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Started by dan kauye, September 18, 2004, 10:53:40 PM

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dan kauye

hmnnn mah fellow naijans! wondas they say shall neva end abi???....jus strolling thru cyberspace n ran into dis piece ....and ermm....figured y'all might hav a filed day wid it.holla!

Michael Chukwuemeka Erokwu was a student at Midwestern State University, United States of America and would have graduated from there this September. Big Mike as he was also known was already a rising star in the game of American Football.

He stood at six feet seven inches tall and weighed 350 pounds. He had the right physique for his ambition.

But that was before the unholy Sunday morning of July 11, 2004. Mike was shot dead that day in a gas station at North-East Dallas. He was barely 22. Ironically he had told his close friend Maurice Mckenzie that no one should cry for him in case of his death.

That is a tall order especially for his parents and siblings. When they recall the circumstance of his death it becomes even more difficult to comply with Mike?s wish. The sad story is that Mike had been involved in a vehicular collision with one Blake Callahan and an argument ensued between both of them. Callahan allegedly produced a short gun and shot Mike severally, ran into his car and disappeared into thin air .Sympathizers rushed him to the nearby Parkland Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead about 15 minutes after the shooting incident.

Yesterday, the Erokwu family of Inland Town Onitsha in Anambra State went through the torture of committing their son to mother earth to commence an early trip on which every mortal is bound to embark upon someday. His mother Mrs Obiageli Erokwu told Saturdauy Champion that her son was brutally killed by a fellow African-American who insisted that Mike must give him 200 hundred dollars for allegedly scratching his car. After some argument Mike was said to have rummaged through his pocket and found 150 dollars which he allegedly offered his assailant but rather than accept the money the 21-year ?old Callahan allegedly pulled his gun and shot Mike multiple times.

The late Nigerian-American was born in Houston Texas to the family of Akunwafor Obiora and Amalunweze Obiageli Erokwu on December 22 1981 . Shortly after he was weaned, his mother brought him back home . He attended Madonna Nursery and Primary School, Aguda Surulere in Lagos between 1987 and 1990. His primary school education was cut short in 1991 when his father, a diplomat was posted to Bonn in Germany. They returned to Nigeria in 1993 and Emeka was admitted into Federal Government College Odogbolu in Ogun State. On completion of junior secondary school, his parents sent him to America since he was a dual citizen to complete his high school there. It was at the Tyler college that his talent for American football was discovered.

He was so good in the game that his coach Mr Bill Maskil had this to say;

?Mike?s death is going to be a devastating blow to the team?He was very warm and genuine. Almost every body on campus knew him. Mike?s popularity was demonstrated as his team mates burned up the phone lines resulting in several of them rushing down to be with his brother and other players who were there when the shooting occurred?

Now some angry bullets from a fellow African-American has ended his ambition to be drafted into the American National league. His mother a chartered accountant with the National Youth Service Corps said his son?s death was devastating but she takes solace in her belief that God knew why the first of three children had to die this time.Emeka was buried yesterday in Onithsa after a funeral service at st. Mary?s Catholic Church. A funeral had earlier been held for him at St Ann?s Catholic Church Wichita falls Texas.
Dan-Kauye's Artist Of The Week;Robin Thicke

sa salati

aint nuttin nu about death or maybe anoda life goez down 4 waste juz 4 a mere $200.itz a wild life,diz r tymes wen human life haz no a street dude i've come 2 accept situations like diz as ma day 2 day xperience coz i've seen dudez bein popped or robbed e'ryday in ma hood.but d painful part of diz case about a black dude pumpin bullets in 2 a fellow black broda,itz painful.


Sa salati ka zama "street dude" kuma?
Ba ka da dama wallahi!

sa salati

Quote from: "kitkat"Sa salati ka zama "street dude" kuma?
Ba ka da dama wallahi!

ba wai na zama ba,can da am a street dude.

blood of a slave heart of king.