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Started by Blaqueen, April 22, 2003, 02:36:11 PM

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...and what happens to all the other beautiful names we got, like Fareedah, Nafeesha, Ameenah, Ameerah, Aysha, Maryam ...Sophia, now thats a name I love. Its not like I dont like that Poojah name, but its just that I cant let all this go, This are ours, let them keep theirs.
Ammmm...Fulani Queen, do I know u some place, please do holla, aiight?
Safety and Peace


All nice nick names. Nidai as you all know you all have been addressing me with ladies papi and not a single one know my real name. Anyway ladies hope all of you are goood? Ten thousand kisses to each and everyone of you :-*

Am called ladies papi (Ummita gave me that all these names)  babanyanmata,
hunk of the nation
Alhajin babies
God father uncle cassanova
but the onces that sticked is uncle cassanova, babanyamata, ladies papi da alhajin yanmata all my freinds call me by that name.

My family call me papa or babuji

I have a chubby fat freind Ummita (named him kwalban maltina better known as nura kwalban maltex) She also gave a freind of mine this nickname razzmatazz (rashid)

the real nickname that I like in a girl is my God daughters name Ummita J.L better known as Jey.el (In yar baba ta shiga? ;D)


Interesting names

I was very skinny in sch so i was called swarzzy - opposite of swarzneggar.

There was this guy Eyitayo that farted in class once, he became Eyi-peeeeeeee

Our physics teacher was called 'electrons', cos he was so hyperactive... he was roaming all over the place just like electrons do.

And we had this very huge (and I mean huge) PE teacher.... we called him 'Union Bank' (big, strong, reliable)


LP.. no offense..but all ur nicknames make u sound like a pedophile... ::)

loooooooooooooooool... borg.. those are the most hillarious names!!!! kai.. nigerians sabi pick nickname!! .. looooool!!!!!!!! ELECTRONS!!!!!!!! UNION BANK?? ??!!!!!! lol

ibro  ;)
da Hunniez Gettin Money Playin Niggaz Like Dummy


Ladies Papi I love the way your tsohuwa (I mean your mamam dey call you) babujeeeeeeeee.
Kai alhamza lol lallai they don nak you with diffrent names .

Ibro I am higly dissapointed and very vexeddddddddddddddd naso you come mention gurls name. Banga ka saka sunanana ba.

Wallahi bari ta gani venom ga fadi gaskiya. but you dont know the funny thing, she bi di quite one.

Tashin sense Borg he he he he (they call me swazzy indirectly you are skinny ewwwww nidai I like a little meat on my steaks........
I get plenty nicknames but da kenan ;)
What you see is what you get[/b]


1/2 sy.... that was a looong time ago kekekekeke;D ;D ;D


;D ;D ;D but plz dont tell me they call you FIDO-DIDO.....HOW SKINNY ARE YOU :P :P kai dai its all good ;)
What you see is what you get[/b]


Fido-dido... wow its been a long time since i heard that name... ni i am swarzzy my younger bro is fido kekekeke!!! So you have an idea of how skinny... it runs in the family!!! ;D


lol!!!...eLEctronS....UniON banK!!!!....i Like thOSE naMEs!!! :D


Hey whuttup y'all....just joined this thing, nice job wit da site ;D.hey wat happened wit da cat fight dat was goin on earlier between fulani n queen? y'all should take it easy iight? ;)

So we talkin bout nicknames ko? well ma best friends nick name is zomo(rabbit) cuz when we ballin 2geda he moves like a rabbit so dats how he got dat name  :P

oh yeah the same guy is called dai wallahi i dont know wat dat is, i think its an animal sha....some help pls..if anyone knows pls tell me.....

hrow ur hands in da air, if u's a true playa

Hausa Error

Aah this is ?a good 1 ...ERM!! do i have a nickname? actually i ?dont have a nick name but i know lotso ppl ?wit nicknames

there is a friend of mine who has a fat lipz so we call him LABASURU.

a girl called chizobah we call her cheezburger

and there is this guy ibraheem, he is just 19 but looks 28, so we call him KWAGE aka 2G. 2G means tinGirinGirin
Life is a test. Try get a 'P' atleast.


Yeah yeah yeah! whatever... Ban taso maka ba tukunna!

Haba Hafcy...Your name are those kind I dont even have to mention, listen to it....Hafcyyy...Sounds like heaven!

I really dig that union bank name, I like it

I`m outta here!
Safety and Peace


tweastedheat, wEll in tuRKEy, burgu iS a FoOd NamE. :-/


Well fulani_queen no disrespect but i dont wanna know wat it is in Turkey. jusu wanna know wat it means in Hausa or watever language it is..thx ;)
hrow ur hands in da air, if u's a true playa


meennn...tHAT FOod NAme iS nOT in THa turkisH lanGUage. iTS juss A foOd naME. iTS not Only 'burgu' In tURKEy, thA naME is worlD wiDe ;) THa way...ur weLCome.