant out of weed luck now ur seeking for a n solution pls help me.

Anina: thanks darling

Rabiu miss: after she left {haaaaa  hooooo hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii}
 man from another planet


Amma fa ba ka da aiki mutumina, u  need to go 2 da jjc corner first, (*deep wicked laugh*)
...He begot not, nor is He begotten!



Mr. Nustra!

I appreciate ur effort by participating among members here in k-online. I really like to know what this post is depicting and what u expect members of k-online to say about this post. I dont know if may be u are trying to teach sex education ??? ??? ???

When making a post we shouldn't make it in such a way that it will cause a kind of intolerance to one's religion. So pls think twice b4 sending a post.
Say no Evil and Do no Evil unto Me,   Kunji Ko!