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Started by amsaeedzrx, August 06, 2004, 06:27:26 PM

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The introduction of state Universities especially in the Northen State is a wellcome development and a good gesture for uplifting as well as an attepmpt to bridge the gap between Southern and Northen dicotomy in terms of educational development.

It is however worthy noting that most of the higher institution in the Northen Nigeria is dominated by Southern students. Recently, Kaduna and Gombe state Government announced the take off of their new Universties with the ultimate view of creatin more vacancies for their citizens. The foudermental question we need to ask here is' "What is going to be standard criteria for admitting students into such Universities?"
The reason for asking this question is not far-etched. If such new Universties have turned out to be money generating avenues by introducing fees the state origin could not afford to pay then the whole plan is defeated.

The govenors of these state should therefore be reasonable enough to create avenues by which the state indigene could have access to such Universties, otherwise the case isnot going to be different to what is obtained in our higher institution today.


ka nada gaskiya.  i think we ve enough universities , with even spaces for all the indigienes but the poor performance and the " the university systems in Nigeria " should also be address. We really ve a bad bad or infact one of the worst school systems.
for those that sleep their dreams is a reality, wake up is just an illussion."

jewel of d nile.

Abdulmalik yusuf

mallam Aminu, you are right. But, we should consider the fact that great universities do not limit the spread of knowledge either by way of fees, social status,origin or whatever criteria. The university is a tool for growth and development of its host, country,and humanity in general.Let us go back to what GAMJI dan kwarai said years ago, that: 'we should understand our differences'. I believe a Jigawa state or Kaduna state university that has the best brains from every part of the world is better than any  and commands more respect. For the North, deliberately calculated efforts have to be made by all to ensure that spaces for admission are filled.The courses offered by these schools must also reflect the needs and aspirations of the North.


La Abdul! You have really said something, but what do you think would be the faiyh of the teeming number of graduands (genuine and or half-bake) if the number of Nigerian Universities should be increased or be owned by individuals. Lallai Degree for Sale! will definately results.

:lol:   :D



ba girin girin ba tai mai, kar mubar wa wanca nanka manyan jamioin mu da damama sun fi yawa aciki.
t is my intention to make the neglected aspect of our societies viable