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Started by Blaqueen, January 27, 2003, 10:19:28 PM

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i respect a man raisin his kids all on his own.
i respect a man who makes sure he takes care of home.
u gotta respect a man with good judgement.
cuz i'll be damned if someone's takin care of my kids.
and i respect a man who treats his woman like a queen,
i know ur not perfect, u aint gotta be so mean.
no matter how strong she is for a woman,
a man should never attempt to lay his hands on her.

there's more to life than wat happens on ur block.
just treat ur women right and hold em at tha top.
gotta raise these kids and teace em neva, dont ya, stop.
you aint no man to me if u let ur family starve.

got no respect for them dudes that hit their women.
and got no respect for them fools that leave their children.
and i just wanna take care of my family.
got no respect if u aint tryin to do tha right thing.

i respect tha type of gurl who tries to luv a man.
with many flaws and broken laws but still he stands.
tha kinda gurl who turns a boy into man.
tha kinda gurl who turns a flop into a plan.
no respect in those who walk through life just askin u,
wat u can do for them, but still they hate on u.
it dont take no man to make that baby.
but yes it takes a man to raise that baby.

fellas we gotta make a change,
in tha way that we treat our women and children (yes we do).
we hope that there's a betta day.
put ur hands in tha sky if u want a change, need to change.
see all that u know, it dont really mean a thing,
if u cant show some luv to tha ones connected by ur blood.
cuz in tha end, all that matters is ur wife and ur kids.






that song makes alot of sense!....this is tha type of song that peeps should be listinin to.....seriously!.....hehe....i like it! ;D


instead they go disrupt their ear drums with rubbish nonsense...
da Hunniez Gettin Money Playin Niggaz Like Dummy


Fulani Queen Thats a very nice song. I love it[/color]
Safety and Peace



Mhmmm I like that track, dem 4 boiz alwaiz ryhme out nice lyrics.
Despite ur slammin, am still jammin!!!


          Who sat and watched my infant head
          When sleeping on my cradle bed
          And tears of affection shed?
          My mother

          When pain and sickness made me cry
          Who gazed upon my heavy eye
          And wept for fear that i should die?
          My mother

          Who taught my infant lips to pray
          And love God's holy book and day
          And walked in wisdom's pleasant way
          My mother

          And can i ever cease to be
          Affectionate and kind to thee
          Who wast very kind to me
          My mother

          Ah! no!the thought i can not bear
          And if God please my life to spare
          I hope i shall reward thee care
          My mother

         When thou art feeble,old and grey
         My healthy arm shall be thy stay
         And i will soothe thy pains away
         My mother
                             ANN TAYLOR

When ever i read this poem i feel the love of my mother it makes me remeber my own motherand her own care for me,there is a powerful emotion, of gratitude,love ,care,concern and affection.


                          "To My Mama"

Anything you need from me, Ma, you know that it's yours
You're the only woman in my life that I adore
I remember back in the days when we couldn't get much
TV's wasn't covered and the floor was tore up
How you juggle three jobs just to take care of me
Yo baby boy, Bow Weezy
Late night shifts, daytime to the AM
Comin' home late, there was my best friend
My soulmate, yes, my big brother
The one who tucked me in, put me under the covers
When I had nightmares, you came right away
Read me bedtime stories and chased them away
My beautiful black queen, my everything
The one that keeps this heart pumpin' everyday
I'm a young man now
But my plan is to show you that I really understand
Mom, I love you!

Bow Wow's Lyrics!
...He begot not, nor is He begotten!