Author Topic: .......WHO WANT EL-RUFA'I'S EXIT .....?  (Read 2318 times)

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.......WHO WANT EL-RUFA'I'S EXIT .....?
« on: September 02, 2004, 02:04:32 PM »
Nigeria is our country without doubt,but the daily suprises it present to citizenry re' always shockin and acheing to any discerning mind.

Alot of water runs under the bridge,but recent incompetence and political incalculation shown by both the SENATE and so call honourables deserve reaction from every angles,cos' nigerian were still paying the price of their ...."insensitivety and idiotic act" this el-rufa'i 's assertion was true, and i also believe with WAZIRI'S(think of the unthinkable in nigeria)

The recent act of the senate for giving the president an ultimatum to do away with el-rufa'i or else.... is like they re' recrippling the already crippled democracy, which their blatant  mouthspeaker ZWANGINA was always callin for,though today we re' witnessing another baby doll on chair KANTI BELLO .....whose assertion and narrow mind was also similar with ZWANGINA-MANTU'S bad idea.for how long that we may continue with this kind of SIDDON LOOK style with hand akimbo and say ALLAH ya gyara :?: in my own opinion we  voters reserved the right to say NO! this intolerable act of the senate & house of reps is baldadash,undemocratic,& un call for. undoubtedly,if the voters do not check their excess and call them to order by anymeans, i think those people will probably bury us alive.
Infact the most complicated quetion which beg for an answer is why do they want him out :?: or was it in relation of that (53 million) clearence fee before u re' picked as minister  :?: ok zwangina said is not all abt that ,then what??
 :idea: perhaps......he seized or demoluted their illegal houses if not mansions, which they ve' acquired through illegal means. if so then u have a deal el-rufa'i .....HIT 'EM UP!! with out fear or favour , and u just concentrate ALLAH will help u against BUNCH OF LIARS!!!
Radina billahi Rabban,
 Wa bil Islami Dinan,
 Wa bi Muhammadin Nabiyya!"



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