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Pounded Yam Lover

Started by Hausanicious, November 07, 2003, 11:39:45 AM

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There was a Man who loved to eat pounded Yam very much. His love for this kind of food was so great that even when he married a White woman, he decided to teach her how to prepare it.

When the yam was done, he brought the Pestle and Mortar out. There were ten pieces in all. he instructed his wife to sit down and he handed the pestle to her. he said "Just start pounding the yam wherever I throw it".

" Yes Darling", the wife answered. He went on, "Any where the piece of yam falls to, just pound it".

The operation started. When it got to the 10th piece of yam, the man discovered that it was very small and so he decided to throw it into his mouth and chew.

Alas!!! the wife, acting on his instructions pounded his mouth. lol ?;D ;D ;D
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maganin masu kwadayi kenan.....nice 1 wifey...y e go chop b4 dem start to eat?
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