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my adorable darling.

Started by adamuadamu, March 20, 2003, 06:21:16 PM

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Kaji wani shi kuma wai sunnan shi
women hater. I wonder daga inda aka wurgo shi. Women are the most wonderful things on earth to men... no matter what. Ever had a mother?, ever had a sister?, ever had a gurl...a wife...or just even a female friend?. I'm afraid this guy aint even alive. Saidai su yi strong head amma its undeniable. I dont mean to insult anybody here, but honestly I cant stand ani act of disrespect for women...they must be respected.
Maybe my sis here has a point, you lost ur gurl right?, ur just like bilya right...only stronger. Ohhh I'm sorry but this isn't the right way to do it...things will work out, and when things sula bacci, u can come back to k-online ka auri wadda ke auran kowa; the queen... hahaha (relax queen, u got all the guyz at ur gribs).
Safety and Peace