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Laptops, for what?

Started by dan adam, July 18, 2005, 09:24:05 PM

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dan adam

Kindly  ask the Governor what is he going to do with 6000 pieces of laptops in a state where the people are computer illiterate not to talk of connecting to the internet for searching information.

Allah dai yayi mana jagora, Amin
I Remain
dan adam


Six thousand laptops and no one to use them?
I better stick around Dutse just incase there's gonna be an auction :D


Although i belive this is a case of misplaced priorities,i dont think this is a
very bad move by the travlling gov.

I think these laptops should be aquired and if  it is not possible to put them in use immediately,they should b properply stored to b put in use another day, so that jigawa state has 1 less thing to spend money on in future.


How can this NOT be a waste. Is there really a need for laptops in Jigawa? What ever it is people who need this computer are going to do with them, I think a Desktop will suffice.

But the gov there has shown time and time again that he really has no idea what he wants to do. I just read recently that there are only 2 doctors at the hospital in Hadejia. Couldn't he hire 2 more with amount he is spending on laptops?

I pity poor people in NIgeria. People like Turaki are taking them for a ride, which only Turaki enjoys!

Atir da irin wannan tunanin!