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Started by ummita, May 05, 2004, 02:00:29 AM

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My question is this: How can I know choose the sweet oranges to buy from a fruit seller? Anytime I purchase oranges, all I get is TSAMI KAWAI :? Its hard for me to tell which oranges r sweet & which onces r sour by just looking at them & I cant just c mahself askin the fruit seller to cut his oranges into two juss 2 becus I wan2 buy the sweet onces, it sounds silly? Anyone knows:?:
Despite ur slammin, am still jammin!!!

Surayya Galadanci

Wallahi kuwa nima na kan  samu irin wannan matsala and I dont really know.

My own question for the girls because I know the men might not know.
What can I do to stop the tears flowing from my eyes when ever I am cutting onions? Number two, I always have cuts and burns by the time I finish cooking :( . What can I do?

Surayya Galadanci

Am sorry I was the one who left the message above. It will take time for me to get used to the system.


Ummita sorry but you'll have to learn to ask the 'mai lemo' to cut a sample if not you'll not buy,or rather ask him for guarantee.Idan da tsami za ki dawo da su..might sound funny but thats how it is...If u cant do that always ask for oranges from benue.The local masu lemo call them 'Dan tivi mai cibiya' they are sweet and juicy.Or ask for "dan aure" but they are always more expensive than the ordinary oranges.
As for madam surayya,i once heard on the program urban peasant that to prevent having watery eyes when cutting onions,u light a candle near the cutting board or you cut the onions under running water.(ki kunna famfo ki yanka albasar a karkashi) shey u grab? :wink:

oya try it and see. i dey wait for yuwa response.
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


What you see is what you get[/b]


Ai rice is not a traditional food....tuwon dawa or gero or masara are the traditional meals..
Surely after suffering comes enjoyment


Ques: What is the most expensive spice?

Ans: Wildginsengfrom china.
only about 4kilos are found per year. one gram costs 500USD.

from: sumal Bubble Gum.

dan kauye problem is not sweet orange detection.....bcoz y'all need 2 stay in d village 2 know d secrets...dis is where DAN-KAUYE'S power

my question is:eva since dis world came 2 xsistence women are known 4 thier cooking prowess but how cums d best chefs in d world r all men..@leat d top ten chefs.....plz sum1 betta ansa dis quest coz it neva cease 2 amaze DAN-KAUYE
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My own is not best male chef, or which orange is juicer or expensive spice or onion wahala my own is majorrrrrrrrrrrrr.

WHY WHY WHY WHY is it that any time a person takes fizzy drink, the person ends up burping!!!. Its so annoying when people burp in your presence even when its not intentional. Its quite disgusting and embarassing also its bad manners. I know burping is quite natural. The funny thing is a person dining with his freinds, he drinks a glass or a coule: of coke.........he try hard not to burp but then he start burping, orrgggg orgggggggg orrrggggggggh. How can you avoid burping after meals or after taking fizzy drinks? I hate burping and I hate hearing people do it. It puts me off meals but my granny says its a sign of "koshi" meaning eaten enough . So why do people burp after taking fizzy drinks or when they filled up?
What you see is what you get[/b]

dan kauye

ahhhhhhhhhh! 1/2cy dats an eezy wan! its bcoz of d chemical parambulation dats taking place inside ur stomach! need i add more ideas?
Dan-Kauye's Artist Of The Week;Robin Thicke


Oh boy I do sciences, maybe I got my question mixed. I should have put it like this. How can people avoid it!

Anyway listen to this. I was reading some SUYA article and alot of people were giving reasons why they like suya.

This Yoruba guy said :...SUYA PROMOTES FRIENDSHIP, NETWORKING AND SOCIAL GATHERING (because alot of guys hangout at the suya spot)

This Hausa guy said: Suya is used by amorous suitors to tempt women out of their matrimonial homes, or to win a girls heart.

Wannan wani irn wulakanci ne haka? Its so pains me abun yana mugun bata min rai, the fact that a guy has nothing better to offer sai a sayo miki wani tsiri. Dem tell wuna say dey no dey chop meat for diya papa house abi dey be lioness? :roll:  (hiss).

Talking of suya............Drop me a recipe, anyone
What you see is what you get[/b]


How do you eat in ur homes? Like where? What r u fond of doing whilst eating which might be considered a bad habit? What r ur eatin habits outside the home? Where do u feel most comfortable ur favourite spots......tables or floors.....? Your table etiquttes........etc..............

Personally.........I love sitting on d floor & I have a bad habit of watching tv whilst eating & it take me probably an hour to finish half a plate.....because inb/w I will warm up my food 3-4 times because I was busy talking 2 someone or I was doing something. My usual habits I never finish my food. I also hav a bad habit on pickin on food not really eatin it up. I hav a bad habit for being very selective in wat I eat.....I dnt my rice to soft but I like my tuwo very soft etc and meat from a two legged animal or bird, will never be consumed by me (ie chicken)...........

So whats urs?
Despite ur slammin, am still jammin!!!


I eat everywhere my dear :roll: if my tummy begins to cry out. I dont know,  but for some reason when ever (well very very often) if am about to push a spoon in my mouth, the phone is always ringing. I enjoy eating and watching TV (who doesnt, we all do). Talking on phone, laughing and geting choked in the middle of it all (is a lesson well learnt!!!) but at times you just cant help grobbing and gossiping  at the same time:D . I love eating in bed.........(another bad way.....but its more comfortable, even if a food is not tasty when you get yourself positioned in a comfortable way, it makes it delicious.......) when you have your back rested on soft cushy pillows with your food tray on your lap flicking chanel after channel BUT the most annoying thing is after settling in that comfortable position, the phone rings (bringgg, brrringgg, bringgg) and it is in your bag and your bag is like 3 steps away on the dresser...... (arrrrghhhhhhh) :evil:

I seriously HATE rice!!!!!! and am not a spoon and fork girls........FIVE FINGERS (BABY)....( I try to do the 3 fingers just like (S.A.W) but I cant, it leaves me starvingggggggg :oops:

Anyway, so I dont really enjoy eating from the same plate with people, and I know it should be a blessing when you do, but I just dont like it!...............

Ohhhhh and what gets ppl in my house upset: where I finish eating, where my plate remains. Frankly speaking, I cant remember the last time I took a plate by myself to the kitchen. And when was the last time I washed a spoon or plate?  errrmmmmm.....3wks ago I think.

Bad table etiqutte I guess, well least am better off to be frank with you guys, than to lie.

And did I say am Ace with chop sticks......(showing off? No! .......promoting skills? Yes!)
What you see is what you get[/b]


Quote from: "Hafsy_Lady"where I finish eating, where my plate remains. Frankly speaking, I cant remember the last time I took a plate by myself to the kitchen. And when was the last time I washed a spoon or plate?  errrmmmmm.....3wks ago I think.
That is why I refused 2 visit u 4 d past 9months......

Wallahi I pity that guy...........he has no idea what he is bringin in2 his house
Despite ur slammin, am still jammin!!!


Quote from: "Surayya Galadanci"
What can I do to stop the tears flowing from my eyes when ever I am cutting onions?

Oh i found a solution for that one.

SUNGLASSES 8) !! Yup, prada or Oakley, pick one  :wink:

works everytime  :D  
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