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5 things i hate about kanoonliners

Started by kharuldeen, July 07, 2004, 04:31:31 PM

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to kai ai ance da tsohuwar zuma ake magani!
 amma if you want to make friends, to the issue is you have to hit them where it really hurts! you know, i believe you have creativity, hence what you should do is just look for anything that can attract them, before you know it you are the hot guy!
     so just make up your mind that you'll make as many friends as possible and know how to hit it right! :roll:
t is my intention to make the neglected aspect of our societies viable

dan kauye

nice tip MLBASH(i ddnt know making frendz is dat much of a headache)....

I kinda blieve dat 2 each action dere's equal n opposite now KHARULDEEN aren't there 5 things u like bout ur fellow onlynerz?? lets hear dem(if any)
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Quote from: "Eskimo"
Quote from: "kharuldeen"1 they re out to continue with old friends rather than make new ones.

2 dey lack creativity.most of wat they use was stolen from other websites.

3 when dey speak english dey try to sound american rather than britain.

4 most of them are afraid of gettin their pics on da net(are we all too ugly to do dat).
5 they seem to lack interest in other vital areas such as education.

THUMBS UP..say what u want to say ( :shock:  :shock: please dont say I steal that one from MTN's website)
The same things u listed above are EXACTLY what five things I love about K-onliners!!!

1. they are trustworthy and loyal..just cant dump old friends for new ones.

2. they research and read extensively so that they can 'steal' from the internet.

3. .....aaah!! have you ever heard anyone speaking here...we type not speak for God their typed post appeared to khairu as american rather than english..that is a rare gift!

4. If we start putting our pics here the forum will be an online dating site!! dont u know some gals here are very beautiful while some guys are extra ordinarily Eskimo <sticks tongue out>

5. are you a school teacher? contribute to that part. The forum is open to all.

and please dont attack my opinion or khairul's opinion.. just read and say urs! gbam!

so much for skilful jugglers.if i were in an environment desperately looking for gindin zama i would try harder.keep it up.


Quote from: "kharuldeen"
Quote from: "Anonymous"
Quote from: "kharuldeen"by using ur brain power and desist from imitatin westerners.

True True


Quote from: "kharuldeen"
so much for skilful jugglers.if i were in an environment desperately looking for gindin zama i would try harder....

Well Khair, it seems u have ran outta options!

     This whole place was built by trust, determination and hardwork...and the biggest of em all, Faith. The efforts put in by Salis and the 4 dwarfs was so incredible, I doubt if there is any other Nigerian, and free, non sponsored, self sustaining, fast growing and interesting place to be online even Gamji... Waz come testify.
     The trust on the earlier members, the tiredless effots they made to make a path here, make something which will hopefully grow into what it has become or even more. Trust which had to be laid on more than just members or a certain reagion or entity or race, but on friends, to make sure things continue...we relied on friends and we had Faith this will grow and keep growing, u r. You c my dear friend, we just had to be friends b4 something worthy of standing today as K-online came to be. Faith in friends.
     Creativity, try the poetry for a start, if that isnt not`n is. Then ofcause try the General board, where important things much more than education are being discussed, stuffs that could completely change ur life. You could try cheking dat out.
   Still on creativity, I understand what ur point is, maybe its what u r seeing  here @ d chitchat. Well thats what it is, this is a place to chill out, not everything here has to make sense to u if it does for a certain calibre of peeps. This place is for chil`n out. Wanna get serios I'll see u `n waz `n Lionger at the general board.
   I rest mah case Khair...ur a good guy, I dont want anything dat `ll hurt u, dont hurt urself! Good
        Ama lay an eye here.
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